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Karina’s speech seemed to have an effect on Hermes, the blood returned to his face and he sat up swiftly taking her hand in his and looking at her with a piercing gaze. “He’ll have to get through me first. I gave as good as I got in our last encounter.” Her fluster seemed to energise him somehow and his eyes sharpened, looked far away and then returned to Karina’s.

Turning to the Captain he asked, “What is the name of the planet below?”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“We’ve been told the name is Fantasy Planet,” Wallace answered, looking out at the corridor for a few moments. “Although it might have another name.”

Wallace, CO

“Do you have a star chart I could look at?” Hermes brow was furrowed a little and he was obviously deep in thought.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jennifer considered the question for a few moments, then decided it wouldn’t hurt. “Oh, one thing that might interest you. Our scans say that you traversed universes to get here. Not sure what that means but it might be relevant.”

She stepped over to a terminal and set an order for a local star chart. And maybe to get the actual name of the planet.

Wallace, CO

As Hermes looked over the chart he muttered to himself, “That explains a lot”.

Meanwhile the search for the planet’s name came up with many references to “Fantasy Planet” in different tongues, plus a designated number in the Federation Database. there was one flagged with “Novum Suspectus EDOC”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jennifer frowned, looking at the odd words. She searched their definitions, finding the likely meaning of Novum Suspectus to be “new suspect” which made very little sense. “Computer, please cross-reference EDOC and return any relevant data.”

Wallace, CO

The Computer quickly replied with =/\= No relevant data found =/\=

At that point the Admiral walked swiftly in making Hermes jump slightly.

“So who do we have here?” She said tossing back her blond hair and eyeballing Hermes intently.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“His name is Hermes,” Jennifer spoke, “Seems to be related to Greek Mythology,” she explained, staring at the computer’s display. “Admiral, have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Novum Suspectus EDOC’?”

Wallace, CO

Admiral Anethamai paused before speaking. “I don’t want to lie to you, but I also can’t reveal the answer to that right now. It would be dangerous for you to have that information at this time. I do promise to reveal it to you when the danger is past.”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jennifer looked at the Admiral with a neutral look on her face, although she wanted to scowl. “If there’s danger, wouldn’t it be wiser to know where that danger may come from, so that I can keep my crew safe?” she replied cooly. This wasn’t the first time Anethamai had been cryptic with her and it was getting frustrating.

Wallace, CO

When Hermes had sat up so suddenly Karina had reacted instantly. Her hand was on his back as if to steady him. Her hand was warm as it rested against the right side of his torso. As the Admiral had entered, she had slowly, and reluctantly let it drop to the bed just behind his hip, hoping the Senior Officer hadn’t seen her.

At his comment of when they needed to know she forgot herself and piped up. “So you’ll reveal the danger of a planet we are currently hovering over and occupying with nearly half the crew after we’ve left the area?”

Without realizing it, she had stepped forward slightly. Her hand went to Hermes’ leg almost protectively as she moved in front of him. “Seems like that’s telling someone the bridge is out when they’re ten feet away going sixty miles an hour.” She was normally the quiet one. But the last mission had brought out a streak of protectiveness that still wasn’t something she had completely under control.

“Foot in mouth” doctor

Hermes muscles were taught under her hand and his face was conflicted, as he looked at the Admiral, containing many questions.

Anethamai grimaced and her face also showed conflict. “I know you have no reason to trust my reasons for withholding information right now but I can tell you this, you have a bigger part to play in this than you realise. Your trust is key right now, I have no right to ask it of you, but it is absolutely necessary to what lies ahead”.

Hermes looked up at them both, it was obvious he wanted to speak but was restraining himself. He nodded mutely in affirmation of what the Admiral had just said.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jenn bit her tongue (figuratively). Although she agreed with Karina, it was more important for her to respect the chain of command and not blow up at the Admiral, as much as she did want to know what was being kept secret from her. Perhaps there was a slightly more diplomatic way of saying things. “If there is a danger that I cannot know, couldn’t I simply recall my crew and leave this place to keep them safer?” she spoke, the threat veiled in her words. Anethamai wanted them here for some reason, but no order had been given to come here and solve something. They were here for the crew’s relaxation, the Admiral was merely along for the ride. Unless this was all a façade, and she could call the Admiral’s bluff.

Wallace glanced over to Karina, meeting her eyes with a furrowed brow before turning back to Anethamai.

Wallace, CO

“Knowledge is a difficult thing to live with and knowledge that leads to fear would in this case be worse than fatal,” The Admiral paused as if listening to something, “The dominoes must fall in the precise right manner for this to work out for all of us.” Anethamai’s gaze narrowed as she watched the small crowd of people, “The important question is “Do you trust me?”“

Hermes said nothing but he put a fist to his heart and bowed slightly, seemingly waiting for the answer to the question.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Her hand was still on Hermes’ leg when he saluted the Admiral. Though now it was more in a protective mode than before. The man had simply bowed to the Admiral and accepted what she said. Karina wasn’t that capable. She didn’t like that they were pawns at the hands of a woman who said Trust me. But she had no choice, honestly. “I can only hope your position makes you as trustworthy as what you seek from us. I will not question again unless your withholding is putting my Captain or the crew at obvious risk. But if you say there is something bigger here, I will agree to remain silent until I can’t any longer. That’s the best I can give you without lying, Ma’am.”

She sighed and shook her head. “What other questions do you have for the patient. He needs to rest.” It was the politest way she could think of to get the Admiral to leave. She didn’t like the woman. The fact she knew something was wrong and wouldn’t tell them, was enough to make Karina want to kick her from the room. And possibly from the ship. Instead, she glanced at the Captain hoping, once more, she wasn’t going to end up on rations for the next week because of her obvious posturing.


Jennifer took a deep breath. That question put it right out there and forced her to speak her mind. She considered her response for a few moments, allowing Karina to speak her peace first. If this get her a court martial for speaking harshly to someone in authority, so be it. At least she’d be sharing her cell with a friendly face.

“You’re an Admiral, so the chain of command would suggest that I trust you despite the fact that you’ve done very little to earn that trust. In fact, you’ve done several things that make me less willing to trust you. You’ve brought my crew to this planet, knowing there would be danger and not telling us about it. In fact, you lied and told us this would be a relaxing shore leave, as some sort of reward for the previously stressful missions this crew has been on. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with the situation then, and I’m even more unsure now with this new revelation,” Jennifer clasped her hands behind her hands, tight-lipped as she struggled with whether or not to say the next sentence. “I think the question of whether or not I trust you is not the real question. They question we should be asking is why should I trust you, Admiral?”

Wallace, CO who’s initial distrust of the admiral has increased tenfold

Hermes put an arm around Karina’s shoulder and slowly stood clutching the sheet around him with the other hand, he seemed to have a vested interest in what was going on.

The Admiral sighed, “Due to circumstances I will explain myself, even though by my position it isn’t within my purview. Firstly I did not know there would be danger until just now which means that I did not lie about wanting to bring you here for a relaxing shore leave either. What is happening was unforeseeable and brought on by factors beyond my control and quite frankly beyond your knowledge. As to giving you a reason to trust me I can say with absolute clarity that of you do not trust me then we are headed for disaster”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Wallace was quiet for several moments, staring at the woman with intensity in her expression. Her hands were balled up into fists, but she relaxed slightly, reaching up to run a finger along her pips. “Okay then. What do I need to do to keep my people safe? And avoid this disaster you speak of?”

Karina gasped with more concern than she should have. “Hermes! Please… Stay on the bed. I promise you’ll get where you need to when the time comes.” His size compared to hers meant she turned into his body, her left hand sliding around his waist to balance him and her right went to his chest to keep him from toppling. To anyone just walking in, it would look, oddly enough, more like a lover’s embrace than a professional stabilizing.

She glanced up at him and bit her lip. “Please… Over doing it won’t save you or help us any faster.” Her tribal plea came out nearly a whisper. Whatever had occurred to upset the Admiral began and ended with their guest. The last thing she wanted was him flying headlong into danger before he was ready… Especially if just for their benefit.

(coughs ummm yes, just the doctor..mmhhmm nothing else…gulp)

Wallace turned to look at Karina and the patient and gave the young woman a slight glare. “Ensign, that is not appropriate behaviour for a Doctor. A male doctor holding a female patient in that way would receive a reprimand, and I won’t treat this situation any differently,” she spoke, staring daggers at the young woman. “And Hermes, please relax. You are in no condition to be sitting up like that, let alone any other activity.”

Wallace, CO

The Admiral herself walked over to Hermes and eyeballing him he meekly sat down. He waved his hand slightly and suddenly he was clothed in a beige jumpsuit.

The Admiral turned to Wallace. “To keep your people safe will require something the Athena is quite famous for, steadfast belief in the face of danger. I know that sounds trite Captain but believe me, in this situation it is power beyond your imagining.” She paused as if listening to something, “Not much longer now and we will have some answers”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

There was a sudden flash of light momentarily blinding them all. When their eyes cleared, they found themselves standing in the Anchor Hotel on the planet below.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
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