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Thoth welcomed the group into a spacious area with couches. His green eyes were sharp and perceptive behind his spectacles. Looking over his hand held screen device his aged face crinkled slightly in a smile.

“P’tah has sent me the requirements to date. “We’ll be sending you to the island of Nemornia for this fantasy. All I need from you is a few more details. In particular I would like to know if you have any preferences regarding the antagonists in this scenario and perhaps some idea of the level of difficulty you’d like regarding tombs and temples. A walk in the park or something a little more challenging perhaps?”

His smile broadened and he ran a hand through his thinning black hair. “If I was a little younger I’d be joining you on this one, sounds like fun!”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Tello had no problem speaking up now. “Well, let have them tall, dark and handsome–oh, and throw in a beautiful female for Daggum. How do we select the level of difficulty? Is there a scale we can choose from, like 1 to 5 or 1 to 10?”

—Anaar, CO

Daggum snorted. “Great, just what I need… another woman to distract me.” and he winked at Anaar. “As far as the antagonists go… maybe some pirates-slash-unscrupulous treasure hunters? Tombs and temples should challenge, but nothing so much that it makes it not fun. And we need down time away from the action to relax, too. I mean, I’m totally game for the Tomb Raider stuff… but this is also vacation… right? So some spear fishing, swimming, drinking… all without the imminent threat of attack is a necessity.” He looked at Tello and said “Sound good to you?”

Hammor, Ops

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