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Posted by Ensign Viyara Nazeen (Scientist) in Side Sim: Main Science Lab

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: Main Science Lab

Posted by Ensign Viyara Nazeen (Scientist) in Side Sim: Main Science Lab
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Liam paused to take in her answer, his eyes locked on her as if he sought the truth. Several moments passed before he broke the silence while he drew closer. His attention darted to Scales happily munching the insects as contentment washed over the reptile’s face.

“Crowds and socialization aren’t easy to accomplish. I don’t understand how some individuals can do it so easily.” He had gotten the sense that she was made uncomfortable by something, but he neglected to push on the subject. If the officer wanted him to confide in him, she would in time.

Turning from Scales towards Liam, Viyara said, “I don’t mind crowds. I usually like being around people. But …” She hesitated for a few moments and then sighed, “Someone said something that upset me and I left.”

“Are you considering staying in the lab all night or return to the lounge when the issue has faded?”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“Neither, I think. I’m definitely not going back to the loung and I should eventually get some sleep. We’ll see,” Viyara replied with a small shrug. It wasn’t that she didn’t want try and get some sleep. Right now she just didn’t see that she’d be able to get sleep any time soon. Looking Liam straight in the eyes she asked, “I hope you don’t mind if I stay here for a while?”

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“No, if it helps in dealing with what bothers you. I’ve often found being in a familiar and safe place soothes anxiety.” Liam stated as he watched her, noting the pattern emerging once more.

“Thank you, Commander,” Viyara replied with a smile as she glanced briefly towards Liam before her focus shifted once more back to Scales.

Not everyone wanted or needed help in coping with issues, but he found letting them know there was an available ear helped. He continued to observe her watching Scales finish the last of his meal before his reptilian eyes closed, satisfied.

“If you want a change of scenery, I often use fencing or another physically demanding sport to ease my mind. I can offer to introduce you to it with beginner lessons then progress at your pace. My last student had been reassigned.” He hoped she wouldn’t decline the offer, but it might’ve been more forward than he intended.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“Fencing? I’ve never tried that before, but I’m all for physically demanding sports, even better if they also keep your mind busy. And I love trying new things. So sure, count me in,” Viyara replied without missing a bit, a lopsided grin playing across her face. Her left eyebrow was slightly and there was something almost provocative about her expression and all tension seemed to have left body.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

It surprised, but warmed Liam’s heart to hear her expressed interest in his hobby. Not many officers appeared to enjoy the physically demanding sport and often his suggestion fell to the wayside. It helped to see the effort it held on her earlier stressful behavior.

“Good. I believe you are off duty next weekend, correct? I shall request and program in the training grounds for it. We’ll have to start slow and ensure you have the basics before moving on.” He noted Scales enjoying the attention as he rattled in pleasure.

“I do, Sir,” Viyara nodded. “I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.”

“Since the last officer in charge of caring for Scales failed, would you like to like be permanently assigned for his daily care?”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Much to her own surprise, Viyara felt blood rush to cheeks and a wide, genuine smile light up her face. “Really?” she asked with a hint of disbelief. “I’d love to be in charge of Scales’ daily care. Thank you for being willing to trust me with that.” Leaning down towards Scales, she added, “I hope you’ll like that as well. And I might be able to get you more of those crickets.”

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Scale’s head bobbed a bit more as if he understood the whole exchange. His belly continued to rest on the surface it was on, enjoying the warmth and attention.

“Don’t spoil him or he’ll expect it.” Liam said half-seriously, he considered something then thought better.

“I won’t,” Viyara promised. “Though a treat now and then doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“I suppose I should leave you to clean his habitat and a health check. Do you need anything else?”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you Sir,” Viyara replied with a small smile and then turned back towards Scales to take care of him and her new duties as his carer.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Liam nodded then departed, his figure moved back to his office. It was clearly an unsaid indicator where he would reside should she did need him. He didn’t his satisfaction at the change in her demeanor show as he knew he made a positive impact on her. This weekend would certainly be interesting and educational for both of them.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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-Janice B.

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