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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade A’zna T’arn (Chief of Security) in Alt timeline Pre Sim-A’zna Checks in with the Captain-Time for a new adventure(tag Captain)

Posted by Captain Jennifer Wallace (Commanding Officer) in Alt timeline Pre Sim-A’zna Checks in with the Captain-Time for a new adventure(tag Captain)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade A’zna T’arn (Chief of Security) in Alt timeline Pre Sim-A’zna Checks in with the Captain-Time for a new adventure(tag Captain)
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A rather tall and fit woman stood looking at the massive beast called USS Athena. The Massive Mythology class starship was docked at the starbase. The woman’s bright red hair was tied in a bun, two simple metal Chopsticks sticking out of it kept the bun together. A Casual observer initially might think she was a Vulcan based on her pointed ears. However, they would be wrong. This Starfleet officer was in fact a Romulan, she turned and boarded the ship going through the security check. once she was cleared to come aboard the great ship and her home for the foreseeable future she turned to the security officer watching the door. “Ensign, Can you tell me where the Captain is, so I may report in?” she asked quite simply. The Ensign directed her to the captain’s ready room, and she headed straight there. Her face held in what could almost be a Vulcan expressionless stare.

As she exited the turbolift, she took a quick look around the bridge memorizing the layout. Making note of where the optimal defensive locations would be, she walked up to the door of the Captain’s ready room ringing the chime, and waited for the answer allowing her in to visit see the captain.


It was a few long moments before the chime was finally answered, and… not by an answer from within. A woman stepped out of the Turbolift and rushed over to the door, stopping only to look at A’zna and examine her briefly. The woman was tall and had vibrantly red hair that was tied in a loose bun. Green eyes peered out from behind wide-rimmed glasses. “I’ll be with you in just a moment, um…,” she glanced at the woman’s collar in search of rank pips, “Lt. j.g.”

The door then opened as the woman tapped the pad, and closed behind her. If this was the captain, she didn’t seem very put-together.

It was several long moments later that the word finally came from within. “Enter!”

The door slid open and the room matched the occupant quite well. There were boxes all about, and a mixture of classy artefacts that looked like they’d been there for ages alongside eclectic knick-knacks that had clearly been recently added to the room. A framed photo of a farm seemed to be the only thing placed with care, and it was hung on the back wall, right behind the desk of the Captain. Said Captain had lost the wide-rimmed glasses and was in the process of sticking a contact lens into her eye when A’zna was welcomed in. She slowly blinked to check the fit of her contact as she gestured to a chair. “Come in, come in. I’m Comma— uh, Captain Wallace. You must be A’zna T’arn. It’s great to meet you. I, uh, got your transfer orders this morning. Luckily they were on the top of my pile, since my COO is very good at his job.”

Wallace, CO

She was shocked by the sudden appearance of the captain, she was about to say that she could come back in a bit. However, before she could the captain had rushed into her ready room. A’zna was beginning to wonder just what she had agreed to, before she could turn and walk away she was invited in. She quickly made sure her uniform was straight and there was nothing on her pants, then entered the ready room a soft smile crossing her face looking at the chaos she said. “Looks like we are both getting used to a new rank.” one of her hands drifting to her neck to fiddle with the blacked-out half pip that marked her as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. “But yes, I am A’zna T’arn. And no, I am not a Vulcan, I am a Romulan.” she continued as she walked up to the captain’s desk, and offering a hand for a handshake her smile had a warmth to it while at the same time radiated confidence in her skills.

By the way that A’zna carried herself, it would be clear she was very fit, yet she also had a very feminine figure with very elegant and attractive curves in all the right places. Her fingernails were painted a deep purple, and the makeup she wore on her face highlighted her facial features attractively, it was of course within regulations and was tasteful as well. Her emerald green eyes shone with the drive to be the best, this was a woman who was out to prove something.


The Captain nodded slightly, “Yeah, the facial ridges give it away, as does the fact that your file says ‘Romulan,’ loud and clear,” she spoke, giving A’zna a small smile. From behind her desk, Jennifer was a little too far away for a handshake, so she awkwardly pretended not notice the offered hand. Jennifer was clearly a somewhat awkward personage, not exactly the type of person one would expect to attain Captaincy. There wasn’t a speck of makeup on her very freckled face - either she’d been in a hurry today, or it wasn’t something she was in the habit of applying. Given the fact that she’d just been applying contacts when A’zna stepped in, it really wasn’t clear.

“So, you’re here to give our CoS an assist,” Jennifer picked up her PaDD and clicked open the appropriate file.

Wallace, CO

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