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For the moment, Izzy decided to head to the party. She didn’t want to spend all her time on a vacation planet at a bar, but since it was supposed to be the beginning sort of event for the trip, she might as well. In her mind were a myriad of things she could do on the planet. She could go to performances by actual live dance companies, plays with an actual traveling acting troupe, or attend concerts. She could go hiking and camping, maybe find a cabin in the mountains and ski. She could laze on the beach with barely a thing on and a fruity fancy drink in her hand listening to waves and feeling the heat and sand on her skin.

The possibilities were endless and she was here to celebrate. From the adrenaline junky on down to a night club dancer, they had advertised a blurring amount of options. She walked up to the bar at the party. “Vodka martini extra olives.”

Delaney, CoS

“Ooof,” was the sound heard from a young man having just knocked his head against the counter as he stood up to reply to Delaney. “Ah, yes. Absolutely!” He then grabbed a glass and assembled the beverage before her eyes rather quickly, yet accurately. He wore a typical barkeep’s outfit and had a 5 o’clock shadow.

The blue eyed man swiftly brought over the drink and set it on the counter before the Security Chief. “Here you are, ma’am! One vodka martini with extra olives as ordered. Is there anything else I can do for you?” He gave a genuine welcoming grin.

-Bar Worker

Having only been on the ship for 36 hours, Tello had hardly met anyone yet. So it was that when she read about the gathering in the bar in the ship’s email, she decided to attend on the spur of the moment. Dressed in a pair of black jeans, tan vest with leather buckles and side lacings, boots and smile, she left her hair down, long and curly and headed off to meet her fellow officers.

When the doors parted to allow entrance into the Parthenon, it brought an excited smile to the first officer’s lips. Now this was a lounge in the best way possible. It was also heavily populated, so she didn’t immediately see an open seat. Stepping in, Tello made her way slowly across the floor, walking by the patrons seated at the bar as she glanced around for a table. The din of conversation and laughter meant people were truly engaged with one another so she felt comfortable that no one was investigating the newcomer.

Just as she was passing a large Orion, he turned on his stool and stuck a giant foot into her path, totally unaware of her presence. Unable to avoid it, she tripped, landing on hands and knees, her dignity in a pile on the floor in front of her. Jaw clenched, Tello swivelled her head around to look at the offender. “Excuse you!”

—Anaar, XO

A startled curse preceded two very large green hands reaching down and, sliding under her arms, lifting her up off the floor and onto her feet in a single smooth motion.

“Gods above I am so sorry!” the Orion said, his face a darker shade of green than just seconds ago. “Are you okay? I didn’t see you coming. I am so very sorry.” Hammor said sincerely.

Hammor, Ops

Before she could answer the handsome and welcoming bar staff, her attention was pulled by the new XO falling … apparently having been tripped by their new Chief Operations Officer. Oh my, what a way to meet. She grinned and shook her head, sipping her martini and enjoying the tang from the olives.

Tello gathered herself and tugged down the vest. She could feel the heat of embarrassment in her own cheeks, so the extra green on the Orion’s face was some slight comfort. Brushing a stray curl out of her eyes, she looked up at him and bit back the urge to say something sharp just to ease her bruised ego. Instead, she took a pause to draw in a deep breath and let it out. “I’m alright, I was just startled, that’s all. It was an accident.”

—Anaar, XO

Yami watched the interchange with fascination and leaned further forward in her bar stool to get a closer look.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Absolutely.” said Daggum replied. “Please. Let me get you a drink. Least I can do for tripping you.” and he smiled, his teeth brilliant white against dark green lips. He turned and motioned for the bartender. As he waited for him to come over, Daggum held out his hand to the now upright woman. “Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor. Chief Operations Officer and tripping hazard, apparently.”

Hammor, Ops

“Vodka martini, dirty.” She told the bartender and then felt her much smaller hand enveloped in Hammors’. “Cmdr Tello Anaar, First Officer, Athena.” The corner of her mouth curled in a slight smile as she watched him process the information.

—Anaar, XO

If he was shocked, he gave no indication. “Nice to meet you, Commander.” and he shook her hand firmly but with a subtleness that didn’t match his physique. “Welcome aboard. And again, really sorry. I’m sure that wasn’t the welcome you were hoping for.” and he thanked the bartender who had prepped the drink in record time. Sliding the drink to her, he turned and introduced the new XO to the rest of the group, saving the Admiral’s contingent for last.

Hammor, Ops

She smiled and nodded at those present, noticing another woman who also was drinking a martini. Birds of a feather, right? Delaney, the Chief of Security. The CE was also there, an El Aurian, who if records were accurate, was almost 1000 years old. Very impressive. She looked at the two females at the end of the bar and wondered what their story was. “I’m happy to meet you all. Does anyone have any details about the planet we’re headed to?”

—Anaar, XO

It seemed that the XO could pick herself back up mentally and emotionally. She seemed to handle the trip up well enough and Hammor seemed like a jovial and responsible person, wishing to make amends to the XO. Izzy also noticed the drink order and grinned. Birds of a feather indeed. She used the pick that came with her drink to skewer an olive , bringing it to her lips to drink the vodka out of it and then pop it in her mouth.

R’han always a late comer to recreational activites found a large segment of the crew at this ‘fantasy bar.’ He approached the cluster of officers and stood slightly off waiting for the conversation to slow enough for him to be acknowledged.


Slipping in just behind R’han, Janna made a mental note that she didn’t recall seeing the tactical officer on their list of completed evals. Well, that would gong to be an interesting adventure. She had had one lengthly conversation with the man in the five years she had been on the ship and she knew he seemingly took pride in being the elusive type.

Yami spoke up, “Fantasy Planet is the latest in Recreational facilities. For those who wish just to rest it is a beautiful set of islands with just about every luxury you can think of, for the more adventurous it has immersive interactive programmes that can simulate just about any situation you can dream up”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“I don’t know. Some people have pretty wild dreams. I for one would not wish to relive mine.” She continued to chew her olive and then swallow before turning her attention on her colleagues. “However, I am sure there are many things to do there. Anyone have any idea what they want to do? I’m looking for ideas.”

Delaney, CoS

Hammor said “I’ve been wanting to swim in a non-holodeck ocean for over a year. Maybe go spear fishing and then cook on the beach.” and he looked around. “Beach party. Definitely a beach party. At least one day.”

Hammor, Ops Chief

“Spear fish?” R;han questioned. “Is it your intention to cook the fish after you spear it?” He wasn’t opposed to eating animals although it wasn’t a common practice anymore, but he did believe in eating what you killed.

Hammor looked at him and nodded. “Of course. If you don’t do that, what would be the point?” and he nodded to emphasize his point.

She had to say she liked Hammor’s idea. What fun that could be. Beach parties especially were a great deal of fun.

Yami nodded at the comments, “I too would find a beach party to my liking, as would the Admiral I think. It has been too long since we had some fun”. Turning to Delaney she added, “You need not relive anything that you wish not too, unless you need closure. There are many who think that Fantasy planet could be used for therapy as well as recreation”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theory

Benjamin jerked up from his drink as if he’d been awoken by something. He eyed the first officer curiously for a moment “Therapy retreat, just what we need” He said dryly mostly to himself before quickly downing his drink and waving the glass at the Bartender for a refill.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Tello agreed. “Well, I don’t want anything therapeutic unless its a massage. However, I would enjoy some kind of adventure that had nothing to do with star ships. I’m not sure what though. Is there some kind of menu we can choose from?”

—Anaar, XO

Having grabbed herself a drink, Janna moved in closer to hear the description of the planet they were going to more clearly. R&R… now there was something she could use a lot of. She didn’t mind the idea of doing therapy in a different sort of setting, but she knew if she wasn’t careful she’d be burnt out before vacation was done. Casting her gaze around, she moved up to the bar and took a stool next to Ben, offering him a smile.

~Janna Kingston, CNS


Hammor, Ops

“No therapy for me thank you.” She said with a rather icy tone before turning herself and her mind on to the other far more palatable ideas. Her tone changed easily to one of warmth and intrigue. “Beach parties, Nothing to do with star ships. I like those. I also think it would be fun to do some cross country hiking and camping. Or to be all hot and sweaty night after night from dancing in an amazing club with amazing music with nothing but the beat in your veins. Or going to a series of concerts and plays. They are so different in person.”

Delaney, CoS

Yami was about to speak but her sister Izanami cut in first. “You all seem to have quite an issue with the word therapy, must be a story there…”

Before Izanami could finish what she was saying Yami interjected with a slight frown that made her scar deepen. “It would seem from the reactions that you’ve all had as hard a time as we were led to believe. The director of the planet, P’tah, has assured us that they have a 100% success rate to date and a flawless safety record”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Daggum’s skin chilled and goosebumps covered his neck. Flawless Safety Record was not only impossible, anyone saying that they had one was more than likely hiding something. He looked at the CE and raised his eyebrows to see if they felt the same.

Tello’s brow furrowed. “Success rate? What does that refer to?” It was an odd way to state approval ratings. Wouldn’t it have been better to say something like ‘our clientele give us a 5 star rating for fulfilling their fantasies in an accepted manner? Success rate sounded more like an intervention term.

“Just what kind of fantasies do you put your clients through? And be specific, please.”

—Anaar, XO

Hammor, Ops Chief

Yami shrugged, “People who make 100%, flaunt it, those who don’t, come up with a system that’s more subjective. It’s just marketing. Besides I’m just repeating what P’tah said to us when we visited the planet and being as they have only been in operation for 3 months so far I guess the 100% might not be that impressive”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Anaar was noticing a distinct lack of absolutes in what the twins said. They were part of the team selling the idea of the planet, so shouldn’t they know more about what they were selling? Tello traded looks with Delaney and Grey. Weren’t they suspicious about what was coming?

—Anaar, XO

Izanami watched as Tello looked at Delaney and Grey and for a brief moment there was a flash of anger in her eyes, then Yami was there with an arm across her sister’s shoulder. “We’ll be there soon, and then you can all judge for yourselves”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Orvos had stayed in the background after his small conversation with Izanami. Flawless safety record? he thought to himself as he noticed the COO glance his way. He quietly, but visibly laughed at the idea. Something was certainly off about the pair. Izanami spoke him specifically being different, tied to the ship in a way.

He decided to make his way directly to the Admiral’s table. He wasn’t getting direct answers from them per se. Maybe the Admiral would be a bit forthcoming? The two guests were already busy with quite a bit of the senior staff anyway.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

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