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Janna dropped her gaze ever so slightly so that she could appear even just a little less confronting. “Connection is an important thing. It helps us feel seen,” she said softly. “And I can tell that that was a lot for you to tell you, so I’m proud of you for venturing there with someone you don’t really know. It makes you very courageous, Viyara.”

At the word courageous, Viyara turned her head again and looked once more straight at Janna. “Really?” she asked softly and uncertainly. She had never thought of telling her story as an act of courage and found it hard to believe that it was.

Kingston met her gaze and smiled softly. “Yes, really.”

“Was this… friend of yours the first person you’ve spoken to about this… topic?” Janna asked.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Viyara nodded ever so slightly. “There was one other person, but with them I only hinted at a few things. He is the first one I told. Not in any details, but more than I’ve ever told anyone before,” she replied softly. There was a quiver in her voice and she had began to shiver a little as she was suddenly feeling cold.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Janna nodded slowly. “And how did you feel after sharing that story with your friend?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Viyara pondered that question for a moment and then shook her head. “I’m not sure. I felt exhausted, but otherwise … I don’t know,” she replied, her brows pulled tightly together. Naming emotions had never been her strength. Apart from things like happiness, anger or sadness that is. And while in some ways both of those intense times with Daggum were very vivid in her memory, in other ways it also was rather hazy. Just like a lot of the past few days and weeks was very vivid and hazy at the same time.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“Is there a place that makes you feel calm and safe?” Janna asked. She had an idea come to mind but it didn’t work for everyone and she was still trying to gauge exactly where Viyara was at.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

That was a question that was easy enough to answer. “Generally speaking: The science labs, my quarters and the holodeck. Of course there it depends on the program,” she replied, a little confused by what felt to her like a sudden switch in the direction of their conversation. But she had said that she’d try to trust Janna and so she didn’t question her. Instead she waited for her reaction and reply to that.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“Of course,” Kingston said with a smile. “Okay, so we’re still getting to know each other, and these sorts of discussions can get rather intense. What I want to be sure is that you feel safe, even if things you have to say don’t feel that way. We can stay here if you like, or I’m going to suggest a change of scenery. You could pick a soothing holodeck program. But it’s your choice, Viyara.” She might have to push Nazeen at times and so it was important that the scientist know she had as much say i how things unfolded as Janna did.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Rocking ever so slightly backwards and forwards, her lips pressed together, Viyara contemplated those options for several moments. Part of her wanted to stay here, in the comfort of her personal space. At the same time she didn’t really want to talk in here. As much as it was possible, she wanted her quarters to be free of all the dark memories inside her. Not to mention that getting away, if or maybe rather when she felt the need to, would be so much harder if they stayed here. The labs were out of the question as there was no privacy. So maybe going to the holodeck would be best. Looking Janna straight in the eyes with her left eyebrow and the left corner of her mouth lifted ever so slightly, she asked, “How good are you with heights, Counsellor?”

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“They don’t bother me,” Janna said with a smile. She pushed her chair back as she got up and gestured for Viyara to take the lead “After you.”

“Okay,” Viyara replied as she rose to her feet. Without bothering to put on shoes, she left her quarters and led the way towards the nearest holodeck.

Outside one the holodecks, Janna turned to Nazeen. “Okay, your choice of program, but it should be something we can sit and chat.” She had her reasons for that caveat, and other than that it was the other woman’s choice.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“That’s no problem,” Viyara replied before addressing the computer. =/\=Computer, start Climbing Program Nazeen 3 =/\= With a glance towards Janna she added, “I promise we can sit. No climbing necessary.” Without another word she stepped forward and entered the holodeck.

The two women now found themselves on a rocky ledge looking down into a canyon with a river running through it. The sun was shining and a soft breeze was blowing, making the temperature and air very pleasant. They were the only people and there was ample space for both of them to sit as close to or as far from the edge as they wanted to. Taking several steps forward till she was at the very edge, Viyara spread her arms wide and just stood there for a moment and took several deep breaths.

When she finally turned around again, some of the tension seemed to have left her body and Viyara seemed slightly more at ease. As protected as she usually felt in her quarters, this was a place where she felt free and thus safe in a different sort of way.

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~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

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