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A little less than 24 hours later Marishka arrived back where she had requested to be a part of Orvos’ adventure. It never hurt to be early.

Over the last 24 hours she had tried to enjoy herself without the responsibilities of The Parthenon but found it quite boring. After a while she had given up trying and had actually slept for some time.

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The 24 hours flew past incorporating an amazing sunset and equally spectacular sunrise . The transport to the South EDOC spaceport went without even the slightest turbulence.

Thoth himself had accompanied them all and the whole time they had made the trip his upper lip had “wobbled” a little as he spoke. He seemed more excited about what was about to happen than any of them.

They arrived at the hangar entrance and eyes twinkling Thoth punched in his code sweeping back the door to see what lay inside…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC We’ll let Orvos have the honour of describing the ship :-)

OOC: This ( ) was the inspiration for what I’m sharing below. :)

IC: And there she was, the Aurora! Or at least, what Orvos knew was merely a replica of it. There no way this could replace the familiar scents and sounds of the actual ship with people bustling about that he had once known.

The Aurora was a sleek, dark, metal grey color. A large ring was the most notable characteristic of it, being the closest part of the ship to the ground. On top of the ring sat the body of the ship, it’s features smooth starting from a box like rear and ending in a nearly pointed front end. Blue light could be seen radiating from the underside of the ring. Windows of light were strewn all about the body and ring of the ship. On the front of the ship, closest to the bridge, was an inscription that glowed red and green interchangeably. It was written in El Aurian, and thus only those who knew the language would understand what it meant.

“Incredible!” said Orvos ebulliently. “You must have quite the team, Mr. Thoth, to assemble her in 24 hours?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka had been standing quietly off to the side and a bit behind Orvos. She had wanted to come on this journey with him but this was, by no means, about her. The language itself was even foreign.

Stepping a little closer she debated on whether to ask him what it said and possibly ruin the moment or just let it be.

Finally, she glanced at the ship, smiled, and raised an eyebrow.

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Stark was absolutely riveted. You could tell he couldn’t wait to get inside and take off.

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