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Anaar raised her brows. “Hey, I’m all for a ladies day out. Mimosas for breakfast, fashion shows and champagne for lunch and spending for the fun of it. I have no objection to inviting Marishka to join us. What do you think, Captain?”

“As long as I have an alcohol free version of those mimosas and champagne, I’m down,” Jenn replied with a small grin.

Stark appeared at the bar dressed in his customary black leather. Turning to Wallace and Anaar he bowed slightly, “Congratulations” he said simply his dark eyes glinting in the lighting of the bar.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Tello looked over at the CIO and felt a smile at the corner of her lips. “Thank you, Cmdr.” She liked him. Their conversation about her spastic abilities had established a bond, even if it was only one sided. With any luck, Tello hoped to build on that one meeting to a place where they both felt comfortable with each other.

—Anaar, XO

“Thank you, Stark,” Jenn smiled at the Caitian, her eyes sparkling. This party was turning out quite well.

Janna had taken up a stool at the bar, legs crossed at the knee, her stretchy turquoise jersey skirt draped neatly over her legs. She flashed Stark a smile, letting him greet the new command staff.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Wallace, XO

“Did someone say Ladies Night Out? I need to be in on this!” Izzy exclaimed as she stepped up to the XO and CNS. She had come in and slipped into the conversation more easily than she would have a few years ago. Growth. She had it. Izzy had dressed for a party, wearing a strappy top with thick horizontal stripes of fabric that draped nicely to where the blouse met her black skirt. The stripes were dark colors of the rainbow and shimmered subtly in the lighting of the lounge. The black skirt had a jagged looking asymmetrical hem and was shorter than she had ever worn in the presence of the crew. Her legs were clad in tights and the booties she wore were leather and had a sturdy heel. Her makeup was tasteful and minimal as was her silver jewelry. Her curls were down and far too long for her taste. She kept meaning to get it cut but Izzy often forgot when she found free time.

Delaney, CoS

“Count me in too,” Janna said with a grin. Everyone needed to find some fun and a way to let off some steam. She smiled at Delaney. “Hey Izzy,” she greeted warmly, holding her . Though they hadn’t had too many interactions since that one conversation in the Lounge awhile back, she like Delaney. There was something about her that Janna found intriguing and it would be interesting for them both to be stepping into their new roles at the same time. Actually there really was a lot of that going on.

Tello looked around surprised at how a simple outing to shop had taken on a life of its own. “Well, that makes five of us so far. Hey, maybe we should make this experience our fantasy!” She caught the eyes of a few of the future shoppers and then laughed. “I’m kidding!! I’m also excited that there will be a group of us whenever we decide to go. With that many people we can take over any store.”

—Anaar, XO

Jennifer chuckled. “Well, you’re free to do so, but I’ll be stuck on the bridge making sure things are going well up here,” she told Tello. “One of us has to be, and it might as well be the one who didn’t go through whatever stuff the Athena has been through lately to deserve such a shore leave,” she gave a wink.

Benjamin had taken a seat at the bar and was quietly nursing a drink, listening to conversations as they went on, conversations about clothes were not overly interesting but few things not related to his work or drinking interested him at the moment, he gave the new arrival a friendly nod and returned to his drink.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Stark edged a little more towards the doctor. Ladies night out always seemed to move conversations into areas that made him feel uncomfortable. He had stumbled into one once while on a stake out, he shuddered involuntarily, some things could not be unseen.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka flashed a smile at Izzy as she moved among the crowd. Slipping behind the bar she gave a wink to Ben motioning that she would pour him another as soon as he was ready.

In her world, it would be improper to make a bee line straight towards Stark but she so wanted to share with Stark news of what Hammor had given her so, she waved casually.

“Let me know when you’re ready for the usual.” and went about her business.

  • Marishka

Janna couldn’t help but smirk to herself as Stark maneuvered himself towards Ben. She sipped her Samarian sunset, enjoying the colourful and fruity drink.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

She shared the smirk with Janna. Scaredy Cat she thought as she watched him move away to another of his gender. She wanted to smile wickedly, wanted to tease him. As a CIO, she had hoped he would be made of sterner stuff. Izzy was surprised that he was scared of a little revelry among women.

Stark waited a moment or two and then moved towards Marishka. “The usual please” he said indirectly meaning he didn’t really care so much about what he was drinking as he cared about who was pouring it and what they had to say.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka knew what Starks usual was and, by now, she had perfected making it. In the process of making said drink, she casually took the box out, opened it, and set the beautiful bottle on the bar between them. When she set Starks warm milk with nutmeg down she also brought out a polishing cloth and began to polish the bottle of Napoleonic brandy.

“There you are. Too bad you never developed a taste for alcohol… Or have you? Hammor stepped out before he could enjoy a glass with me but it was nice of him to leave it, don’t you think?” she asked casually.

  • Marishka

Wallace, CO

Stark tried to look like he didn’t already know what had transpired but gave up knowing full well Marishka would tumble any attempt at dissembling. “Very nice of him indeed. Of course gifts have often paved the way for a new day… unless of course the gift giver was a Trojan”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka nodded and smiled speaking low so that only he might hear her.

“I thought of that.”

In typical fashion, Orvos was running late due to some work. This time, a pair of engineers were getting hotheaded about some silly repairs. There was clearly more than just the repair itself causing the friction, so Orvos made the ultimatum that if they couldn’t find a way to work together and it became an issue, a counselor would likely get involved. After sending them off, he finished the repair himself.

He showed up in the lounge wearing his uniform pants and grey undershirt. He had no time to really spruce up, and he was a typically busy man, so it would have to suffice.

Orvos slid up to Stark and Marishka. “Any chance I could get an ice cold sweet tea?” he said as he took a seat on one of the stools.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka gave Orvos a look then cracked a smile before fetching the sweet tea.

“Sweet tea. I didn’t figure you for the type. This is a new blend, let me know if you like it. It’s supposed to be smooth with just a touch of citrus at the back end.”

  • Marishka

Ben returned the nod from Marishka with a polite smile as he continued sipping his dring he gave Stark a nod and a mild shake of his head, perhaps amused by something. He didn’t look over when the chief Engineer arrived but the conversation piqued his interest “My roommate at the Academy swore by the stuff, said something about if a restaurant didn’t serve iced tea it wasn’t a true southern restaurant”

Dr. Grey - CMO

“Well sir, I wouldn’t know anything about Southern hospitality as it were but, I d know enough to take your word for it in this situation. Let me know if you’d like to try it sometime.

  • Marishka

    Stark watched the interchanges with interest making a note to talk with Marishka at a later time. He knew nothing about sweet tea but he did know about the person ordering it and something was off with him today. Adding up his hurried entrance and clothes Stark assumed it was work related. Interesting that he headed for a drink from Marishka rather than moaning to Stark as per usual. Stark smiled a little as he stored that one into his database of tells.

    Stark Nightstalker CIO

“Southern Tea tends to be too sweet for me. Weird enough since I like sweets, but I would rather have a cuppa than the traditional Southern American sweet tea.” She smiled at Janna and then sipped her vodka martini.

Delaney, CoS

Ben nodded “Nothing beats a nice cuppa except a good Isley single malt” He said mostly to himself with a half-smile as he spun the liquid in his glass.

Dr. Grey - CMO

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