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Orvos had indeed noticed that their host already knew their names on first meeting them. However, Janna spoke up just before him, so he kept a quiet grin on his face as he listened to the man’s response. Was he already fully aware of the crew to arrive? Did he have that good of an eidetic memory that he could put names to faces before meeting them in person? Or was there something special about this place that gave the P’tah special knowledge?

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

P’tah smiled and brought his hands out of his robes to gesture a slightly florid bow. “It is a part of the service Miss Kingston. We need to know as much as we are allowed to about Athena so as to better tend to your needs”.

So much for privacy, she thought. Then again, Janna had known that she wouldn’t entirely be able to go off-duty. Such was her job lately.

He nodded at the newcomers and then P’tah’s hands began to weave and the four gathered with him saw the vista of the hotel fall away into the distance finding themselves at the base of a cliff surrounded by verdant forest. “For instance I happen to know that some of you like to climb…” he pointed at the cliff above. His hands weaved again and the cliff faded out to be replaced again by the hotel surroundings. “This is Fantasy Planet after all” he said with another small bow”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Janna pondered. “We were told all about the safety record but can you explain the actual safety measures in place to reduce risk in these… adventures people run? What is safe for others might actually be too risky for me, so while I have something that I would love to do, I need specifics so I can gauge my own risk tolerance while I’m here. Not that I would’t be perfectly happy on the beach the entire time,” she said with a smile. Either way, she intended to make the most of their time here.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

P’tah nodded, “A wise precaution Miss Kingston but I assure you that you need not fear harm or danger unless you wish to put yourself in harms way.” He paused and then continued, “Imagine, if you will, not having to be concerned about your medical issue for a period of time. Imagine anything and it can be yours for a time”.

Janna’s brows rose. They knew about her medical issue? As in the medical issue that was in her medical file that was confidential? Sure, a few people knew but it wasn’t exactly common knowledge, even if she wasn’t upset about disclosing it. Taking a breath, she let the odd sensation pass… for now.

Izzy was grinning from ear to ear. There was a hope in her heart that her vacation would be exactly what she needed. Rest and relaxation, and perhaps some hiking and camping. A nice wood cabin on a mountain somewhere would be fun. Wood fire, slightly chilly air, maybe some snow, and no technology were endearing thoughts. But Izzy was of two minds. The beach was also something of a draw. Hot sand, sun shining, wind and salty air, the ocean waves… all good things.

She came up behind Janna though her eyes were examining the hotel. “I think I would want to get settled first. Is there like a menu of activities to choose from? Or do we pick an area of the resort we want to theme our vacation around and let your staff fill in the possible activities to choose from?”

Delaney, CoS

Motioning to the booth in the foyer P’tah answered her question, “Both are possible Miss Delaney, my aides stand ready to tell you of the wonders that await in specific areas of the planet. Name your desire and I can point out which one of them can take you to the place your desires will be fulfilled”.

Taking in the whole group he continued. “The Admiral has made me aware that many of you have been through much so I understand why the questions around safety but I wish to assure you that we have medical facilities that rival your Starbases. Up to this point we have not needed them and we do not anticipate needing them in the near future simply because it is you who set the scene for each and every encounter you have here. You will not be put in danger unless you wish it”.

Tello stood just outside the group, but listened to the conversation. She wanted to know how one went about choosing, also. So far, she was alone, but it didn’t have to remain that way.

—Anaar, XO

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The slightest hint of a frown had appeared on Viyara’s face as she listened to P’tah. On the one hand what he said sounded great. And it also made her feel a little uneasy. In many ways she was doing better than she before her days on the holodeck with Janna. But she was still at the beginning of her journey to get better and still slipped into old, unhealthy coping skills now and then. Or thought about them anyway. So this whole “whatever you wish” thing made her feel anxious. Looking straight at P’tah she thus asked, “How exactly does that work? Do we say what we wish for and then we get it or it happens or whatever the case might be? Or do we merely have to think of something? If the latter is the case, will every random wish that crosses our mind be granted?”

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“An astute question Miss Nazeen”, P’Tah put a finger to his chin, “To have every random wish granted would be dangerous in the extreme so in essence the Wish Centre interviews you on the broad and specific details of your wish and then they make it happen. I personally spent a period of time as an Egyptian Demigod, it was most satisfying”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Some of the tension that had crept into her neck and shoulders left again and Viyara exhaled with a soft sigh of relief. “Good. I’m glad to hear that,” she replied, her wide, trademark smile slowly appearing on her face again.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

P’tah answered her smile with one of his own. “I’m relieved that you’re relieved” he quipped.

At that point Izanami arrived from the elevator at the back dressed in a black jumpsuit. She slid an arm through P’tah’s and rested her head on his shoulder which startled him a little, he rallied and gave her a smile while he did his best to keep his professional focus on his job.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

At that moment the Operations Chief walked in carrying a large duffle bag. He looked around and smiled, then saw the assembled crew members and made his way over. “Sorry I’m late. Last minute issues and such. So did I miss much?”

Hammor, Ops

Anaar sidled over. “Not really. P’tah…” Here she inclined her head toward the man in the robes. “Is trying to settle any nerves we might have about committing to a fantasy. He has asserted once again that it is safe and we can experience anything we want to. Although, the fantasy must have definite, spoken parameters. That way we don’t have to worry that we might ‘think’ of something accidentally and have it come to fruition.”

Tello looked sheepish for a moment. “I still don’t know what I’d like to do…something with adventure and maybe a little danger thrown in, but ultimately satisfying…any i8dea?”

—Anaar, XO

Hammor thought for a moment and then looked at her and said “You ever hear of an old Earth game from the late 20th century called ‘Tomb Raider’?” and he set the bag on the floor and pulled out a PaDD, typed in a few searches and then held it out to her.

Hammor, Ops Chief

She took the PaDD and watched the vid. “This is a game?” It looked very exciting. “Hmmm, I see definite possibilities here. Is this what you planned to do?”

—Anaar, XO

“I think I am going to go a secluded tropical island with clear, blue waters… lots of rocks to dive off of… maybe some ruins to explore… and a nice beach where I can just relax and fish and cook over a fire. And maybe some beer.” he said as he thought about it. He then looked at Anaar and said “You’re welcome to join me if you want.” in a friendly manner. “Beach parties are better with other people, after all.”

Hammor, Ops

“Hmmm…that sounds wonderful too.” She loved the water. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling etc were all things she’d spent a lot of time at. Cooking on a beach under the stars—that was nice too. “Let’s see how many we can get to join us? Or am I overstepping?” She didn’t want a repeat of the lusty encounter that had happened in her office with the large Orion, just after boarding. It was way too early to get involved with someone on the Athena—if it were to happen at all. She really didn’t know these people yet.

—Anaar, XO

“Invite away. And if it ends up being just the two of us, I promise not to catch you if you fall again, how’s that?” and he smiled a teasingly friendly smile and chuckled softly.

Hammor, Ops

So much in her life was about mitigating risk that for her a special out-of-the-box activity would seem probably mundane to many others. “I want time on the beach too, but I’d also like to do some water sports. I’m thinking something more adventurous like parasailing. But I’ve never done it before, Janna said, unusually nervous. In fact normally she was adept at hiding her tells, but this was different. this was decidedly personal.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

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