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Posted June 16, 2021, 1:12 a.m. by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) (Ian Kerby)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in OOC - Tony
Greetings fellow crew!

I’m sorry about my stint of disappearance. A lot has been happening and my wife roped me in to helping her with some work this past week, which literally took up the whole week. I’m whooped, and am about to start my long work week. I’m going to try and post a bit now, and get more done tomorrow too. Please feel free to repost/bump anything I may have missed or you feel might get missed.

Apologies for all the craziness. We’re also in the middle of the endeavor of buying a house. That, unfortunately, is going to be a lengthy process at the moment, and given the housing market at the moment…could be quite the endeavor. But we have some options we are considering. Just waiting on the bank.

Anyway, I’ll get to posting soon. Hope you all are well! I’ve missed this!


Real life has been whipping all of us so don’t stress. Welcome back.
I’ll be praying your house comes through!

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