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Marishka sighed as she entered the lift glad to be alone for a few seconds.

“Computer, stop.”

=^=Commander Stark. I’m sorry to interrupt your day but, if you’re not busy within the next hour, I find myself in desperate need of a dance partner. A meeting at The Parthenon will suffice if that’s all the time you can give me.=^= she said calmly before allowing the computer to resume.

Marishka was going to have answers one way or another.

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Seconds later there was a light thud from above and Stark popped down through the emergency hatch of the lift. He had obviously exerted himself recently but was also obviously pleased with his response time as well.

“I was in the neighbourhood” he said depreciatingly, “This ship’s Jeffrey’s tubes are testing my memory but I think I’ve got everything set up the way I had it on the old ship, anyway, enough of my day, you sound a little…” he thought for the right word, “I’m stuck between peeved and pensive, help me out.”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

If anything could have put a smile on Marishka’s face at that moment, it was Stark’s beautiful entrance. She might have even hugged him but didn’t know how he felt about such things.

“Bravo. I need information and it would probably look better if I just asked you for it than try to get it myself. The lift is going to The Parthenon. Would you rather go somewhere else?”

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He bowed with a little flourish his eyes twinkling. “I’m at your disposal, The Parthenon will be just fine”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO
OOC for the record Stark would never initiate a hug but essentially if he trusts you to have his back in battle, which he does, he’d be ok with being hugged. Stark Lore, Pg 15, paragraph 3 :-) Sorry for the slow reply, heck of a week.

The lift stopped at the Parthenon and Marishka preceded Stark out. She waved Ted down and requested a pitcher of hot tea be brought to her office and whatever Stark wanted.

Stark asked for his usual warm milk topped with nutmeg.

“If you’ll accompany me Commander, I don’t feel like a snake anymore.” she said making her way briskly towards her office.

Her staff was aware of the fact that not very many people were invited into the inner sanctum so, whatever went down with LtCdr Hammor, they surmised it must have been big.

Stepping into her office she offered Stark a comfortable chair or couch before slipping behind the holo-wall to change clothes.

Stepping back out, she sat down.

“So, what do you know about Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor?”

OOC: No worries, I’ve had those weeks.

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Stark shifted his position where he had all but curled up in the nice chair and was struggling mightily with the urge to put some scratch marks in it.

“My contacts have come up with little beyond the already known. Toughened through the slave markets but surprisingly used his brain more than his brawn to get ahead. Touch of controlling and OCD which isn’t surprising considering and I’ll bet my fur he has connections with the Syndicate although the jury is out on whether we worked with them or against and what his standing is now”.

He paused and took in her demeanor in full. “The tension between you hasn’t escaped my notice and that the both of you are keeping score points. Tell me what you’re thinking, I can offer sympathy, advice, or both”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka sat down and poured a cup of tea topped of with a bit of whiskey. She felt much more comfortable in her Grecian garb which she had grown surprisingly fond of.

“I’m thinking that there’s a lot you don’t know about me right now or, maybe, you’d surprise me. I would have been very content with him being here if it didn’t look like he was making it his personal business to tear everything I’ve built here apart. I’d like to know if he came by this position honestly or if somebody pulled strings for him.”

She paused and downed the hot liquid, one hand reaching up to idly play with the opal hanging at her neck.

“If he’s here because of me, you won’t find that out through Star Fleet channels and I can’t reach out to find out for myself.”

  • Marishka

He sipped the milk and absently wiped away the moustache it created on his fur. “Neither of you came her without strings being pulled and for both of you I haven’t delved deeply due to the trust I have with the person who pulled the strings to get you here. However, I’m willing to start pulling some strings of my own on your behalf. It would help if I knew what you were building that he was trying to destroy… and why you needed to come here to be able to build at all” He looked at the opal intently and then looked Marishka in the eye expectantly.

Stark Nightstalker

Marishka let Stark look for a few seconds as she composed herself.

“I trust you and I am as honest with you as I am able to be which is, probably, not very most of the time but, I will never lie to you. What I am trying to build here, for all intents and purposes, is just a bar. At least that’s why I was asked to come here. But a cover can also be a cover.”

Marishka stood slowly and started pacing the room.

“This big beautiful glorious ship is like armor to me and I have come to respect and care for many people here. Lieutenant Commander Hammor is like an annoying piece of grit under my armor. I doubt he will turn into a pearl like in an oyster’s shell.”

Stark nodded, he knew the truth of that all too well.

Marishka walked to Stark and knelt in front of him. Removing the opal from her neck, she turned it over and held it out to him.

“I don’t suppose you read ancient Orion dialects do you?”

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“I do not”, he said simply “and I ask that you only share that which you feel comfortable sharing but I can see that this is a large part of who you are past, present and future. Selfishly I want to have this knowledge of you but as your friend I will not wrest it from you unless you feel safe enough to share it. This ship may feel like armor but it is the camaraderie of those who would die to save you that truly protects you. I would not become another piece of grit by prying in places I have no right to be”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

The truth of Stark’s words hit Marishka hard. The last time she had shared herself this way, the person she had opened herself up to probably meant well, but they had disappeared. Luckily, she was over that situation.

“I don’t think I could ever see you as a piece of grit but I can’t quite compare you to a pearl. It seems a little silly. Pearls don’t have sharp edges and you definitely have sharp edges my friend.”

She looked back down at the opal and traced the nearly invisible characters with one long fingernail, they bordered the silver frame the opal was set in.

“This is my clan name which never translates well. It doesn’t matter how specific you set the universal translator, it never works.” Marishka made a face and shrugged, “And these characters here mean ‘Sovreign’ and ‘Legitimate’.”

She looked back up at stark.

“Yes, of course there’s a story behind that. My grandmother has been the sovereign of our clan for quite some time but I had to take that right from her. She was beginning to ask me to do things I was not willing to do and my Mother certainly wasn’t going to be a good leader. Hammor thinks I’m a self indulgent snake, he should meet Milla. So, before I left my brother’s wedding on Qo’noS, I went to say goodbye to her. I excused all of her servants and made her tea. One final act of devotion from grand daughter to grand mother. No, of course I didn’t kill her but I doubt she’s ever slept better.”

Marishka rose and slipped the necklace back on.

“When I emerged, I announced that there had been a change. Gave my first set of instructions which was basically that things would run as normal. Olenna was to remain in charge of everything for all intents and purposes but, nobody was to come after me. Stay away was the ultimate order. She had a brand new Hupyrian guard who is supposedly loyal to me but, we all know how that goes don’t we. So that’s why I want to know if Lieutenant Commander Hammor is here for me.” she said calmly.

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