Daggum's Quarters- Star-Crossed Lovers

Posted May 4, 2021, 10:44 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Daggum’s Quarters- Star-Crossed Lovers

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Daggum’s Quarters- Star-Crossed Lovers

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Daggum’s Quarters- Star-Crossed Lovers
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Daggum smiled. He knew what she was worried about, and he was glad she felt comfortable enough with him to share it.

=/\= Faye, listen… I know you have challenges. I dont love you despite those challenges. I don’t love you because I think we can work through them and make you ‘better’. And I don’t love you because I think I can make you well. I love because you are you. Your challenges and wonderful brain are part of you, Faye. I love you… all of you. Every part. I know we will have struggles… with you and me both. But we will learn how to do us. And that’s all that matters… right? =/\=


Faye tilted her head ever so slightly as she gazed deeply at him. Then that gaze seemed to shift as she seemed to be pondering. Deeply.

She flushed. =/\=Sorry. I think you might find this funny though, because I was actually starting a mental file on you,=/\= she said with a grin as she leaned in. =/\=All the ways I know you to be different than others I’ve known. So that on the hard days, when the words you’ve just said seem harder to believe, I can call upon my file of evidence and remind myself what I already know to be true.=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Scientist, USS Manhattan

Daggum snorted. Of course she was. That’s what she did, after all. He laughed silently and said =/\= You wouldn’t be you unless you did that, Faye. Although I can say I’m slightly disappointed in the fact I didn’t rate a file in your brain before now. =/\= and he smiled at her. =/\= I’ve had on you for some time, you know…=/\=


Folding her arms on the edge of her desk and leaning forward, Faye searched his eyes as she grinned. =/\=Yes well, while I’m way ahead of the game in some areas, I thought it obvious that I’m behind on the whole emotional intelligence side of things. You’re way smarter than me. But the best part is that I’m an exceptionally quick learner.=/\= Faye almost winked, but it really wasn’t her thing. Still her eyes were bright. The truth was more complicated though, and she was pretty sure he knew that. There was no way she could have let herself have that kind of attachment to anyone given how much of her life had been kept secret, both personally and professionally. It had been too risky. But the beautiful thing about where she was at right now was that she could finally accept it all into her life. Right here. Right now. And Daggum was a part of it all.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist, USS Manhattan

Daggum laughed loudly. =/\= Me? Smarter than you? Please. I have seen ship’s computers with less processing power than you have when you are exhausted. =/\= and he laughed again for a moment. Settling back down, he looked at her and said =/\= Faye… you are the most brilliant person I know. And I’m gonna be honest… I half expect to wake up after we are done and realize this is just me dreaming. =/\= and he leaned close and whispered =/\= But if it is… I’d like to stay asleep a while longer. =/\=


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