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The next morning bright and early everyone met at the Anchor Point Dock and boarded the luxury yacht “Bold Milieu”. Captain Nordo Plesty was a gracious host and Pydone the cabin boy made sure that all were plied with snacks and drinks as they made the five hour journey through calm seas under a bright blue sky.

The journey was relatively uneventful with the occasional bird in the sky and jumping fish in the sea. At one point there was a gigantic breach off the starboard bow that rocked the boat a little. Whatever made it was quickly gone and as the Captain seemed unconcerned it was deemed that whatever it was, it wasn’t likely to see the yacht as dinner.

As they approached the island it was explained that the mountainous greenery seen from a distance was a dormant volcanic island with a central cone. Pydone took great pains to point out that the volcano was very, very dormant and extremely unlikely to imminently blow it’s top. No one was quite sure if he was playing them or being serious but agreed to take him at his word.

Pulling up to anchor just outside a pristine coral reef the Captain unhooked the crane atop Bold Milieu and they lowered the jet boat “Swift Scene” into the ocean. Minutes later they pulled up to a rustic wooden pier and gazed over the white sands at a series of huts on stilts next to a larger hut which contained the cooking and storage facilities.

The huts themselves each had several beds and ablution facilities within. There were no glass windows, just pull down blinds and each had a deck area overlooking the ocean. The main hut contained all the equipment they had preordered and quite a few other things such as a gas cookers, pool table, dart board, fully stocked bar and a library of old style paper books. Pydone effortlessly switched from cabin boy to bartender within two steps of entering the establishment. The Captain took a weight off his feet and settled into a worn but comfortable chair, one of many with a couch in attendance.

The Captain looked over the assemblage and his somewhat Italian features broke into a smile, “Well, everyone, welcome to the island of Nemornia. Lunch will be about an hour away so feel free to have a look around”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Tello had a bit of a hangover as they boarded the boat, but she was loathe to say anything about it to anyone. It was the difference between drinking mostly synthahol on the ship and the real stuff down here on the planet. Hair tied back and a large brimmed hat and dark glasses hiding most of her face, she found a seat to lounge in and perhaps catch a little more sleep. When they were all informed that the trip to the island would take five hours, she tried not to be concerned, but couldn’t come up with a reason why it was so far away.

When they finally disembarked on the island, she took a look around at all the huts. “Well, this isn’t quite what I was expecting, but that’s part of the draw, isn’t it?”

—Anaar, XO

Hammor looked around and then carried his two bags, one a large green duffle-bag and the other a smaller black one (but whiched seemed heavier and had a metallic clank sometimes as it shifted as he moved) to the hut furthest down the beach from the main hut. “Dibs!” he yelled over his shoulder as he entered and dropped off the bags and looked around smiling.

A few minutes later, he entered the ‘clubhouse’ and sat down on the couch. “Ok… so far I am definitely a fan.”

Hammor, Ops

Nordo smiled languidly, “This place grows on you for sure and the island is chock full of things to discover. I’ve been here many times and I’m still finding hidden nooks and crannies. Inland there’s a huge waterfall, never made it all the way to it’s base yet but I’m hoping to this time around. The natives have warned me off though, say it’s a place of death. Can’t tell me something that beautiful can be all that bad, foolish superstition if you ask me”.

Izzy eyed the Captain. Being from Ireland, where foolish superstition was not at all foolish, she pressed her lips together in slight consternation and glanced towards the volcano.

Over by the bar Pydone shook his head ruefully and the look on his face plainly stated that he didn’t agree with the Captain,

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Anaar, who wasn’t looking to be alone on this adventure, watched Hammor drop his things in the last hut on the beach. Without hesitation, she took the hut next to his. A big, green fellow like that would have to come in handy in a new environment, right? She only had one, large bag with her so she dropped it at ‘her place’ and then headed for the clubhouse. She was feeling a lot better than when they’d left the hotel so she wandered around the room looking at the amenities. “Okay, so is anything planned? Do we need to be mindful of the time for any reason?”

—Anaar, XO

“If we do, then isn’t vacation.” Hammor said with a grin. “But if there is anything upcoming, maybe it could wait till after we hit the water? I’d like to try out the spear-fishing, maybe get us all something for dinner.”

Hammor, Ops

Izzy stepped off the boat, having handled her liquor just fine. When you live and grow up on a alcohol distillery, its in your blood. She smiled as she leaned her face up into the sun and closed her eyes. Without opening them, she took off her shoes and placed her toes in the soft sand. The wind was just enough to be cool on the skin. It was glorious.

She sighed deeply and brought her eyes back down to the area around them. Without thinking long, she simply picked one of the huts and stepped inside to place her things. With a quick change, she stepped out in her bikini. “I am ready for the waves!”

Delaney, CoS

Tello already wore a swimming suit beneath the loose, open shirt and the lightweight but large scarf wrapped sarong style around her hips. “Hey, it you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up. I’ve been ready since we stepped off the boat. We should get some lounge chairs, drinks, umbrellas and anything else we can think of down to the beach before we start playing—don’t you think?”

—Anaar, XO

Janna nodded, having quietly appeared after settling into her hut. She had been unusually quiet on the boat and drank only a little, seemingly mindful despite being on vacation. She wasn’t tense or down or anything, just pensive and quiet.

Having slipped into her bathing suit (a pain purple one-piece affair) and a pair of swimming shorts, she was ready to try the parasailing thing. Or at least she thought she was. “Setting up camp on the beach, as it were, sounds like a great idea. I’ll help,” Janna said as she hunted for chairs they could set up.

~Janna Kingston , CNS

Hammor grinned and said “Perfect.” and nodded at Janna. “Let’s move the bar to the beach and get a fire pit going. We can have a party tonight and cook on the beach!” He stood up and looked around, spying a shovel by the open doorway. “I’ll start on the pit. Izzy, would you mind getting the drinks and such set up outside? Captain Nordo, how do you feel about helping out and grabbing some wood and then the charcoal off the boat? Once we’re set up, I’ll go get us all some dinner!” and he laughed as he walked out and down to the beach. He looked at the high tide line and then began digging about fifteen meters back from there.

Hammor, Ops

Nordo and Pydone helped gather all the necessaries from storage lockers around the side of the main building. Pydone loaded up a wooden cart with food and drink and they set up under the palms right down by the stare edge.

“Low tide right now” Nordo said as he dropped some wood and went at it with a hatchet. “Shouldn’t turn for a couple of hours but try not to be too near the reef when that happens, there are a few rips out there that worsen at that time”.

Pydone had the keys to the jet boat and nodded at Janna, “Whenever you’re ready” he said with a broad grin.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Izzy laughed at Hammor and shook her head. Their crew had already gone ahead and set up the drink station so she didn’t have to. Her face once more went up to the sun to enjoy its splendor even on her Irish pale skin. Her bikini was stark black and white squiggles in the background behind blooms of beautiful flowers.

Janna looked at Pydone and nodded slowly. But t wasn’t a yes, it was acknowledgment of his statement. It had been different, on the boat, on their way here. Now she actually had to do this and she was hesitating.

Hammor gathered up fins, masks, flippers, spearguns, and extra spears. He pulled out a length of thin, braided rope and began making a makeshift tether. Once all the equipment was together save for fins and masks; he put all the extra stuff, including a large waterproof cooler with ice in it, inside a small inflatable raft. He tied the tether to one end of the raft and then moved everything down to the edge of the water. “Anyone wanna come with me?” he asked loudly and stripped off his shirt so that he was in only his swim trunks. His bare green skin was a massive mosaic of scars, brands, and oddly shaped marks… bite marks, perhaps. Big ones.

Hammor, Ops

Since everyone headed off in different directions to take on the tasks of making a gathering place for a party on the beach, Tello made herself useful wherever it looked like someone needed help. It was nice to busy herself with things that had nothing to do with keeping a star ship going. Simple things like setting chairs around the fire pit and helping to set up the buffet table were fun because she couldn’t think of the last time she’d done anything like it.

When things looked under control, she made her way over to where Daggum stood asking for company. As she approached, Tello took off her hat and flung it further inland, then did the same with her shirt and sarong, letting the breeze carry them away from the water. Standing in front of the big Orion, she smiled up at him, “I’d like to come, if that’s okay?”

—Anaar, XO

Daggum smiled, bright white teeth against dark green lips, and said “Sure, I’d like that. Ever spear fish before?” he asked as he started gathering up a mask and fins and spear gun for her.

Hammor, Ops

Hands on hips and with a spunky attitude, Tello smiled. “Nope. Never. But, really, how difficult can it be? This fantasy is designed to satisfy so I think even if I’m not very good at it, I’ll probably catch one or two.”

Viyara had picked the hut right next to Janna and had dumped her bag rather unceremoniously onto the bed before slipping out of her shoes and returning to the beach. She was dressed in a pair of very short, snugly fitting dark blue denim shorts and a cream coloured, loosely fitting Organdy blouse over a dark purple bikini with small black flowers printed on it. Every single one of her many tattoos was visible. As were the majority of her Trill markings.

Once everything was set up on the beach, Viyara walked over to Janna and grinned at her mischievously. “Do you want to give parasailing a try? Or would you rather do something else?”

~Viyara Nazeen, Scientist

An easy question and a way out, but Janna was suddenly paralyzed. Her therapist brain could easily tell her what was going on here, but she didn’t have access to that knowledge all of a sudden. It had been different on the ship when they first learned about their R&R trip. She was safe within the shell that the Athena provided her, even if that same shell had very nearly become a tomb before.

Shaking her head, Kingston struggled to speak. “I just..... I just need some time,” she said, turning abruptly and heading back for her hut as her heart pounded.

~Janna Kingston , CNS

Pydone said nothing but his eyes radiated understanding. “We could always try boogie boarding first, I promise to tow you slow.”

“Boogie boarding is fun!” She said, about to turn to talk to Janna and get her to perhaps give that a try when Pydone was interrupted.

He was interrupted by the Captain who was pointing at the top of the dormant volcano. ‘We’re about to have a visitor”.

At first it looked like a speck in the distance but as they watched the vision coalesce into someone wearing a wing suit hurtling from high up and heading their way. Twisting this way and that the green and yellow wing suit flared out before it reached the beach streaming out a parachute behind in similar colours.

Hanging from the parachute was a bare chested heavily muscled man with piercing eyes and chocolate skin. Landing on point in the sand he skilfully collected the parachute and walked towards them all.

She switched which hand was holding her rashguard top to the other hand and shielded her eyes from the sun with the other so she could watch the visitor glide down to the beach. Izzy could imagine the sand looking rather soft but when push came to shove, was actually quite hard to land on.

Tello watched along with everyone else and then was filled with surprise and pleasure when she saw the handsome man fly in. He radiated the term “eye candy” and Izzy couldn’t help but grin.

The Captain laughed out loud, “Chief Kane, you’re such a poser!”. Pydone slapped the man on the back as he approached and they briefly hugged.

“This from the man who cruises around in a super yacht”. Kane looked back up at the volcano a bit ruefully. “It was a rush getting here but it’s a hell of a walk to get back” He grinned showing perfect white teeth. “I saw you all arrive and you know how my tribe and I like to give a welcome” he looked at them all and spread his arms wide, “Welcome to Nemornia everyone”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Walking over to the newcomer, she held out a hand to shake. “Thank you, Cheif Kane. I’m Tello Anaar. We’re just getting settled in, but everything looks wonderful so far.”

—Anaar, XO

Kane’s hand was heavily calloused but surprisingly gentle as he shook Tello’s hand with a smile. “The island has never looked better” he said eyes locking for a moment.

Izzy waved, smiling. “Thank you. I am Izzy. That is Daggum. This is Viyara, and Janna just went into her hut.” She pointed to each person in turn. Her eyes watched the man with great interest. She wondered if the tribe had always been here or were brought in as a part of this vacation resort.

Delaney, CoS

Looking away from Tello to the others Kane took them all in with a nod. “Spear fishing, excellent choice. Nothing quite like freshly done fish over a beach bbq. Speaking of food, my tribe would love to host you for a celebration tomorrow night. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the village so we could go there tomorrow or they can come to us, completely up to you”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Anaar looked around at the others. “I would love to see your village. Does everyone feel up to a hike?” It would give them a chance to see more of the island and it had to be close to a water source so if they got all hot and sweaty they could take a dip before settling in. She was already thinking through the wardrobe she’d brought with her for the right thing to wear.

—Anaar, CO

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