Side Sim - The Depths of Time: Seven Swords Sequel

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Emrys cackled with laughter, “Then let’s begin you lumpish battle brained pignuts”. Before anyone could react to his foul mouthed epithet he waved a hand and the room faded with a flash leaving them standing on the green crest of a hill overlooking a peaceful valley with a dark grey castle sitting in the middle of it a river running down both sides of it and a drawbridge that was down providing access.

Just as the scene had changed so had their clothing and accoutrements. Stark looked down at the rough spun cloth he was wearing in a mixture of forest greens and browns. A longbow was fastened across his back with a quiver. He looked at the others and the weapons they had been provided and nodded in satisfaction.

“Anyone feel up for a touch of castle storming?” Stark’s dark grin was vicious and he was obviously living his best life.

S’Raal grimaced, “We could try diplomacy you know…”

Stark Nightstalker.

Marishka barely had time to blink before the scene had changed. Glancing up she realized how bright the sun was, blinked several times, and looked around before noticing everything about her ensemble had changed.

‘Well, what’s another costume?’ she thought. At least the weapons were real.

Looking at Stark, she realized just how at home he seemed in this environment.

“I have always wondered if you were a man out of time good sir.”

  • Marishka

Stark chuckled, “I think you’re going to like this as well Marishka”.

The change of scenery happened without the usual hum of a transporter and was so fast that Tello had to blink a couple of times to let the new reality set in. “Whoa…that was a bit unnerving.” She looked around at the area and at the others in the group, taking note of their unrefined clothing. She ran her hands over her hair, face and body making sure it was all there. She was dressed in pants, boots and a loose shirt with a dagger hanging in a short scabbard over her right hip. “Okay, so this is different.”

—Anaar, XO

Orvos had done enough sudden transporting through the Nexus to have become accustomed to such things even now. He looked down at his garb. He wore a dark blue loosely fitted shirt with a brown leather vest over it. His trousers had a dark blue accent to them as well. A black belt held a pouch of coins and several throwing knives. On his hip, was short sword that was a bit too small for the sheath it was fitted into. Odd, he thought to himself.

“All part a de service madam,” Emrys did a grotesque imitation of a bow.

Stark looked down at the castle, “Judging by what were looking at I’m going to guess we’re looking at collecting “Albion”. In the reality we visited last we had an ancestor of Robin of Locksley to claim it, this time around I have no idea if it is Albion we’re after or who is being called to bond. Do any of you feel some kind of pull towards the castle?”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“I’m not sure I can distinguish a pull from intense curiosity,” chimed in Orvos. “But I’m definitely ready to make a scene,” he said with a mischievious grin.

Marishka sighed and centered herself. Perhaps it was time to put all those years of Vulcan meditation to use. Was she being pulled? The castle was a lovely yet incredibly imposing structure. Perhaps it was something she would care to investigate as some type of tourist but, would pull be the right word to use? No, more centering was needed before she would be able to answer that.

  • Marishka

Stark looked at the castle below and then led them around the crest of the hill and down to a point upriver. “I’m going to lay bets that with the river flowing on either side of the castle that there will be something that channels the water when it floods. If we’re lucky, we might be able to get inside through a pipe of some sort. Can everyone swim?”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka took stock of what she was wearing yet again.

“If I loose what passes for shoes at the moment, yes.”

Most Klingons didn’t like to swim but many Orions found it quite erotic, especially the females. Since she had never been completely guided by one of her racial components, she had learned to swim, much to her father’s frustration.

  • Marishka

Tello nodded. Her father tasked her brothers to teach her to swim when she was very young. As far as feeling drawn to the castle? She was aware of a sense of curiosity about seeing the inside of it and possibly the people who lived there, but there wasn’t any sensation of need to get there—at least not yet. Perhaps as they got closer? She would simply wait and see. This adventure was all new territory for her so she would have to read and adapt as they went.

—Anaar, XO

“Can, yes. Though some may end up being more of a distraction to anyone watching the walls.” said Orvos hinting at the fact that Marishka’s physiology could get them in trouble, so to speak. “I almost wonder if a distraction could be of some good use though.” he added thoughtfully.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka turned and smiled at Orvos.

“And just what did you have in mind?” she asked standing straight and looking him in the eye.

The reason she had shown no outward surprise at her costume change was because it reminded her of things she had often worn before.

She wore a headband of small dangling coins that tinkled quietly as she moved.
Her earrings were long dangling intricate works of art consisting of chains and pieces of abalone, jade, and obsidian.
She wore a fitted vest of fine green silk that left her nearly exposed and was embroidered in pale greens and golds with precious stones set in strategic locations.
Her green silk dual split skirt, that matched her vest, draped down, fitting her curves, the front panel covered the front of her legs from mid thigh to mid thigh and down to her knees. The back panel wrapped from one outer thigh, around behind, to the other outer thigh and tapered to drape down just above her heels.
The skirt was held up with a segmented belt made of seven heavy metal bars that Stark should recognize.
Her feet were bare except for intricate leather strapping from the middle toes of her feet, over the tops of her feet, around her legs up the her knees.

Marishka looked like a dancer.

“You know, I think I’ll keep the shoes.” she said putting a hand on her hip.

  • Marishka

Tello looked from her own outfit to the one Marishka wore. “Now how did that happen?” Why was the lounge owner dressed provocatively while she, Tello, wore a version of what the men did?

Michail had been silent up until now and blended into the background well in his brown and green rustic outfit. “S’Raal, T’Pon and I could help create the diversion if you wish while the rest of you infiltrate?”


Stark looked them all over, “I believe I know whose sword awaits us or at the very least I believe Skotos does”. Emrys winked his assent as Stark continued, “At the least Marishka needs to be part of the infiltration team this time around, she is dressed to kill after all”. He turned to all of them, “Pick a team and we’ll divide and conquer.”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos nodded and immediately stated. “I’m going in. No need for them to be distracted by me.” He put the circular disc from his drone device onto the temple of his forehead. “Perhaps a bit of a better view might help?” he asked curiously. “Though it could give away our position if folks start seeing a flying drone whizzing about in the sky above them.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Stark nodded, “They’ll have archers so watch that”.

OOC: where did the drone come from?

OOC Last time we were pretty flexible with what we brought through with us (Orvos always has “Redwing” around haha) and Emrys provides the costumes based on what is appropriate to the time so feel free to launch out creatively with things like that as it suits your character :-) Having said that we don’t want to go in too overpowered as it spoils the fun a bit… and having said that be aware that we won’t be the only team searching for the swords. The enemy doesn’t play fair…

Marishka surveyed the people around her, nodded, and smiled. Apparently she was more relaxed than she realized. Every action made her garments shift suggestively. That couldn’t be helped. The jingling of her headband and earrings would have to stop though. Sighing, she readjusted her movements until she was moving silently again.

“Lead on then.”

  • Marsihka

Tello opted for the team that was going to enter the castle. This was her first time on an adventure such as it was and she wanted to experience as much as possible.

—Anaar, XO

Stark led the strike team swiftly around to upstream staying in the shadows, trees and long grass. Looking up there seemed to be two guards on the ramparts above and sure enough down below was an opening at the base of the castle where water flowed in and through. Unfortunately however there was an iron grate over it. They would need to get closer to determine if it could be broken through.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Tello followed along silently, keeping an eye out for anyone not on their little team. When Stark pointed out the iron gate, she nodded. “Do you want me to check it out?” Her whisper was very quiet.

—Anaar, XO

Stark whispered to them all , “Yes, I’ll watch for movement up above and warn you if you’re going to be spotted, you first, then Marishka, then Orvos. The drone can keep watch for me when I come last.”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

While Stark made his statement, Orvos had sent his drone high into the air for an aerial view.

Anaar waded into the water, heading for the iron gate. (How deep is the water? Is it muddy or clear?) When she reached it, she gave a tug in an upwards motion but nothing happened. “Let me see if there’s a latch of some kind.” With that said, she felt her way down to the bottom of the gate and ran her hand along the sea bed to feel if there was a catch that could be released.


Marishka nodded and waited for Tello to do as Stark had instructed.

  • Marishka

The grate gave a little and was obviously a bit rusted. As the others stole into position Stark motioned for all of them to grab hold and try together. The grate moved a little but it also made a horrendous noise.

A face started to appear from up above but just as they were about to be discovered there was a booming sound from the front of the castle and a plume of smoke erupted into the air followed by more explosions. The face above quickly disappeared as the guard ran to investigate.

Nodding at the others, Stark gave the signal to try again and this time the bottom half of the grate snapped up as rusty fastenings broke with a screech.

The swim underneath was blessedly short even if the water was rank and muddy. As they broke surface they were in a water channel with a walkway three feet above them to the left. The water continued on and under another wall in front of them. Above on the walkway the passageway ended in a locked iron door but thankfully no guard.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

As soon as Orvos heard the loud boom, he maneuvered his drone to get a slightly better vantage. He needed to know what was going on.

-Lt. Comander Orvos Legen, CE

The view screen showed him two things. The first was the castle’s gunpowder storage was on fire and the second was a suspicious flash of golden fur disappearing back into the nearby thicket.

Marishka came up out of the muddy water and rung out her hair and clothing as she walked. In passing, she wondered if Emrys was getting some kind of thrill out of the whole situation.

She advanced towards the iron door and studied it carefully wondering if Stark wanted Tello to open it and enter first. Shaking her bedraggled hair, she decided to try it herself glancing around for the others before doing so.

She took off her left earring and partially disassembled it revealing it to be a set of pins and hooks that others might recognize as a lock pick kit. She tried to use one of the thicker pins to pick the lock.

OOC: Does she need the tension bar or is this a simple lock?
OOC easy as pie :-)

  • Marishka

The lock was simple in design but a bit rusty, however with a bit of effort it opened with a satisfying click. Unfortunately when the gate opened the hinges were rusty as well. The noise was enough to alert someone at the top of a set of stairs leading up into the castle. With enough noise to wake the dead an individual wearing full plate mail and an oversized helmet started to descend from above short sword and shield in hand.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Not the ideal way to begin an adventure, Tello thought as she looked down at her wet clothing. She also noted there was an unappealing odor that clung to the spots of slimy dirt that dotted her outfit in a couple of places. She cringed as the heavy door groaned open, sure that everyone in the castle had to have heard, and sure enough, someone was headed their way.


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