Sidesim: The Nexus - Janna and Stark

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Orvos nodded. “This orb tells me, basically, that Kivon has found a way into the Nexus. He has apparently found the way to instantly go back. You see, I’ve not gone through this, but apparently you two have. This orb when used for its appropriate purposes, will cause other orbs like this to cease to function. Much like a remote control. We happen to have the remote that is working now. The catch is, only you can now operate it. You have the ability to transport whomever you please to wherever you please, and that includes into the Nexus itself. ” The ability she currently possessed was not beyond him. Even he, Orvos Legen, Nexus Discoverer, Nexus Protector, and Nexus Wielder, could not at this present moment use that very power himself. “If you are seeking to do something about Kivon, we will need to find him. Hopefully he is unaware that his abilities have now been negated.”

“So,” he said after letting it all sink in. “Where were we headed?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE


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“The bar if memory serves,” Stark said looking at Janna for confirmation.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Janna nodded. “That’s where we were headed. He stopped us in a corridor nearby.”

Taking a deep breath and keeping the orb in hand, Kingston rolled her shoulders back and began to walk. “So I have to use this orb. But where do I send him if I do so?”

~Janna Kingston

“With any luck Janna, you won’t have to send him anywhere. Stark, can you find a way to covertly notify station security of a potential threat without everyone going all screaming about?”

Stark smiled, “Of course,” He slipped a device out of thin air and started work.

Orvos kept up his casual pace. So far, no sign of him in sight. However, he could feel his presence as he reached out with his empathic senses. Time was severely skewed as well. Keeping everything straight could prove difficult. Thankfully he had Janna and Stark who were more aware of things at the moment than he was.

He then spoke quietly to Janna. “I don’t know what exactly will happen, but if my suspicions are correct, all you need to do is keep him here. He too has an orb much like yours. He likely was able to transport us back to the Nexus with it. With yours nearby, it will be a battle of wills to see how this will go.” He paused before adding quietly. “I’m sorry you got involved in this, however it happened.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“I just want to get this over with,” she said lowly, her voice cracking. Janna wasn’t someone who lost her cool easily but she had been mistaken for Orvos’ late wife, abducted, taken to the Nexus and made to roam about on her own facing possible threats that she couldn’t discern or accurately and that included some dancing Borg. She was done. She’d had enough and she just wanted to find her way back to theAthena and her quarters, crawl into bed and sleep till next week.

~Janna Kingston

Across the way a security guard touched his communicator and looked concerned as he replied. Stark squared his shoulders, “Anonymous tip that there is someone on board who going to cause trouble, looks a bit like our guy but it’s been tagged “do not approach, use extreme caution”. Stark watched the guard, “If he moves, it’s likely he’ll lead us to our prey and if our prey makes a move, we should have some back up”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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IC: Orvos continued moving onward with Janna and Stark. He allowed his senses to broaden as the story unfolded before his eyes. Kivon was here. Orvos could sense his presence. He also could sense the presence of not only one, but two Nexus orbs!

In the distance a couple guards made a bit of an exit from a restaurant. “Look like you’re plan worked Mr. Nightstalker!” he said with a confident attitude.

They closed the distance quickly to find a hooded figure attempting to leave the eatery. “Kivon!” shouted Orvos fifty feet from the entrance.

The figure turned towards Orvos and moved towards the trio.

“Whatever you had planned, consider it canceled. We will have no part in yours or our return to the Nexus.”

Kivon pulled the hood down with a grin. “Did you think I wouldn’t be prepared for your resistance?” Kivon then revealed a similar looking orb that Janna had hidden in her hands. “This is a Nexus orb, Orvos Legen. You may have come across it in your time there I would suspect?”

“I know of it. Those orbs were never meant to leave there. To the unknown or unsuspecting user, they can imprint themselves in ways never experienced in this reality. This ends now Kivon.”

Kivon smirked as he lifted the orb with his hand into the air, like a pebble about to be flung into the river to be skipped. “We shall see,” he said before gripping the stone tighter in his grasp as though to activate its abilities.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

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Stark hissed and bristled, claws out ready to take the man in the throat but knowing instinctively that to react would be to cut Orvos off from a more considered reaction… after Orvos made his move though… Stark’s mind filled with wonderful thoughts of evisceration.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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