Sickbay - Medical Evaluation

Posted April 22, 2021, 7:57 a.m. by Commander Tello Anaar (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Commander Tello Anaar (Executive Officer) in Sickbay - Medical Evaluation
Humming a nondescript tune, Tello made her way from the Counselor’s office to deck 12, Sickbay 1. Once she had medical out of the way, she would be done with check ins and would be free to take her place on the bridge, or anywhere else.

Dark eyes opened wide when she entered. It was huge! There were rows of bio beds and several staff on duty. She caught the gaze of a passing nurse. “Excuse me, I’m Cmdr Tello Anaar, the new XO for the Athena. I need a medical evaluation in order to be cleared for duty. Can someone help me?”

—Anaar, XO


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