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Her mind was racing trying to tie all these details together. “So what danger specifically are we in with Ares?” Janna asked. She didn’t have the frame of reference, but she understood, at least on the surface, how emotions could affect others. Applying that on a much grander scale took a leap of logic, but she’d been on the Athena too long to bat an eye at that.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Hammor crossed his arms on his big green chest and said “Ok look. Yeah… we are and were suspicious of this place. Know why? Because we are trained to be suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true. So I might suggest going forward, if we live through this, that you maybe try the ‘honest and open’ approach next time.” and he looked around again when a thought came to him. Looking back at Kane, he said “Ok… so without being negative and suspicious… truly… how do we know that this isn’t part of the simulation? I mean, the Commander here asked for some bad guys as part of the ‘experience’. So? How do we know what is actually real and what is part of the fantasy?”

Hammor, Ops

As she listened to everything that was being said, Viyara’s eyes went wide. She really shouldn’t have come here. If what Kane said was true, she was the last person they’d want to have here. The tension ball in her pocket forgotten, she grabbed her right forearm with her left hand and vice versa. She was not only holding tightly onto her arms, but she was digging her nails into her skin. Deeply. So much so that she was feeling the sharp pain from it which in turn helped her to stay focused. So hopefully her presence and her emotions weren’t going to make things even worse for all of them.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Kane looked up at the mountainside and then back at them, “As far as danger is concerned we will die to protect you so the only fear you need have is that we perish. As far as knowing whether this is part of the simulation as you call it you have only my word and the fact that you cannot contact your ship, something we would not do. As to your comment of being upfront, Starfleet gave us permission to do this covertly for fear of what some other factions would try to do with this place if they found out it’s real secret.”

The Captain snorted slightly, “Kane is leaving out the best part, now that you know the score, if you put your trust in us we will be empowered and can therefore lend some of our harnessed power to you to help us drive this usurper out. How do you fancy the idea of being able to throw a few lightning bolts around and punch through a wall?”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“I can punch through a wall already.” Hammor said through gritted teeth. This whole thing sounded less and less appealing, and he was not happy standing on a beach in full view of anyone who cared to look.

Oh she did not like this at all. With every word they said, Tello found her anger and disappointment growing. “Your secrecy has caused this situation and now you’re telling us that you can only help us if we trust you? What kind of logic is that?” Trying to contain her emotion, Anaar set her hands on her hips and turned away from the group to take a few steps away from them. She concentrated on her breathing…in and out, slowly…

“The Commander is right. And trust is earned… not given freely.” Hammor said.

In a minute, she turned back to the group and consciously lowered her arms to her sides. “Alright, Kane, tell us what you would have us do to get back to our ship and away from this place. The more details you give us, the faster we’ll be able to come to some kind of decision.”

—Anaar, XO

Hammor, Ops

Under normal circumstances, this was where where a calm counsellor would step in and help mediate the situation. And she would… if she weren’t paralyzed with fear. What had been an already difficult test of her resolve to throw herself into potential danger, was now a crisis and they were nowhere near a medical facility. They either didn’t know or understand her situation, or they was cavalier about their ability to prevent harm. Neither options were good. So, keeping close by, Janna planted her hands on her hips and paced, listening to how things unfold. “Can positive thoughts alone turn things in our favour?” she said, breathing deeply and evenly to quell the panic.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Pydone had been watching quietly from the side lines and growing more and more concerned with Janna’s obvious plight, at least obvious to him. He stepped forward and Kane and the Captain gave way before him. He seemed taller.

“My real name is Maui and this is my story. We Beings visited Earth a long time ago and found the people there to be wonderful in every way. Their joy in the simple things of life drew us to stay longer and the power of their belief astonished us. We grew strong as their belief empowered us and energised in a way that we had not experienced before. Then we began to realise that we needed to leave so that they could develop as a race without us, but ever we longed to return. Some fought to return and other fought to stop them. Some like Apollo became greedy and lat traps for the people of Earth. Without that strong belief we started to weaken and some of us died. In another timeline the Athena was destroyed and our leader the Being Athena felt it and sought out the Federation to see if she could help. Over time they gave her a place in their organisation and named her Admiral Anethamai. Together in secret they built the EDOC, a machine designed to help us store the power of belief so that we would not experience starvation and extinction. To return the favour the Federation had performed in saving my people we offered this place as a port where we could take that belief and bless others with fantasies beyond their imagination, fuelled by their imagination. The main complex of the EDOC is throughout the Anchor Hotel but that mountain over there hides an appendage arm of this planet wide machine. Ares has now claimed it and is draining some of its power to use for himself. Your fantasy here was going to lead you into the structure where you would discover all I have told you for yourselves. You would have had fun and we would have been harmlessly empowered by the fun you were having.”

“You need the power of our belief in anything? Or do you need our belief in YOU?” Anaar wasn’t one to just follow along without having enough information to make a considered decision. Were they really dealing with gods? “And how can we assist in the fighting while we are stuck on this island?”

Pydone, Maui, walked over to Janna and there was a single tear in his eye, then he looked at the others “I have known you only a short time but your fears reach out to me and I desperately want to help you with them”. He pointed at the mountain with Ares name implanted on it , “Until I fix that I cannot begin to fathom how to help you. Instead of punching through walls, I am going to go and punch Ares, fix this mess and get back to spear fishing and BBQ. I could do with some help…”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

Hammor grunted. “Oh, we’ll help. But tell me… if belief and positive emotions empower you; does the opposite weaken you? ‘Cause right now I have a quite a lot of disbelief and negative emotions. And if that will help weaken… yeah… Ares… then I will happily direct it his way.”

Hammor, Ops

Tello looked at Hammor sharply. “This isn’t our fight. We didn’t create the situation and we have nothing to gain from either side, so don’t volunteer everyone here to join Maui and the other…others like him.” She looked at their little group—two of them looked terrified, one acted anxious to knock something down and the rest were on the fence. She was angry that these beings pulled them into a war they had nothing to do with, and now pleaded to be worshipped so their power increased enough to defeat Ares.

—Anaar, XO

Maui exploded in anger, “Not, your, fight… Who do you think lifted Earth’s bondage from slavery to the Beings and many more planets across the quadrant and kept you free of Ares tyranny for centuries? Why would the Federation ally with us if it is not your fight? Secrecy was maintained but make no mistake, our faction is a fully functioning member of the Federation and at least deserve some respect for that, or do you distrust your leaders just as much as you distrust us!”

“You keep talking about Earth… I’m not human. Neither are most of us. So that may not be the motivation you think it is.” Daggum said sharply. “ ‘Cause last I checked, you didn’t do jack for my planet, now did you?”

Kane stepped in and put a huge hand on Maui’s shoulder. “To answer Hammor’s question, yes we are affected by trust and belief both positively and negatively as is Ares. In the past our need for it drove us to abuse the power afforded us, to crave worship. The Federation accepted that by limiting ourselves we were trying to become something more and that was why they helped us build this place, to build a symbiosis rather than parasitism, to help rather than to rule. Help us or not we will make good on our promises, or die trying.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Daggum looked around at the assembled crew. “Listen… gather up all the supplies we have and get them inside the clubhouse. Inventory everything and see what we can use.” He turned and looked at Maui and Kane. “And you two… you better step up and tell us everything you know about this place, this simulation, and this Ares.” He turned and began grabbing supplies and carrying them inside.

Hammor, Ops


Maui followed along. “The planet and topography are real, between us we can remake things in whatever way we see fit, but then so can Ares. In that, this is not a simulation, it’s real. The EDOC stores energy we can use for that purpose. It is of paramount importance that Ares doesn’t get the chance to tap into it. He longs for the glory days and tactically he likes grandiose gestures like that…” He pointed to the name emblazoned on the mountain. “He thinks that awe and fear serve him better as a source of empowerment”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

It took a few moments for Daggum’s words to fully register with Viyara. Apparently her attempt to stay present had been working as well as she had hoped. Letting go of her forearms, her nails left red crescent marks behind on her pale skin. A few of them even seemed to bleed slightly. But as she didn’t look at her arms after relaxing her grip, the scientist hadn’t even noticed that. Instead she took a deep breath and gave Daggum a nod before she started help gathering up all their belongings. It was almost as if his command had acted like a wake-up call. Though how present she really was mentally, was a different question. But she did what she was told quickly and efficiently and right now that was what mattered most.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

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