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Getting into the boat, Janna startled at the loud boom in the distance, her gaze drawn upwards. “What the…?” Suddenly, her heart was racing and she had to force herself to take a deep breath. It was one thing to face a fear head on, but it was quite another when something else possibly huge was going on.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

At the sound of the explosion, Viyara spun around and searched for the source of it; finding it immediately. She then turned towards Janna and watched her for a heartbeat or two before moving carefully closer to her. She had been worried before, so Viyara could only imagine what this sudden explosion might have done to her nervous. Making sure that Janna could see what she was going, she placed one hand on her shoulder and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

It was so strange. Normally Janna was excellent in an emergency as living on the Athena all these years had proven time and time agin. But this time she froze. Later she could analyze it more clearly, but her emotions were amped up to begin with and her anxiety high, so it was taking longer for her to process what was going on here. She looked at Viyara, registering the touch. “I think so,” she said quietly as she got up and moved out of the boat. So much for parasailing. But as soon as her feet hit the sand, calmness flooded her.

Kane’s gaze was level, “We do have a flawless safety record and there is a very good reason for it because it is fundamental to how this place works. What you were not aware of is that your deep seated suspicions and attitude to this adventure have an impact on how this place works as well.” He pointed to the mountain, “That… shouldn’t be happening and the fact that it is comes down to one new factor and one new factor alone, the presence of your crew”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Tello drew herself up. “What?!?” That was one of the stupidest things she’d ever heard. “You can’t blame us for something we have no knowledge of! This is your planet, not ours and we were invited here! Actually, we were practically ordered here!” She looked over at Daggum. “See if you can raise the ship and let them know what’s happening. Tell them I suggest they start beaming us back as soon as possible.”

“On it, Commander.” Daggum said and turned and sprinted to his bungalow. Inside, he opened his bag and pulled out his commbadge. =/\= Hammor to Athena. Emergency communications. Come in Athena. =/\= he said as he reached into the bag and brought out a wicked looking curved knife and sheath, strapping it to his thigh.

There was no reply from the ship.

She turned back to Kane. “If there was a chance our presence would affect your planet negatively, we should have been told that. Instead, the Admiral and representatives from here kept that important, little fact to themselves. So, we aren’t taking the blame for that…disturbance.” She pointed in the direction of the explosion.

—Anaar, XO

Kane raised his hands in mock surrender. “I apologise if I have intimated that you did this deliberately but it is the power of your minds that have made this possible none the less. We could not have predicted that you were capable of being harnessed in this way so in that respect we are just as surprised as you. What remains now though is a serious question. You hold the power here, will you help us?”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Still standing close to Janna, Viyara watched the others and listened attentively. She really didn’t like the sound of what was going on. Sure, she loved and adrenaline rush and had put herself in dangerous situations because of it more often than she wanted to admit. But this felt different and she really wanted to know what was going on. Only that way she’d be able to help protect everyone.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Hammor, Ops

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Daggum cursed loudly enough it could be heard by the others outside and then came stomping out of the bungalow, his eyes fixed squarely on Kane. “So you want to tell me why our communicators aren’t working and the Athena can’t hear us? Or can we skip that part and go straight to the ‘What in the Nine Hells of Bajor Is Going On’ part, Chief?” His voice was calm, but the ripples of the muscles in his shoulders and the look on his face showed he wasn’t happy.

Hammor then looked at the XO and said “Ma’am. I suggest we get everyone gathered and somewhere less exposed than on the beach. Maybe back to the yacht and get us out of here would be a good idea.”

Hammor, Ops

Even though a part of her had expected something untoward to happen, Tello was still extremely disappointed by the fact of it. Hearing Daggum’s report made the situation more serious. Waiving everyone in closer so they would hear everything, she addressed their visitor. “Chief Kane, we need an explanation of what’s going on. We were led here under false pretenses, without a clue that our minds could influence anything on this planet. Now, we can’t contact our ship and you’re saying that we have the power to help you, but all the details have been left out.” She took a deep breath and crossed her arms. “We need information, Kane, now not later. Without it, we can’t make an informed decision about what our next step should be.” It was clear she expected him to spill the details.

—Anaar, XO

Janna was mulling over what had been said and the answer seemed simple. If their minds created this, could their minds stop it or alter the trajectory of events? She would ask but wanted to hear Chief Kane’s answer first.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

The Captain and Pydone came alongside Kane. Pydone in particular looked distraught and afraid. The Captain put an arm around the young man’s shoulder and then turned to Kane. “We have to risk it Kane”.

Kane sighed and then stood up, staring at the mountain, resolute. “How much do you know of the being known as Apollo who met Captain James T Kirk on Pollux IV”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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