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Posted June 16, 2021, 1:38 a.m. by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) (Ian Kerby)

Thoth welcomed the group into a spacious area with couches. His green eyes were sharp and perceptive behind his spectacles. Looking over his hand held screen device his aged face crinkled slightly in a smile.

“P’tah has sent me the requirements to date. “We’ll be sending you to the island of Nemornia for this fantasy. All I need from you is a few more details. In particular I would like to know if you have any preferences regarding the antagonists in this scenario and perhaps some idea of the level of difficulty you’d like regarding tombs and temples. A walk in the park or something a little more challenging perhaps?”

His smile broadened and he ran a hand through his thinning black hair. “If I was a little younger I’d be joining you on this one, sounds like fun!”.

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