Holodeck 2- Therapy in Unusual Places Day 2, Part 1

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (CNS) in Holodeck 2- Therapy in Unusual Places Day 2, Part 1

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About ten minutes or so later, Viyara entered the kitchen as well. Still dressed in the same very short clothes as she had been all day, she now had a large, black shawl wrapped loosely around her shoulders and was fiddling with one corner of it. “Is there still some coffee? I think I could do with something warm to drink,” she said by way of a greeting.

~Viyara Nazeen

Benjamin put his cup down and poured one for the Trill, handing her the cup before grabbing his own again. He inhaled deeply through his nose, the smell of the coffee overwhelmed his exceptionally sensitive nose, he could no longer smell the scent of ink on Viyara or the similar but different coffee scents coming from the other cups in the room. He could also focus his senses from knowing where the other three officers were, it had been too long since his last sniff and he was starting to notice things he disliked. He smiled from behind his cup at Viyara then nodded to Janna to take the lead, he glanced briefly at Daggum but dismissed him from thought as quickly.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Daggum looked at Viyara and smiled. “You holding up okay?” he asked softly.


“We can do this a number of ways, but I already told you my diagnosis. I was thinking Doctor Grey here can share his findings from his exam and then we can talk about a path forward. We can do this here, or elsewhere, and while I think sooner rather than later is best, if you need to take some time to process everything, you can absolutely do that,” Janna said.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Waiting is not going to change anything,” Viyara replied with a slight, somewhat lopsided smile. “And I’d rather we do this now. But maybe we can go outside? There is a small trail that leads to the closest cliffs. It’s maybe a ten minute hike. Maybe we can talk while we walk there or when we are there?” she suggested. She was feeling a bit restless and hoped that even a short hike would help with that.

~Viyara Nazeen

Kingston looked at Ben with a smile. “What do you say, Ben? Up for a walk?” Giving Viyara control over how they carried on the discussion would likely allow her to better process not only her diagnosis but the path forward. She had the say i how it went and Janna wanted to make sure they reinforced this. At the end of the day, the hard work would be done by Viyara.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

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