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Once the majority of the crew had landed and were on their shore leave, Jenn settled in the big chair, supervising the skeleton crew that had been left behind. Just enough crewmembers to deal with any unexpected circumstances. They’d get their turns on the planet’s surface later - it was a rotating crew. “Thanks for volunteering to stay up here,” she commented to one of the bridge crew, the NE at helm.

“I’m just as new to the Athena as you are, Cap’n,” the young officer replied with a smile. They were Trill. “Figure I don’t need the RNR the rest of her crew does.”

“We’re of the same mind,” Jennifer said with a small nod. “Sitting in orbit while everyone else is down on the planet is vacation enough for me. It’s nice and calm on a skeleton crew.”

“As long as nothin goes wrong!”

“Don’t jinx it,” Jenn replied with a smirk.

Wallace, CO

…and at precisely that instant the sensors picked up a strange energy signature in the main shuttle bay.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina had been at the science station going over various anomaly reports when the signature set off the alarm on her panel. She figured others had seen it as well, but spoke up. “Captain, there is an off energy reading coming from the main shuttle bay.” She ran a quick scan to see if it was from work being done on a shuttle or some other reason the crew would have set off such an alert. “Checking now to see if it’s from maintenance or some other plausible explanation.”

The doctor had stayed behind when the others had fled the ship. Part of it was she had been gone from the Athena long enough. And the other reason was a deep irrational fear, she hadn’t told anyone else, that if she left, the ship would disappear once more. She knew it wasn’t going to happen, but she hadn’t slept well the night before in the thought of it. So she had swapped with the NE on the roster and let the woman go to the surface with the others.

Karina Niles

Jennifer nodded slightly towards Karina. She was glad to have an officer like Karina here. “I noticed that. Bring up the info on the main viewscreen, we might as well take a look. I wonder. Tactical, is anyone on security anywhere near the shuttle bay? We can go there ourselves to investigate, but if there’s someone already on site that’d be helpful.”

Wallace, CO

The energy reading appeared, disappeared and then reappeared, all emanating from the same spot in the shuttle bay. The scans done revealed nothing but an unknown energy heretofore never experienced by anything in the Federation databanks.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“The energy source fades in and out… could be transdimensional, but it’s relative position on the ship hasn’t moved.”


Karina thought for a moment. “Ummm Captain… Can we move the ship forward just enough that if the anomaly is stationary, it will end up behind us? That may give us a better bead on what it is as well. If it’s us or the location.” She was no scientist and had no real experience here. But it made sense that something appearing there and shimmering may be trying to occupy the same space. Removing the Athena would eliminate that one differential.

((I’m not a Scientist, Jim!))

Jenn glanced over Karina and gave her a small nod. “It’d be pretty nice for us if it turned out to be focusing on the space relative to the planet and not on us.” She then turned to the NE at the Helm. “Alright, Karina makes a solid point. Helm, move us out of the space of the energy reading.” Jennifer wasn’t sure whether to feel excited or nervous. Her first real chance at a possibly tense situation while being the Captain. How she worked her way through this was important. She had to do well. She felt awkward that Karina had thought of moving the ship out of the way of a weird energy reading in the hopes that it wasn’t focused on them specifically. she had to be proactive. “In the meantime, R’han, please communicate with the nearest security officers to the shuttlebay deck and tell them to investigate and report back on what they see. Take radiation-hazard precautions, just in case it, well, does end up being centralized in our bay.”

Wallace, CO

The energy signature started to flash in and out faster and faster, only now it was showing something in between flashes, life signs…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“It could be an interdimensional transporter. I am now detecting life forms. Recommend General Quarters 4.”


=/\= Bridge, Ensign Ceres here, damndest thing. We’ve got a collapsed naked man here in the main shuttle bay. Please advise =/\=

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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