CSO's Office- An Offer You Can't Refuse

Posted July 27, 2021, 12:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (CNS) in CSO’s Office- An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office- An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office- An Offer You Can’t Refuse
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Though she would have preferred a more secluded and private spot, Janna wanted to be in plain sight to see if her gamble would work. So she sat on a bench near the entrance with a mind to find another spot in the luscious green space when Liam arrived. If. She wouldn’t put it past him to just decide it wasn’t worth the hassle but she also knew Maddison loved his work and would not like being kept from it.

With a basket and bag at her feet, Kingston sat on the bench reading a PADD.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Liam skirted along the corridor, wordless and frustrated. His eyes landed on the door to the Arboretum and noted the number 3. He reached out to active the doors causing them to hiss open. Immediately a distinct arrangement of flora scents washed over his attention, coaxing him inside. The man gave a small sigh then stepped onto the dirt path that wound across the small ship section. It didn’t take him long to find the blond-haired counselor calmly sitting on a bench, a basket and bag at her feet.

“You know, a simple notice about a miss appointment would’ve gotten my attention.” Liam stated in an even voice, his figure casually approaching the woman. It was true, but it might’ve been a few days after the sent date.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Resting the PADD in her lap, Janna looked up. “Perhaps, but the notes from previous counsellors painted a different story. And the funny thing about avoidance is that it’s so very easy to keep finding reasons to put something off. I thought I’d just save us both the hassle. Besides, it gave me a lovely reason to get out of my office,” she said with a warm smile.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

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-Janice B.

Liam didn’t say a word at her accurate assessment of his habits. She appeared unbothered by his surly behavior or sharp words, his annoyance unheeded. For a moment, it irritated him more before the sensation fluttered away into the back of his mind. His eyes turned to the green scenery broken up by lots of warm, bright-colored dots on the horizon.

A few moments passed until he decided to sit down, “I often come out during my lunch break.”

Socializing wasn’t his strongest skill after so finding a suitable topic didn’t appear at the top of his head.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Janna nodded. “I can see why. It’s lovely in here. What appeals to you about it?” she asked lightly. It was just simple conversation and she would see how things went.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Their simplicity. It’s rarely appreciated as most people enjoy the displays or scents, rather than the deeper details.” Liam said quietly, his eyes fixed on a patch of flowers not far from his location.

He shifted uncomfortably in the casual setting as he preferred something to distract him. It was easy to speak in a lab and never pay much attention to his words. Now, they felt unsteady and hesitated in his ears. As if sensing his discomfort, the ‘muscles’ on his trapezoid shifted a bit. He moved his hand to scratch an imaginary itch on his neck in hopes to distracted him from the creature’s restlessness.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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