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She took the gear offered and began walking slowly into the water, letting Hammor take the lead. The ocean water felt cold when it kissed her skin, but the chill lessened the longer she stood in it. “So, Chief Kane, do your people eat a lot of fish?” Yes, it was an obviously simple question, but Tello was trying to get her head right with killing another life form that wasn’t threatening her.

—Anaar, XO

Kane shrugged a little his bronzed skin flashing in the overhead sun, “A lot of fish, chickens as well that we keep and then many other things that the island provides like fruit”. He looked over at Hammor’s physique and smiled broadly, “Looks like you people must have a pretty good diet too!”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Hammor grinned and said “Well, they do keep us full, thats for sure. Nothing beats what you harvest for yourself, though.”


Kane nodded as the warm tropical water reached his chest, “I agree, fresh is best”.

Being much shorter than the two men, Tello had stopped walking several feet back. “This is as deep as I can go if I’m still supposed to be able to breathe and see down into the water. I’m a very good swimmer if we decide to use re-breathers and chase the fish though.”

—Anaar, XO

Kane turned in the water with more than a little chagrin, “Apologies Tello,” he looked to Hammor for what there next move would be.

While he was waiting there seemed to be a sudden twinge in his trapezoid, he massaged it gently and turned to look up at the mountain behind them and then cast a glance at the Captain across the bay.

Tello, as she was looking in his direction, saw Kane’s face register something…pain? and then he rubbed at a muscle (did you mean trapezius?). Concerned, she focused on him. “Are you alright, Chief? Can I help you with that?” Muscle spasms and cramps could be serious while a person was in the water.

—Anaar, XO
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Kane’s smile was firmly back on his face, “It’s ok now, just got one of those shivers, like something is crawling up your spine”. His words were meant to reassure but his glance back at the mountain still seemed concerned.

Daggum looked at Kane, then the mountain, then back at Kane. “You know, I always try to pay attention to those feelings. Sometimes our body is trying to tell us something our brain missed. So? What’s on your brain, Chief?”

Kane focused hard almost as if he was listening to a far away voice. Finally he sighed, “It’s nothing, let’s get back to the fishing”.

Tello backed up a few paces so the water only came up to the middle of her rib cage. That allowed her to see what might be swimming around her. “Wouldn’t this be more of a test of skill if we just used a spear instead of a gun that fires a spear? I mean, there’s no way a fish can outrun or outsmart that kind of speed. Right?”

—Anaar, XO

Planting her hands on her hips, Janna rolled her shoulders back and gazed directly at the ocean. Breathing out her worry, she inhaled calmness. Finally she looked at her hosts. “Okay, I’ve never been parasailing, but this my time, so, by all means, let’s try this. But you’ll have to explain things clearly. I’ll panic less.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Izzy looked between Janna with Nazeen and Pydone and Tello with Hammer and the Chief. She shot enough things in her life that shooting for fish didn’t much interest her. She watched the nice form of Kane for a moment with appreciation and a heavy sigh before she turned her attention to Pydone with reluctance. Maybe later she could enjoy his company. He was there for the evening.

Pydone looked relieved. “Well for your first time we can go tandem so you can have a go with the guidance pulleys but I can take over if we sway a bit much. The captain has a winch on the back of the boat so we go out slow and we come back in slow. Later if you feel adventurous we can do a running start from the beach but in the meantime the winch is the safest way up and back. Essentially the chute fills out behind us, we winch up into the air and then the left and right pulley make you go left and right behind the boat. That’s the basic sail, later we can introduce you to ones with brakes and risers so you can speed up , slow down, go up and down and do all sorts of manoeuvres. Let’s take it bit by bit to start with though right”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Now that she had made her choice to go with the other two women parasailing, she perked up and listened to his explanation. She had been parasailing once before so it wasn’t entirely new for her. It had been a fun experience and she hoped Janna would enjoy herself immensely and that the fear would melt away once she was up in the air. “Let’s do it!”

Delaney, CoS

Pydone smiled at Izzy’s pronouncement and waited to see what Janna would say.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Janna had to force herself to breathe at the moment and it might seem to others like she hadn’t heard the conversation. But she had and she was letting her brain run through it’s confusion and get it out of her system. “Okay, let’s go for it,” she said, though still more hesitantly than she would have preferred. But she understood that for herself this was no small fear and she was going to do this despite the fear. “I’ll go with you first and then Izzy, you can go Viayara?” she suggested, glancing between the two other women to see if that would work alright.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

She didn’t really know Izzy, but Viyara was perfectly fine with going with her. After all, parasailing and such things had never been something she was afraid of. And even it felt like so much, almost everything in fact, in her life had change recently, this was something that hadn’t. And for the first time since coming to this island she was starting to feel really excited. “Sure, that works for me as long as it’s okay for you too?” she replied and looked at Izzy.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Pydone readied the boat for them to hop in and the Captain jumped in to prepare everything else after a quick conversation with the other group to make sure they would not cross each other’s paths whilst swimming.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Alright,” Viyara grinned and got onto the boat. The ease of her movement suggested that this was not her first time doing something like this. And for the first time in a while she felt herself let go and allowed herself to relax. While this was probably going to miss the rush of adrenaline that doing something like on the holodeck with the safeties off brought with it, she had a feeling that she was going to enjoy a lot nevertheless. At the same time she kept glancing towards Janna, hoping that she would be okay and able to enjoy this little adventure as well.

~~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

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