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Jennifer nodded to Liam, listening to the conversation with a small frown on her face. “To be brief, we seem to have stepped into a conflict between Greek Gods. Or creatures claiming to be the Greek Gods of ancient mythology,” she explained. She looked over to Hermes. “Looks like you arrived in the location of your sister after all,” she reflected.

She then turned to Anathemai - Athena - and frowned slightly. “Wonder if we’re allowed to know the meaning of EDOC now?” She muttered. What in the world could they do in the face of these powerful beings? She felt rather useless.

Wallace, CO

Athena raised her voice slightly and somehow it filled the room. “I was drawn to your vessel when it was destroyed, somehow your belief in the Athena affected me as well and the dismay you felt when it was no more hurt me at a deep level. This led the Beings to suppose that perhaps we could be empowered not just through conscious belief but through devices as well. With the help of another Being who was the first of us to join Starfleet the EDOC was developed. It stands for Elemental Device Operating on Conviction, a tad corny for a name but then McHenry is a sentimentalist. With Starfleet’s knowledge and cooperation we did trials of using the EDOC as a collection device so that the Beings would not need constant worship to empower our continuing existence. We planned to use it to make dreams come true, at least for a time and of course who better to reap the benefits than the crew of the Athena who in many ways caused its development in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems Ares would like to claim it for himself.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han raised an eyebrow in an uniquely Vulcan manner. If he had his tricorder he would have scanned of where the added volume came from. It might reveal some sort of mental projection in addition to her voice.

Benjamin pulled his hand away from his head, he’d started rubbing his temples, He’d heard the stories of Kirk meeting someone claiming to be a greek od but frankly speaking, that’s all he’d considered it. For a moment he regretted not paying more attention in that history class and having allowed himself to memorize how the Enterprise crew had dealt with it… him? He shook his head “And where is this device located?” He asked “Do we know or should we know?”

Dr. Grey - CMO

P’Tah chimed in, “You are standing in it my good Doctor, it is built into the very floors and walls of this place and connects to similar structures across the planet”.

At this point, Liam found him tired of larger entities dragging their ship and its crew into their quarrels. Instead of adding fuel to the apathetic fire within his soul, he bit his lip and remained silent. The small, bitter drop of iron across his taste caused LB to stir. A deep inhale followed by an exhale was enough to settle it down.

When Ares was mentioned to want complete control over EDOC, he gritted his teeth then spoke. “I’m sure the other ‘gods’ did not agree to that idea. In most stories I recall reading, none of you really got along. ”

Izanami whispered to the man, “Don’t believe all the history hype, supposedly I created the Islands of Japan and proclaimed myself Goddess of War”. She looked over at P’Tah, “Trust me there are other things I much prefer to war”.

Dr. Grey popped in with his questions which Liam waited until those were answered. No point in everyone dog piling in their questions without letting the older ones get answered first.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

The Athena was destroyed?? Jennifer sent a glance over to Dr. Grey, and a second one to Liam. She’d have to get some information on that!! There was a lot in the Athena’s past that she was unaware of, it seemed. Perhaps that was what all the classified mission logs were. The ones that she had to request access to. The ones that she’d sent in a request for access too but hadn’t gotten a reply yet. You’d think a Captain should know what her crew had been through in the last year.

Wallace, CO

After Izanami whispered in his ear, Liam resisted pointing out why he chose to use the word stories instead of facts. His eyes caught Wallace’s glance at him causing him to sigh. It was clear she didn’t talk with the prior CO before taking on the role and it made him question what else she wasn’t aware of. Before Athena started, he leaned in to whisper to Wallace.

“When this mission is over, I’ll help fill in the gaps. I can’t fill them all in, but there are some I was a part of.” He left the subject alone for now and straightened up.

A’zna was standing close to the captain keeping mostly to herself. Her one concern at the moment was protecting her captain, the fact she had no phaser did not bother her. In fact, A’zna was just as deadly in hand-to-hand combat as she was with a weapon of any kind. However, she did also feel a desire to go outside and maybe find a good stick she could use as an impromptu weapon. but that would also mean leaving the captain’s side.

Her heart was racing, even though she was trying to focus on protecting the captain and keeping them safe. She was very uncomfortable with having been brought down by force, not to mention the words, ‘Athena was Destroyed’ also started to cause her anxiety to jump, she did not want to lose yet another home! In order to help calm herself, and improve their chances of survival, she began to sing to herself a human song her mentor Tin Th’Zinneth had introduced her to after she had first left the colony. “take my love, take my land, take me where I can not stand. I don’t care I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me…”



Athena looked out at the crew spread throughout the complex and her face was troubled. “Your belief in yourself as a crew of the Athena empowered me to bring this place into existence and my hope was to repay you by bringing you here to experience your hearts desire. Ares has snatched this from all of us.’ Her eyes went grey like flint, “Once he is put down I will fulfil my promise to you” There was an explosion of light from where she was standing and when it faded Athena stood wearing white scale armour and in her hand was a crystal tipped spear and on her arm was a large bronze shield.

She levelled the spear and swung it until she had encompassed all in its arc. “For those who wish it, we give you sanctuary, for those who would rather not hide, we will empower you to join us in the fight.”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han glanced at the others, he expected as Federation norm there would be many volunteers for a rash action.

When the bright light altered Athena’s form during her speech, he managed to contain his shock at her sudden change. It was not easy since his mouth started to open and he quickly slammed it shut. He stepped back to put another foot or two of distance between the tip and him. It wasn’t going to hit him, but he felt safer to not risk it.

“I’m not as young as I used to be. Nor am I much use in direct combat, but I’m not the type to do nothing. I refuse to watch while the place I’m starting to call home is threatened.” He glanced at Grey then asked a question.

“Dr. Grey, I don’t think we’ve tested the limits of LB have we?” Liam wasn’t sure if direct combat was a safe option or not, preferring to another train of thought on the matter.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

OOC: In case the good doc doesn’t remember, that’s a Nope. Didn’t make a thread to explore that yet so I assume up to this point, they had been gradually working to that point off-screen. As for risk, I haven’t used Liam’s physical traits much in any mission… sort of want to change that.

-Janice B.

Ben lifted his right hand towards his head then realised he still held a glass and frowned at it “No I don’t think we have, I’m still worried how much strain your body can handle especially now that we don’t have a Warp core for you to have a quick snack”

Liam nodded, understanding this. At best, LB might make his presence known in the back of his head. In the worst scenario, the parasite could seize control or react in an unexpected way. So far they had learned Liam’s hands could heat up, but was that it? He still hadn’t moved as he was left indecisive with no clear right answer.

“I’m less worried about my physical condition than I am about LB deciding to become hostile when in danger. So far, he’s not hurt anyone, but we’ve also kept him well fed. As long as we don’t deplete his energy completely, he should be fine.” The CSO pointed out, his hand drifted to his side.

A small pouch lingered there with a few doses of radiation in case of emergency. After the last mission, he was actually grateful he started to keep some on hand at all times.

A’zna stepped forward, “my only concern at this point is protecting the rest of the crew and my Captain. While I am confident in my hand-to-hand skills, having some weapons and such would improve my chances of getting the crew back to our ship should the worst happen here!” she said, stepping forward to confront the being calling herself Athena. She did not know much about Human religious figures. A’zna wondered if there were some beings here posing as the Elements she herself worshiped. “I would join you in the fight, however, again as I said I need to protect the crew and the captain first and foremost!” she finished hoping that she was not overstepping her bounds with her captain.


“I was primarily a Medic before making Captain, not a fighter, but anything I can do to help, I’ll do,” Jenn spoke to… Athena? No, it was easier to think of her as Anathemai. It was less weird. She looked around at her crew. “Like… Athena said. If you choose to help her fight, you can do so, but you can also stay in whatever shelter she provides. I won’t force you into either position. Anyone who wants to fight, go to my left, anyone who wants sanctuary, you’re on the right.”

A few NEs began to mill about, some going towards one side others heading the other direction. A large portion of the security and engineering teams were on the fighting side. Jennifer smiled slightly, worried for their safety. And her own.

Wallace, CO

Benjamin turned towards the Captain, looked at Liam then sighed “I didn’t bring a kit with me” He said then under his breath said “Or a bloody uniform” He shook his head “But I won’t have officers out there fighting without medical aid” He walked to the right, sipping the last remnants of his drink.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Upon hearing Dr. Grey’s complaints, Liam couldn’t help but speak. “Dr. Grey, you’ve proven yourself an exceptional doctor with or without equipment. I don’t think that will be much of an issue.”

Benjamin scowled at the compliment but said nothing.

P’tah moved forward and spoke directly to the Captain, “Thoth has a plan to get you your ship back, Orvos, Stark and Marishka are with him along with Yami”.

Athena nodded her thanks to all who volunteered. Noting the doctor she motioned to a large bearded man who came forward and stood next to Grey. “I am Asclepius, I would appreciate your assistance in setting up areas for triage”

Benjamin raised an eyebrow at the man “Now I’ve got the bloody god of bloody medicine…” He continued his rambling swears as the storage rooms opened.

Asclepius smiled, “I’m not bloody yet doctor but I feel it won’t be long now”.

From storage rooms off the main foyer antigravity platforms started to roll in loaded up with various types of armour and old style weapons. They looked archaic but there was a suspicious blue glint to all of it that hinted there was more to it than you could see at first glance.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina had silently moved to the Captain’s left as the fighters and non fighters choose sides. She had chosen to disobey orders and hunt down the missing ship before. She wasn’t gonna stand idly by, now, and not fight for them. “I didn’t help bring you all back to lose the ship and crew now.” She laughed lightly but it was nervous sounding.

As the weapons and armor appeared, though, she frowned. She was no security officer and had little combat experience save what was taught at the Academy. As the others began eyeing the rolled out offerings, she reached out first. A small sword, probably a large dagger, was her choice. Easy on weight and not do long as to hinder her. As to the armor, she backed up and let others choose. She be nothing of the pieces laying there and want even sure she needed any.


As equipment rolled in, Liam was the last one to make his decision. Time was short and feeling the pressure, Liam forced himself to make one.

“I’m hoping this isn’t a mistake in the end.” He stepped to the right and joined the side heading into the fight.

As he collected a rapier, her spotted Karina then gave her a reassuring smile. He made a note that in the future, he would insist on rapier lessons for her. It was clear most departments , outside of security, didn’t include weapon or self defense training past the academy early years. Even those were lacking.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Ben’s swearing had lowered to a few whispered curses as he looked at the weapons then shot a dark look at Karina “I’m assuming you intend that for defending our triage area Doctor Niles” He put emphasis on the tile before turning away from the weapons without choosing one “Alright Mr Asclepius, please lead the way” He put his hand in the pocket of his shorts and removed a small locket that he placed around his neck then a small pill which he swallowed “I hope you have some medical equipment because I don’t fancy opening up a patient with a sword”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Asclepius laughed outright at that, “I prefer a dagger myself, bit more precise than a sword”. He moved off towards the pool area.

OOC We’ll use the poolside thread for the triage area to save adding another thread :-)

“Have we any evidence of which side we should be on? Or are we taking the word of the first entity that comes along?” R’han shook his head.

Jennifer stepped over to stand next to R’han. “We’re acting based on reputation. I’ve read the myths, and while most of the gods were generally speaking kinda iffy on the morality scale, the ones we’re dealing with were… Definitely better than the one called Ares. Now, we could all be making a big mistake, in which case we’ll deal with that fact later. But I’m trusting my gut here.”


Athena looked at R’han, “I find your forthright nature refreshing. I was hoping the fact that Starfleet saw fit to make me an Admiral would be enough for you but to forestall your next comment, no, you don’t have any confirmation that I am indeed an Admiral.” She looked at the Captain, “The ebb and flow of this battle will rest partly on the morale of your crew. Through the EDOC we can afford your people strength, stamina and speed to match our own just in the same way we could make your fantasies come true. However that power will be exhausted quickly with so many using it. We must strike hard and decisively if we are to win this. I would strongly suggest you address your people. They may not believe in our ability to triumph but they believe in you and their comrades. Belief is crucial to this conflict, inspire them”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han visably eyerolled to the Captain. He did not say but he certainly thought with such strength that any telepathic entity would be able to read his thoughts. Well, if you appreciated that, I presume you love this. You mean we should trust you because of the Admiralty you received after lying on your enrollment forms and every question you were asked about your race or planet of origin and every medical exam you evaded or subverted. Since I doubt you wrote on you form… ‘Former Divine Being.’ R’han did not miss the irony that he was questioning the background of someone else.

Did they believe in her though? Jennifer shivered slightly. She wasn’t their long-standing Captain, she was a replacement for a beloved woman. She looked around at these people she barely knew, looking from one person to another with long, drawn-out glances. “I know I haven’t been your Captain for long,” she began, her voice smaller than she wanted it to be.

“But I’m determined to prove myself to you. And in order for us to be a crew that works together in the future, we have to get through this first. No one knows what we’re up against, but as far as I can tell, the Athena has never let a little thing like a lack of information stop them from fighting the good fight before!”

Wallace, CO


Liam let Wallace then Athena followed by any others talk. He noticed R’han visibly roll his eyes to the CO’s statement about following her instinct. He understood what his fellow crew mate was concerned by, but there was only so much information and time it seemed for them to waste. Not the best diplomat on his last station, Liam still felt it was better to be involved than watch it play out.

“To speak frankly, no. We don’t have evidence of which side we should be on. Only one side has bothered to contact us and ask us to help them. Truth or not, it’s the only information we have.” Liam stated, answering the question that R’han put out there.

“Reflecting on the situation, I can only speak for myself. There are two obvious choices to make: Aid Athena or sit back and remain uninvolved. I don’t think we’ll be able to observe in a safe place so I doubt any data will be gained for the first choice. At least being involved gives me some influence in the matter and data to progress. In the end, I can only correct my actions and accept responsibility for the outcome.” The CSO simply looked at R’han, letting his words sink in. It was his best logic based on what he knew and able to obtain.

“I can’t be sure what I chose is the right choice, but it is one I know I will have the least regret over. In the end, the question is: which choice will cause you the least regret?” There was no judgement in his voice as he spoke, knowing that the choice was R’han’s and his alone. Either way, it was clear he wasn’t going to think any less over the individual no matter his choice.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

The over all feeling within the crew was low. Betrayed, ripped off, forced into a conflict not of their own making. They had no investment except that they were cut off from their ship and the means that they had been transferred here had rattled them and made them feel powerless.

P’tah and Athena nodded to each other. “Captain. Ask them this, “If I had a super power, what would it be?”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jennifer took a deep breath. Why was she suddenly the mouthpiece for these beings?

After having selected her own weapon, which happened to be a Human polearm she was familiar with called a Naginata. She turned to the captain, “Captain, I would like to request that we attempt to get all the rest of our people, who are on this planet gathered here in this location. Given the situation we cant assume that the rest of the teams are safe where they are at,” she said she of course took her job in security very seriously, and she hoped she was demonstrating just that.


“We’re at risk here, just as much as the people who are asking for our help. If this Ares fellow gets hold of the EDOC I assume it’s bad news for everyone.” Wallace reminded the crew. “The more we believe in ourselves and in this fight, it seems, the more powerful our side will get. I think that’s a pretty good incentive to believe in ourselves.”

Jennifer turned to Anathemai again. “Azna makes a good point. A lot of us are here, but I’m missing a significant portion of my senior staff. Where are they?”

Wallace, CO

“Some on the island of Nemornia, some are in space. They are in good hands Captain, Ares struck the island first and has taken one of the EDOC’s arrays but he has made a tactical error in that those of us on that island with your crew mates are among the most resourceful and powerful of the Beings. Ares main force will hit here thinking they have the drop on us but they are not yet aware that Thoth is leading the rest of your crew to retake the Athena. We need only hold here long enough for Thoth, Yami, Orvos, Stark and Marishka to retake your ship and Maui, Kane, Poseidon, and your other crew mates to retake the island. They will then join us here and we will make short work of Ares at that juncture”. Athena’s eyes were implacable granite but then they softened, “and when that is done we will get back to having some rest and relaxation Captain, this I promise you”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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