Side Sim - The Depths of Time: Seven Swords Sequel

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“Ancient wrongs are made right
curses flown and frustrated leave the fray.
Beware the Seekers eyes darkening as night
For great peril will return in that day.
Swords of seven freed to roam be
Hidden from the eyes of mortal time
A scion from Bloodlust’s tree
Will see their return into rhyme.”

Stark sighed as he explained, “I was given the name Star Seeker when I was born. When my eyes turned black Emrys named me Stark Nightstalker by cunningly inserting the word Knight into my name. My eyes did turn black again as Skotos called for me and Bloodlust is a reference to S’Raal who for a time was gripped with an ancestral condition that made him go berserk in battle and of course now that Meryidiyth has been born that part of the prophecy is also fulfilled”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Hidden from the eyes of mortal time… Orvos recited the line in his head once more. He had never heard of these blades before, let alone of any sentient lifeforms that could take such a form. There was a part of him that wondered if ‘the eyes of mortal time’ referenced him in some strange way. No. Couldn’t be. He must have been reading too much into it.

S’Raal’s eyes were downcast and one tear fell to the floor as the name Bloodlust was used. His memories of that time were not pleasant.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

T’Pon put her hand on S’Raal’s golden shoulder, “It was necessary my dear, your actions saved us, you died to save us. If it hadn’t been for Emrys and Laraan bringing you back from the abyss, Merydiyith would have never been born”. Her head suddenly came up and nailed Emrys with a fiery stare, “and just what does my infant daughter have to do with this?”

“Such things r hidn from me T’Pon” Emrys said with a shrug of his deformed shoulders, “Ye know that I have been limited…”

“For good reason” T’Pon retorted. Turning to the others she continued, “Last time we had an idea of what we would be up against, We had been tracking the enemy for years. This time we’re going into it completely blind. I have no idea what to expect when we go into the past of the mirror dimension to find the Swords, no idea at all”.


Tello listened, trying to put all the information in order. “So, who needs to find a sword when we are taken wherever we need to go? Stark already has his and T’Pon and S’Raal apparently were on the last mission. Who else is new to this whole idea? Anyone?”

—Anaar, XO

Orvos simply raised his hand, his eyes distant as he seemed lost in thought.

Marishka had been silent. In her mind there was no need for words. She could gain more information by observing everyone’s behavior. She fixed Emrys with a cold silver eyed glare. She knew he had to be useful somehow and liking him wasn’t necessary, which was good because she already didn’t.

The thought that a child could be involved in this whole chaotic situation was abhorrent to her, given Marishka’s upbringing as nothing more than a pawn used between her Klingon father and Orion mother.

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Michail had been silent up until this point but now he spoke up. “You, Orvos and Marishka are new to this but don’t forget that first time around, we all were. I myself helped out but never received a sword of my own.” He sounded vaguely regretful at that pronouncement. “I have no doubt that the three of you have been chosen but as we found out last time there are many twists in this particular tale and even though T’Pon and S’Raal received swords last time there is no guarantee the same will happen this time. Temporal investigations has discovered that time doesn’t bend in the way that we thought, it cannot just be changed at any point. There are specific points where it can be altered and then only by certain people. We don’t understand it completely but it works much like a lock and key system, the Swords make their carriers into keys and when they are all assembled, the lock can be opened and the wrong righted. However there are others who would like to subvert the Swords and use them for their own ends. These false Time Knights must be defeated for us to be successful”.


At this Orvos was pulled out of his own thoughts. “Oh boy, tampering with time. What a joy!” he replied sarcastically. “These time knights sound familiar. Have I encountered these before Stark? On Laraan’s homeworld?”

For the moment, he didn’t speak on the whole stabby bit just yet.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“You have.” Stark confirmed, “They were none too pleased with Laraan’s part in destroying Adonis, the abomination that illegally incorporated Heleen DNA into its matrix. It was one of the main reasons behind her kidnapping and our need to cross to the mirror verse to get her back. It was around that time that my eyes went black again and I started to hear Skotos’ call”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos nodded as he recalled the memories. “Yes I remember now. Temporal Knights. Been there, done that, but I don’t recall getting the T-shirt.

Tello felt like she was already in another dimension with the easy way everyone talked about what was coming. Everything they said was new to her and her mind was having a bit of trouble accepting it as fact. She was in—there was no mistake about that, but until you faced the reality the group was talking about, having doubts would be normal. Right?

“Stark’s sword is part of him. Isn’t that the case with the rest of you?”

—Anaar, XO

“Well,” stated Orvos. “It appears that only Skotos has bonded with Stark and remained that way. If we all are going to stab ourselves in the heart though, are we all sure there won’t be any strange effects?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka was nearly overwhelmed by all that she was hearing but chose to remain calm and absorb as much as she could before even attempting to ask a question.

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