Arrival: Tello Anaar

Posted May 9, 2021, 1:59 p.m. by Commander Tello Anaar (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Commander Stark Nightstalker (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Arrival: Tello Anaar

Posted by Commander Tello Anaar (Executive Officer) in Arrival: Tello Anaar

Fifteen hours and thirty-five minutes after the missive was sent to Captain Wallace’s terminal, a shuttle pulled within hailing distance of the USS Athena. =/\=Attention Starfleet vessel, USS Athena. This is the private shuttle Sherlock Om. We are delivering a new officer to your ship, Cmdr Tello Anaar. We are sending you her coordinates now please lock on and transport her over.=/\=

After checking the shuttles identity signature and running a safety scan of the craft and its personnel, the new officer was beamed over with her belongings. Tello appeared on the transporter pad in a flutter of blue lights. Three crates and a duffle bag appeared on another. She smiled at the transporter officer who greeted her. “Welcome to the Athena, Sir. Would you like me to have your belongings sent to your quarters?”

Tello adjusted a loose pin in her hair. “Thank you, that would be helpful. Can you locate the Captain for me?”

He made an inquiry of the computer. “It looks like Captain Wallace is in her office at the moment.”

Anaar nodded and took a step toward the door. “Would you inform her that I have arrived and am on my way to her location?”

The transporter officer found himself returning her smile easily. “Certainly, Sir. No problem.”

With a nod, Tello exited the transporter room and headed for the bridge. She hoped the ship’s floor plans she’d studied on the journey would serve her well. It wouldn’t bode well if she got lost on her first attempt to find her way.

—Anaar, XO

A soundless dark shape materialised at her shoulder as she made her way. The shape coalesced from the shadows into a dark Caitian with a white furred scar over one eye. “Welcome to the Athena, Sir. I am Stark, Chief Intelligence Officer”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Tello was able to catch the gasp of surprise before it left her mouth, but her heart did speed up with the rush of adrenaline at the Caitian’s sudden appearance. “Thank you, Cmdr. I take it my arrival wasn’t expected as there was no one in the transporter room to greet me?” She stopped short then and faced the officer. “I apologize, I think I’m tired from the trip. Tello Anaar, just arrived and on my way to report in.” She held her hand out in Terran fashion.

—Anaar, XO

He took the hand in a soft paw and shook it briefly before motioning that they should continue on. “No need to apologise,” Stark said with a small smile that hid his canines, “The social niceties of being greeted upon arrival have been somewhat lacking as of late. Your arrival was expected by me at the very least and hence this escort now. I’m assuming that there was a certain haste to your arrival that has left you fatigued?”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Well, it was good to know that someone had expected her. “Thank you, Cmdr. And yes, this details of this assignment have me a little off kilter. I am happy to be here, but the speed of receiving orders and getting here as soon as possible, per Starfleet Command, seems a little unusual. Do you have any idea why there has been such a rush to get me here?”

—Anaar, XO

Stark chose his words carefully, “We’ve been through a lot in the last couple of missions, lost some good people, then a command change on top of that. Filling the vacuum swiftly and smoothly on a ship this size is going to be absolutely essential to keep things even. People have so many questions that seeing one of the answers walking the ship within days is going to help immensely. We’re a family in mourning and I don’t envy you or the XO now CO that has to deal with that”. he continued with a small smile, “But we’re a resilient crew with a backbone of neutronium and once you’e grafted in you’ll have the full benefit of that, guaranteed”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Life on a starship had a tendency to make the crew grow close, like a pseudo family. “I’m sorry to hear that you lost people. That’s a difficult situation. Was the Captain’s departure as quick as it feels? Was it expected—by anyone?” They continued through the corridors toward the bridge.

—Anaar, XO

Stark sighed, “I anticipated it, but I wasn’t sure when it would happen. To be honest I was expecting it sooner. There may have been others who saw it coming but all up the pain of it remains.” Starks dark eyes grew darker still, “Pain is a reminder that one is alive and that one loves life and those who live and love with us.”

Pausing at the door to her quarters he looked Anaar in the eye, “Would you mind if I asked you a personal question?”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

She turned to the striking Caitian. “Of course not, Cmdr. Feel free.” As they stood facing each other, Tello noted they were very close to the same size, but he had a beautiful coat that covered him.

—Anaar, XO

He paused as he considered the phrasing of the question and when he spoke his voice held concern but not judgment. “Who will be there for you here, if and when your abilities seek to strip you of control?” He held up a paw to forestall the answer and spoke again, “I ask this not to out you, but because we are a family here and what affects one of us, affects us all. I would like to help if I can, or at the very least assist in you in getting the help needed at the time”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Tello pressed her lips together in a line. “So, you know about Salar Mory?” It was certainly possible since Nightstalker was the Chief Intelligence Officer. That gave him access to some of the redacted information in her files.

—Anaar, XO (I know you can’t really know about Salar Mory because I haven’t written it anywhere yet, but if you want to say he knows, that is fine. I will lay it all out.)

OOC Most kind, appreciated :-)
“I do not know as much as I would like,” he said his eyes sober, “I know that you are trusted by those I trust and that in itself is enough. However I have been in a similar position in times gone by and it was through the support of those who loved me in spite of myself that I triumphed. I wish to understand because I wish to help but I will force nothing from you that isn’t given willingly”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Things were a bit rushed at the moment. “I appreciate your concern, Cmdr, but I don’t want to get into it in a corridor. Perhaps we could meet later in the lounge? Now that I’m thinking about it, it might be better if you know what could happen.”

—Anaar, XO

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