Chchch Changes.... Part 2 (Tag Juvri)

Posted May 11, 2021, 3:24 p.m. by Lieutenant Isabel Delaney (Chief of Security) (Amber DeSadier)

Posted by Ensign Juvri Dei (Security Officer) in Chchch Changes.... Part 2 (Tag Juvri)

Posted by Lieutenant Isabel Delaney (Chief of Security) in Chchch Changes.... Part 2 (Tag Juvri)

Posted by Ensign Juvri Dei (Security Officer) in Chchch Changes.... Part 2 (Tag Juvri)
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“Hurry, quick! She’s in the office.”
“Probably freaking out.”
“Nah, she has led teams before.”
“Yeah, she is more solid than you Justin! I heard about Risa.”
“Shh. If we talk too loud, she will be able to hear.”

Good natured ribbing ensued as more and more of the security department filed in to be officially briefed by their new Chief of Security. Some of them knew Izzy well, having served under her as team lead and shift lead. Others, not so much. Either way, today was a new day. Konral had left with his wife to pursue life with her outside the Athena and Isabel Delaney, former Marine turned Security Officer was now Chief of Security and in charge of them all. What was the new Chief doing inside her office? Who knew.

Delaney, CoS

Juvri was one of the last to arrive, and the half-betazoid had spent several moments pacing outside before gathering herself and joining the briefing. She had yet to meet Izzy, and now this person was the new CoS… right after Juvri had gotten used to Konral, too. What a mess… But she’d made it this far, and she had to keep going. After meeting Viyara, and knowing she had a friend in the crew, she was doing a little better, but she was still having trouble adjusting to life on the starship. She had no idea what the others were talking about, about Risa. That was before her time. But the new CoS having already lead teams was good. Juvri assumed no one would promote someone who wasn’t qualified, so if Izzy had gotten the position she must be ready for it. And so, she waited in silent anxiety with the others to see what exactly the new CoS would be like.

~ Ensign Juvri Dei, Security

Justin, duly chastized, looked for any other distraction he could get and in walked the young Ensign. “And here our resident half betazoid graces us with her presence.”
“What took you so long Ace?” Lt. JG. Russel asked Dei as he elbowed Justin good naturedly. Justin overreacted, nearly falling on the floor and causing a riot of laughter.
“You weren’t worried about Delaney, were you?” asked Ensign Blu. Neither Russel nor Blu seemed disingenuous. Perhaps they too were a little concerned at what the change would mean for them.

Delaney, CoS

“Well, I-” Juvri began, but another voice picked up before she finished the thought. Ace? Does he mean me? She wondered, looking to Russel. “I um, got lost,” she said. It wasn’t the truth, but it was easier than explaining what she was doing. At least they seemed friendly. That helped to put her nerves to rest, somewhat. “Aren’t we all?” She asked them, replying to Blu.

~ Ensign Juvri Dei, Security

“We gotta loosen you up Ace! You seem rather tense.” Russel commented. She looked like a deer caught in headlights and he had to wonder if that was normal for a security officer.
“Nah. I think Izzy’ll do just fine.” Blu answered her back, ignoring Russel. She seemed oblivious to Dei’s lack of confidence and just assumed it was because of having walked into the middle of the boisterousness ribbing of each other.
Justin picked himself up off the floor. “She works too hard like she has something to prove. Maybe she’ll relax a little more now that she has the Chief position.”
“Maybe.” Blu replied, turning to Justin. “She used to be a Marine. You think they ever stop being laser focused?”
“You get any sense of her Dei?” Asked Russel who refered to Juvri’s betazoid blood and hoped she would have some inside scoop.

Izzy, for all intents and purposes was relaxing in her new office, wondering where to place the picture of her family from their last visit together. It was a mass of people with her immediate family and all of their partners and children. She smiled warmly and placed it on a shelf.

Delaney, CoS

Juvri listened silently to their conversation. Yeah, loosen up. Wouldn’t that be nice? She was trying, after all. “They may be laser focused but you know she’ll be able to handle just about anything,” she said. Her discomfort seemed to increase at the implication of her abilities and she shook her head. “I um, I’m not that… sensitive in that way. I sense only emotions, and I can’t even do that all the time,” she said, shifting her stance. She was only half, after all, and she didn’t really know much about her own abilities, having been raised by humans. She usually tried not to use it at all, though often, she’d get a glimpse of somebody’s feelings anyway.

~ Ensign Juvri Dei, Security

“Oh, sure, it’s all good. I just wondered is all.” Russel brushed Juvri’s lack of empathic abilities as no big deal. In fact, they all seemed as though they didn’t mind one way or another. She was one of them even if it seemed as though she didn’t feel that way. Hopefully, she will simply accept this as the way they were and feel more comfortable in their presence.

“IF she is ready for anything, we will be trained up to be the same. Though, I hope we don’t have to be quite so much of a workaholic.” Justin said.
Blu laughed. “If wanting to do your job well is considered a workaholic, I would said that I am too?”

Delaney, CoS

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