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Marishka stood in the empty Parthenon. She knew, in five minutes, it would be bustling with activity. It looked absolutely pristine, as it should. She had her staff had made certain that everything that was supposed to sparkle shone like a gem and everything that should be shadowed was soft and deep. All the food was ready, the tables were perfect, anything she could think of had been taken care of but there would always be something so, she was ready for whomever, or whatever, to bring it on. The staff that had volunteered to work filed in in dress uniform and began setting up for service. Marishka, herself, had changed back into formal ancient Greek garb. She had decided that the vibrant blue wasn’t really her color anymore. The pale gold, accented with peacock feathers and heels, seemed to fit her much better.

“Alright Ted, now all we need is out new command staff.”

  • Marishka

A familiar and large figure entered the Parthenon a few minutes early… the Operations Officer. Hammor, in his regular uniform and carrying a wooden box, looked around and then saw Marishka. With a curt nod he made his way to her. Holding out the box to her, he said “Peace offering. Feel free to keep it or gift it to the new Command team from you. Either way.” His words were clipped and short, but not wholly un-friendly.

Hammor, Ops Chief

Marishka allowed a bit of surprise, and pleaser to show in her eyes as she took the wooden box.

“Thank you Lieutenant Commander. Whatever I decide to do with this, there will be peace between us this evening although, we should probably meet in a day or two to discuss my next order.”

She paused and looked down at the box.

“Oh damn, you know I’ve got to open it right?” she asked with a genuine smile before carefully opening the box.

  • Marishka

Inside sat a crystal bottle of a dark brown liquid with a crystal stopper on a bed of gold satin… Napoleonic Brandy, and not replicated. Of course, there was still one distillery that made it in the traditional way and bottled it in crystal… but it was still very hard to come by and was not something many people had even seen; let alone tasted.

Hammor nodded once and said “Absolutely. You let me know what times work best, and I will make sure I’m available. Have a good evening. I hope the party goes off without a hitch.” and he turned to leave.

Hammor, Ops Chief

Marishka called after him.

“Lieutenant Commander, if you really would like to give this to our new Captain, I would not deprive you of the honor. Please take it from me.” she said with a smile.

Marishka knew exactly what this was. Yes, it was Napoleonic Brandy but, if she read too much into it, it was also a trap. If she decided to keep it for herself, she was a self indulgent emerald skinned serpent just as he’d said. Boxes that were opened could never be closed.

Sighing, she set it on the bar and walked away. If it was still there at the end of the night, she would deal with it in the morning.

  • Marishka

Hammor simply waved and said loudly over his shoulder. “Gave it to you, Ma’am. You have a good night!” and he waved as he rounded the corner and went out of sight.

Hammor, Ops

The follo0wing went out on all consoles.

“To welcome out new Captain, The Parthenon is hosting a gathering beginning at 1800 hours. All are most definitely welcome. Uniforms not required. Come one come all.

Eroméni Marishka

Marishka sat at the bar in her accustomed seat. It gave her the best vantage point to see the comings and goings fo the staff, and anybody else, entering.

All was quiet which was unusual for such a gathering. She had cleared this event with the Captain personally and hoped that the crowd would pick up soon.

  • Marishka

Tello entered the lounge in civilian clothing. Instead of the edgier look she usually went for, tonight she’d opted for a grey and black striped jacket and black pants. Since she would be meeting a lot of the crew, she thought it best not to put them off this soon. Walking in, her dark eyes scanned the venue to get her bearings. The crowd seemed a bit light, but that could change in the next minute. Uh oh…Hammor was already there. Since her two ‘incidents’ of embarrassment since boarding the ship involved the big Orion, she decided to keep her distance from him if she could.

Walking up to the bar, it was impossible not to note the stunning woman sitting there who radiated an intense sexuality. She wore Grecian styled clothing that Tello admired. “I’m guessing you’re Marishka? I’m Tello Anaar, the new XO.”

—Anaar, XO

Marishka slowly turned and looked at the new arrival. She had just left instructions that the box on the bar was not to be disturbed unless it was by her, the new Captain, or LtCdr Hammor.

“Yes I am ma’am. So lovely to see you here this evening. Welcome to the Athena. I am certain we will serve each other well. May I offer you a drink Commander?” she asked.

  • Marishka

Jenn intentionally waited a while before arriving at the welcome party, but after several it got to the point where she couldn’t justify waiting any longer. This party was all about getting to know her crew better. Such a large crew… She took a deep breath, then left her quarters and headed out to the Parthenon.

She wore her uniform, having been unable to decide on something from her wardrobe that was casual but also well put together. She still had the casual wardrobe of a CMO, and that didn’t feel appropriate for a CO. So, uniform it was, but with her spectacles instead of contacts, and her hair was in a low ponytail instead of her usual tight bun.

She stepped into the Parthenon and made a beeline for Marishka and Tello, sitting down on a barstool near them. “Hello,” she said with what she hoped would pass for a cheerful smile.

Wallace, CO

Janna slipped in, managing to have had a quick sonic shower and tossed on a white sleeveless top and turquoise blue skirt in a stretchy material that rippled as she walked and just skimmed the floor. Her chin length blond curls were loose and she wore long chandelier earrings with clear and pale blue crystals. Approaching Marishka and the new command duo, she beamed. “Good evening Captain, Commander, Marishka,” she said warmly, giving them each a nod in turn.

~Janna Kingston

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