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P’tah watched the hustle and bustle of the hotel and pulled up his voluminous sleeves exposing well formed arms and perfectly manicured nails. Izanami looked down rather despairingly at her own cuticles making P’tah laugh a little.

“Must keep up your image my dear” he said taking her hands in his. When she removed them her fingernails were also pristine, and coloured a deep purple.

She gave him a peck on the cheek. “And this is why I keep you around” she said with a smile.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

A prickle went down P’tah’s spine and he was instantly on alert.

Izanami clutched him tightly, “Impossible” she whispered…

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Flashes of white light appeared throughout the lobby, at the pool and onto the expansive grounds as the entire crew of the Athena materialised in groups huddling bemused.

P’tah said a word in another language but the inflexion was plain.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jennifer cried out in shock, letting out a few choice words before she realized that she was surrounded by her own crew. “Okay, everyone be calm,” she stammered. She had no idea what was going on. The Captain turned around, looking for Admiral Anathema. “Please tell me you know why my entire crew has just been beamed off our vessel, Admiral…” she muttered softly, immediately looking for that guy she talked to over the comms when they were arranging this little trip to hell.

Wallace, CO

Benjamin had been walking from the pool area, he was wearing swimming shorts and an unbuttoned shirt holding a glass that was now empty when his senses were suddenly assaulted by dozens of familiar scents. He spun around and looked at the group. He looked down at his glass then up at the Captain then back down at the glass “Ok I’m fairly certain I have not been drinking hallucinogens again” He took a hesitant step towards the Captain and paused waiting for her to finish the conversation with the Admiral.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Anethamai turned to the Captain and motioned for P’tah to join them. “I do know Captain, it was unforeseen and unthinkable until Hermes arrived, but after what he told us it was more or less inevitable. This is the work of Ares”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“I was hoping that wasn’t going to be the answer,” Jenn replied with a tired sigh. Given what Hermes had said in his explanation, Ares was his vengeful brother and a warlord, if she remembered correctly. A terrifying spectre. She looked to P’tah, then back to the Admiral. “Well, he has control of my ship now, and I’m not a fan of that. P’tah, does this facility have any ground-to-space transportation capabilities or defensive capabilities? We’re apparently up against a god, so I want to know what we’ve got in our corner.” She didn’t know how Captain Kirk defeated the Apollo character, but if she could she’d do her darndest to repeat that sucess.

Wallace, CO

OOC: The way I read it, I was teleported here by the white light…

IC: “REeeddd…” R’han looked around with a frown. “alert. Hmmm.” He continued to purse his lips.... “A white flash of energy and then, I’m here.” He reported how little he knew to the Captain.


Karina, like everyone else, was stunned by the sudden shift in location. A soft growl rolled up her throat but she bit it off before the Admiral or Captain could reprimand her. Remembering she was just in trouble for her actions with Hermes, despite it being completely innocent, she nodded to the Captain. “It wasn’t what you think but I understand.” She wasn’t going to let the current situation get her off the hook in answering the Captain.

She then glanced around to see if Hermes was with them. Sure, he was amazing to look at. And sure, she wouldn’t have minded being in an embrace with him if time and circumstances permitted. But she hadn’t been in that situation yet, and likely wouldn’t be. She was just a doctor, albeit not in the medical bay, that was looking after a patient.

(Yup… that’s all hehehe)

P’tah nodded to the Captain, I think I’ll leave the answers to the leader of my people. He went and stood to the left of Anethamai, Hermes similarly moved and stood to her right.

Anethamai smiled at them, “You face a vengeful powerful being, but you are also surrounded by powerful beings who are on your side. She pointed to P’tah, Hermes and others dotted around the foyer.

To Starfleet Command I am known by two names, Admiral Anethamai was the name they gave me when they accepted me into the fold but they also know my true name as well… I am Athena”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

Benjamin stood there listening to the exchange dumbfounded. Athena… is she the ship?… no that’s dumb. Powerful beings? He looked at Doctor Niles and cocked his head Ares, Hermes, Athena He closed his mouth shut with a snap, he hadn’t realised that he was standing there with it open like a fool cadet. “Bloody bastard on a bookshelf” He swore to himself as he realised what the implication was.

Dr. Grey - CMO

When the intense white light came, Liam shielded his eyes with his hand. It flooded the bridge like a tidal wave and engulfed the whole crew. Nothing more was felt before his vision finally adjusted to the fading experience. He was sitting on a bench nearby. The hard seat replaced the softer one and caused him to slowly move to a standing position. Around him, those who found them in similar circumstances appeared just as confused as him. Wallace already requested them to be calm, but that was difficult due to the jarring experience.

Liam’s balance began to weaken and forced him to sit back down. In a rhythmic pace, he started to inhale, then exhale to soothe his churning discomfort. At least no one was atomized into dust this time.

“People wonder why I don’t take vacations.” Liam muttered as his emotions started to calm. He pushed himself upright then approached the CO and the others.

“Well, that was interesting.” He held back the biting sarcasm from his tone. Though he had only heard scraps of the conversation, he decided down to the point.

“I think we need to figure out the main issues then we can solve them. Some of us aren’t as well informed as others. The quicker we’re sure everyone is on the same page, smoother things will go.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Jennifer nodded to Liam, listening to the conversation with a small frown on her face. “To be brief, we seem to have stepped into a conflict between Greek Gods. Or creatures claiming to be the Greek Gods of ancient mythology,” she explained. She looked over to Hermes. “Looks like you arrived in the location of your sister after all,” she reflected.

She then turned to Anathemai - Athena - and frowned slightly. “Wonder if we’re allowed to know the meaning of EDOC now?” She muttered. What in the world could they do in the face of these powerful beings? She felt rather useless.

Wallace, CO

Athena raised her voice slightly and somehow it filled the room. “I was drawn to your vessel when it was destroyed, somehow your belief in the Athena affected me as well and the dismay you felt when it was no more hurt me at a deep level. This led the Beings to suppose that perhaps we could be empowered not just through conscious belief but through devices as well. With the help of another Being who was the first of us to join Starfleet the EDOC was developed. It stands for Elemental Device Operating on Conviction, a tad corny for a name but then McHenry is a sentimentalist. With Starfleet’s knowledge and cooperation we did trials of using the EDOC as a collection device so that the Beings would not need constant worship to empower our continuing existence. We planned to use it to make dreams come true, at least for a time and of course who better to reap the benefits than the crew of the Athena who in many ways caused its development in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems Ares would like to claim it for himself.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han raised an eyebrow in an uniquely Vulcan manner. If he had his tricorder he would have scanned of where the added volume came from. It might reveal some sort of mental projection in addition to her voice.

Benjamin pulled his hand away from his head, he’d started rubbing his temples, He’d heard the stories of Kirk meeting someone claiming to be a greek od but frankly speaking, that’s all he’d considered it. For a moment he regretted not paying more attention in that history class and having allowed himself to memorize how the Enterprise crew had dealt with it… him? He shook his head “And where is this device located?” He asked “Do we know or should we know?”

Dr. Grey - CMO

P’Tah chimed in, “You are standing in it my good Doctor, it is built into the very floors and walls of this place and connects to similar structures across the planet”.

At this point, Liam found him tired of larger entities dragging their ship and its crew into their quarrels. Instead of adding fuel to the apathetic fire within his soul, he bit his lip and remained silent. The small, bitter drop of iron across his taste caused LB to stir. A deep inhale followed by an exhale was enough to settle it down.

When Ares was mentioned to want complete control over EDOC, he gritted his teeth then spoke. “I’m sure the other ‘gods’ did not agree to that idea. In most stories I recall reading, none of you really got along. ”

Izanami whispered to the man, “Don’t believe all the history hype, supposedly I created the Islands of Japan and proclaimed myself Goddess of War”. She looked over at P’Tah, “Trust me there are other things I much prefer to war”.

Dr. Grey popped in with his questions which Liam waited until those were answered. No point in everyone dog piling in their questions without letting the older ones get answered first.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

The Athena was destroyed?? Jennifer sent a glance over to Dr. Grey, and a second one to Liam. She’d have to get some information on that!! There was a lot in the Athena’s past that she was unaware of, it seemed. Perhaps that was what all the classified mission logs were. The ones that she had to request access to. The ones that she’d sent in a request for access too but hadn’t gotten a reply yet. You’d think a Captain should know what her crew had been through in the last year.

Wallace, CO

After Izanami whispered in his ear, Liam resisted pointing out why he chose to use the word stories instead of facts. His eyes caught Wallace’s glance at him causing him to sigh. It was clear she didn’t talk with the prior CO before taking on the role and it made him question what else she wasn’t aware of. Before Athena started, he leaned in to whisper to Wallace.

“When this mission is over, I’ll help fill in the gaps. I can’t fill them all in, but there are some I was a part of.” He left the subject alone for now and straightened up.

A’zna was standing close to the captain keeping mostly to herself. Her one concern at the moment was protecting her captain, the fact she had no phaser did not bother her. In fact, A’zna was just as deadly in hand-to-hand combat as she was with a weapon of any kind. However, she did also feel a desire to go outside and maybe find a good stick she could use as an impromptu weapon. but that would also mean leaving the captain’s side.

Her heart was racing, even though she was trying to focus on protecting the captain and keeping them safe. She was very uncomfortable with having been brought down by force, not to mention the words, ‘Athena was Destroyed’ also started to cause her anxiety to jump, she did not want to lose yet another home! In order to help calm herself, and improve their chances of survival, she began to sing to herself a human song her mentor Tin Th’Zinneth had introduced her to after she had first left the colony. “take my love, take my land, take me where I can not stand. I don’t care I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me…”



Athena looked out at the crew spread throughout the complex and her face was troubled. “Your belief in yourself as a crew of the Athena empowered me to bring this place into existence and my hope was to repay you by bringing you here to experience your hearts desire. Ares has snatched this from all of us.’ Her eyes went grey like flint, “Once he is put down I will fulfil my promise to you” There was an explosion of light from where she was standing and when it faded Athena stood wearing white scale armour and in her hand was a crystal tipped spear and on her arm was a large bronze shield.

She levelled the spear and swung it until she had encompassed all in its arc. “For those who wish it, we give you sanctuary, for those who would rather not hide, we will empower you to join us in the fight.”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

When the bright light altered Athena’s form during her speech, he managed to contain his shock at her sudden change. It was not easy since his mouth started to open and he quickly slammed it shut. He stepped back to put another foot or two of distance between the tip and him. It wasn’t going to hit him, but he felt safer to not risk it.

“I’m not as young as I used to be. Nor am I much use in direct combat, but I’m not the type to do nothing. I refuse to watch while the place I’m starting to call home is threatened.” He glanced at Grey then asked a question.

“Dr. Grey, I don’t think we’ve tested the limits of LB have we?” Liam wasn’t sure if direct combat was a safe option or not, preferring to another train of thought on the matter.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

OOC: In case the good doc doesn’t remember, that’s a Nope. Didn’t make a thread to explore that yet so I assume up to this point, they had been gradually working to that point off-screen. As for risk, I haven’t used Liam’s physical traits much in any mission… sort of want to change that.

-Janice B.

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