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The journey had seemed interminable but finally Fantasy Planet hove into view. The Admiral and her aides looked out through the view screen on an M class planet that hosted a series of large islands with inlets, lakes and snow topped mountains.

A hail came from the planet below originating from a smaller island that took centre stage to the others.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jenn turned to her communications officer. “Open a channel,” she instructed, and the communication was accepted, the viewscreen lighting up with the comm.

Wallace, CO

A tall man appeared on the viewscreen. He was dressed in a flowing robe in turquoise and his hands were contained inside the sleeves of the robe so they were out of view. His angular eyes were the same colour as his robes as was his hair albeit with black tips.

“Welcome to Fantasy Planet!” he said effusively, “My name is P’tah, I shall be your host for the duration of your stay, how may I serve you?”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Sitting next to the CO, Anaar looked over at Wallace. They both felt a little unsettled about the planet, but it was Tello who would accompany the crew to the surface. “A good question, don’t you think, Captain?”

—Anaar, XO

“Thank you, P’tah,” Jennifer said with a slight nod of her head. “I am Captain Wallace, and this is my second, Commander Anaar. I suppose you could tell us where in orbit to park our ship,” she joked, a smile on her face despite the small pit in her stomach. “And more specifically, how many crewmembers can you host at a time?”

Wallace, CO

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