Side Sim - The Depths of Time: Seven Swords Sequel

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Stark shook his head as Michail finished his report from the Department of Temporal Investigations. S’Raal and T’Pon stayed silent but their faces also showed utter disbelief at what the man had just said. Finally Stark spoke up.

“So, what you’re saying Michail is that the mirror versions of Usiris and Adonis hid out in the Time Vault when the time breach was healed and were therefore not purged from the timeline meaning that when they emerged the breach was created anew…”

Michail nodded mutely.

T’Pon looked at her golden haired husband and the tension between them grew. “I’m a mother now, and you’re a father S’Raal”.

S’Raal waved his paws golden fur flying as he paced, “I never wanted to be involved the first time, you know that!”.

“At first husband, but after Excalibur bonded with you, I felt like I had lost you”. T’Pon’s face was like flint.

Stark intervened, “and when Archimedes was setting out to sacrifice himself for us you willingly bonded with Electrum, T’Pon, no hesitation”.

The look she gave him should have left him as a greasy spot on the floor but Stark stood there, the immovable object facing the unstoppable force.

“You’re missing the point” Michail voice was exasperated. “Just because you were chosen the first time doesn’t mean you’ll be chosen this time”.

Stark looked at the Greek featured man with derision until Michail was forced to add, “Yes, Stark, Skotos has chosen you anew but that doesn’t mean the same will be true for S’Raal and T’Pon”.

The three sat in silence for a moment until T’Pon spoke quietly, “I wish my Father was still alive, he’d know what to do”. S’Raal put his arm around her shoulders and Stark looked into the distance, thinking…

Stark Nightstalker CIO

OOC: This is a side-sim I have long been waiting to find happening. ;)
OOC It’s about time eh Tony :-)
Roll up everyone who wants a place in the remaking of history, if Tony is in then 3 swords have been claimed, 4 remain but there is plenty of room for others.
Ian (I needed this)

OOC: I’m all for it! :D Just let me know when/how you want me to join. :)

IC There was a sudden flash of light and standing in the room was a hunchbacked old man wearing old rags and a ragged cloth hat. “Ahhh, there ye be me little weasels, it’s a fine dance we’ve been on have we not?”.

The expressions on all the faces was a mixture of tragic frustration.

Stark nailed the old man with a glare, “Stop fooling around Q, this time, we all know who you are!”.

The old man spat on the ground, wiped his face with an arm and then calmly scratched a lice ridden armpit. “But ye see, I like old Emrys. Emrys is everyones favourite person, don’tcha know?”

Stark looked at the others and rolled his eyes, “Well let’s start rounding up the troops, the sooner we get started the sooner we see the back of…” words seemed not to be enough as he pointed at the hunchback, “The back of… that!”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

OOC: I’m in.

  • Catt/Marishka

OOC Let’s do this :-)

Stark was about to slap his communicator when Emrys raised his fingers to snap them together. Stark’s reaction was even faster than his hand and he grabbed the fingers before they could snap together. “Don’t even think of it! You’ll set off every alarm in the ship”.

“Would not, my arrival didn’t” the misshapen lump of a man replied with a sneer, “but if you want to do things the old fashioned way…”

Stark emitted a frustrated sound and slapped his communicator, =/\= Stark to Orvos and Marishka. That matter we discussed has come to a head. Would you please come to S’Raal and T’Pon’s quarters as soon as you’re available =/\=

Stark Nightstalker CIO

OOC: I would love the opportunity to write with you all here but I don’t have any background about the first three swords and what happened. Do you know where the threads are so I can read them?


OOC: Hi D! I don’t know if Ian ended up sending anything just yet for you to gloss over. I only caught end of the last one. It took years to complete from what I hear, so you would be going over a lot of info. I don’t know how much of it you would need to know in order to join. If you end up getting some links, then that’s great! If they aren’t too accessible though, I think you’ll still be ok not having missed much.

OOC Unfortunately my paper notes were lost when we got stuck outside China, someone mistakenly threw them away as they were packing up our stuff to ship out. I’m running on memory and some snippets I saved out of threads which I’m finding more of as I dig through my backup hard drive. I’m not sure if the original posts survived the change in server? Not my field of expertise. That said, you don’t need to know anything that you won’t find out along the way so jump on in D :-)
Insert yourself in before the big spiel below :-)


Marishka was engaged in an incredibly intense personal program at the moment but, when Stark called, it was her honor to attend him. He had come to her when she needed him in a most unconventional way that still made her smile so she exited her quarters without even responding to his comm and arrived at T’Pon and S’Raal’s quarters within moments. Knowing it was a matter of some urgency, she neglected to ring the chime and hoped she could just step through the door without ringing too many alarms. It wasn’t as if she had a site to site transporter at her disposal this time.

  • Marishka

IC: Of course, Orvos had shown up a tad late, having had to drop things in engineering for a bit. “So…” he said leaving it to to someone to explain more of the situation to him.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Stark ushered them into the room without ceremony somehow already knowing they were outside. “Give me a minute to send a message to Tello” he said quietly, “I’m sure she’ll be along presently”.

The hunchback in the room was uncharacteristically quiet and it was making Stark’s shoulder blades itch.

Tello had been in her quarters when she was overwhelmed with the urge to see Cmdr Nightstalker. It wasn’t the ‘wash’ of his feelings coming over her, but an almost desperation to be near him. She was confused by her feelings and so was already on her way to his quarters when she received his message.

More curious now as to what was happening, Tello arrived outside his rooms only a few seconds later. When allowed entrance, she looked at those gathered with surprise but nodded her head in acknowledgment.

—Anaar, XO

Stark nodded, “We’ve been expecting you” was his simple greeting.

Tello simply raised her brows silently. So they’d all felt something too—something that had gathered them all in one spot?

Orvos raised an eyebrow at the appearance of the first officer. He then quickly turned back to the scene before him, hoping for some answers.

Stark looked at S’Raal and T’Pon who nodded mutely at him. Stark took a breath, “Well some of you know much and some of you know little but all of you know deep down that you’re destined to take this journey. You feel drawn to something, as if there is something you must do but aren’t quite sure where to start, like there is a part of you that needs to be fulfilled but you are not sure what with”.

He pointed to Emrys, “Emrys here is our guide, a guide who will take us through time and space throughout the Mirrorverse. No one will know we are gone because we will arrive back at the instant with which we left but in the meantime we have a mission, a mission to collect seven life forms who hold the key to fixing a wrong that threatens the universe, a tear in space time. These life forms are unlike any other you’ve met, although they are distant cousins to the Horta that saved us in our own trip through the Guardian of Time two missions ago. They are symbiotic silicon based sentients”

It was what she and Nightstalker had talked about in the lounge. But how was she now included in the group of warriors?

Orvos’ eyes went wide as he observed Stark.

Stark held out his paw and a black mass began to form in it growing and taking shape until it coalesced into a black as night two edged short sword with a plain hilt. Stark’s voice took on a metallic overtone. “I am Skotos, Stark is my comrade, companion and chosen. I ask you to honour the code of the Knights of Time and help us recover my siblings six so that we may right what has been wronged…” Stark pivoted and Skotos, pointing at Emrys, finished the sentence in dark tones, “by him”.

Emrys writhed under the gaze of the sentient sword and her holder but remained silent.

Something didn’t feel right to Orvos about Emrys. He eyed the man curiously and with caution.

“Will you join us” it was Stark’s voice alone that spoke now and the sword withdrew back into his body as he continued, “I can think of no better companions for this quest”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO (Knight of Time)

Orvos with quite a bit of surprise in his features stepped forward immediately. “Absolutely!” This was almost a dream for an El Aurian, the lorekeepers of the galaxy. He had never personally seen the lifeforms Stark had spoken of until just now. Stories he had heard in passing, but nothing quite like this. He would be insane to pass up the opportunity.

A gong sounded in their heads, as Stark and Orvos felt the presence of an overarching presence uniting them.

Once Marishka had been ushered into the room she stood and observed Stark. Even if she had wanted to say anything, the sight of Skotos would have stopped her. In answer to his question she merely nodded, bowed deeply, and touched the opal that sat at her throat. He would know what it meant.

  • Marishka

At the point she touched her opal a deep gong sounded within both her and Stark’s heads as destiny was sealed across the cosmos. Stark felt his heart swell with the closest thing he had felt to happiness in a long time, he had missed this.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marsihka looked into Stark’s depthless dark eyes and knew he had felt and heard it too.

  • Marishka

Orvos glanced between Marishka and Stark. “Quit that,” he stated rather bluntly. “We’re not doing the silent talk now. It’s unnerving to fair. Gazing into each other’s eyes…Sheesh!”

Stark snorted, “Anyone would think there was some form of proprietary impulse going on there, surely not…”

Orvos then turned to the first officer, who up until now had been relatively quiet on it all. “Well Commander? A little jaunt through space and time, what do you think?” he asked curiously.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka sighed and stepped back from Stark. Turning towards Orvos, she simply smiled. Whether he realized it or not, they had an unspoken language too.

“It looks like we’ll be spending a bit of time together my friend.” she said quietly thought eh excitement was beginning to brim in her voice.

Marishka was beginning to feel alive in a way that she hadn’t since she had thrown Kai from the top of that building.

  • Marishka

Stark, following up on Orvos’ enquiry looked at Tello, “Crunch time. You know you were drawn here, you know you’ve been chosen, will you heed the call?”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Something important and colossal was about to happen and she was being invited to join the adventure. A smile curved Tello’s lips for the first time since entering the room. “I’m in!” There was a lot she still didn’t understand about what was coming, but there was a sureness she felt about taking part in it.

—Anaar, XO

OOC Thanks for the tip Linds, found part of the last one here

Marishka didn’t know Tello well at all but something, or someone, wanted her here and that seemed to be good enough for Stark so, for the moment, that had to be good enough for her.

  • Marishka

Stark grinned sensing some of the same excitement that he had felt the first time through this madness. “I’ve told you we will be travelling through time and space… but I haven’t told you all about the bonding process. I made that mistake last time and a number of people nearly lost heart…” he paused as he realised his slip and then looked to S’Raal to continue.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Golden eyes thick with the memory flinched slightly as S’Raal spoke “To bond with these lifeforms requires that you stab yourself in the heart, they merge into your blood stream, cross the blood brain barrier forming the bond and leaving a part of themselves behind, the rest forms the extension of the sword in your hand. It’s extremely painful but the end result is worth it”.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow Doctor

T’Pon looked sharply at her husband after making that last statement but kept silent.

T’Pon Gardener

Well that didn’t sound like a good idea. “Through the heart…?” She remembered now that Nightstalker had told her the same thing in the lounge. How could she have forgotten that particular detail? Did they all need to do it except for Stark who had already done it, or was it just her?

—Anaar, XO

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