Side Sim - Holodeck: Finding Peace in Chaos (OPEN)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim - Holodeck: Finding Peace in Chaos (OPEN)

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Jennifer stood in the middle of a thunderstorm, letting the torrential downpour soak her thoroughly. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open as she looked up into the sky and laughed maniacally. Rain! Rain. Something she hadn’t had the chance to experience in so very long. Of course, it wasn’t real rain. It was holographic. But it still felt blessedly cool and refreshing on her skin.

She ran out of the rain, sheltering under a tree and chuckling to herself. Man, it made her feel like a kid again. Including the fact that she could no longer see through her glasses. She pulled her spectacles off her face and rubbed the glass against her damp shirt, spreading the droplets of water around and not really doing much good. She pushed the glasses back onto her nose, letting out a small sigh. There were a series of flashes of light in the night sky, followed by the rolling timbre of thunder. It was beautiful.

Wallace, CO

There were days Orvos wanted to use the holodeck without anyone knowing it. He had a tendency to attract attention wherever he went. So he got wiser. Beaming into an empty holodeck would only attract the attention of those monitoring internal transporter systems. Given that he was their supervisor, he didn’t care of they knew.

He quietly beamed into what he thought was an empty holodeck. Dressed with a hiking bag and hiking clothes, he was immediately soaked from the downpour. He sighed and summoned the holodeck arch. It appeared and he attempted to diagnose the issue. Everything seemed to be running fine. “Computer, end program,” he said quietly.

“Access denied. Insufficient authorization.”

“Oh, bloody hell,” he said as he input a manual work request for the holodeck he was in. Priority One of course. He sent it and suddenly the arch disappeared.

“Computer, Arch,” he said aloud through the downpour.

“Access denied, insufficient authorization.”

He growled inwardly as he resigned himself to his fate. He began to look about for some form of shelter.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Jennifer noticed the particle effect of a beam-in and was quite confused by that. Why would someone beam into the Holodeck? She watched the figure for a little while, not entirely sure who it was. The voice sounded vaguely familiar. When he started walking in her direction, she realized it was the Chief - ah, her Chief Engineer. He didn’t seem particularly pleased about being soaked to the bone. “Hey, Orvos!” she called out, running through the rain and reaching him. She was wearing plainclothes - brown pants and a brightly patterned blue and green shirt, and carried a backpack. She tugged an umbrella from the side of the pack and slapped it open, holding it over the engineer.

Orvos heaved a sigh of relief upon the opening of the umbrella.

“Intruding on my private time, are we?” she asked with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it shut off. Computer, pause program.”

“Access Denied. Insufficient Authorization.”

“What the?”

Wallace, CO

Orvos raised his eyebrows curiously. “I’ve already tried that and put in a maintenance request to engineering. Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether it actually went through. I suppose the best I can do is hope since the program won’t be ending. Unless someone walks in.”

“I’m the one who started the program, I don’t see how I wouldn’t have sufficient authorization to stop it,” Jenn replied with a confused expression. The thunder rumbled, making her look up into the sky.

He sighed in frustration. “I would seem as though we are stuck here for awhile.” Orvos observed her reactions.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

The idea of being stuck here was slightly annoying, but not so bad as it might seem. Jenn seemed thoughtful for a few moments before she pointed her finger and spun slightly, gesturing towards a small rise in the terrain.

“There’s shelter that way. One where we can dry off and warm up. This whole place is part of a… We’ll call it a Holiday program. When I can’t get extended shore leave to visit home, I run this program instead.” She gestured for him to follow, waiting for Orvos to start walking so that he didn’t lose the shadow of the umbrella.

Wallace, CO

Orvos sighed as he followed closely. “Holiday, eh? Complete with storms? Can’t say I don’t mind, though it is slightly inconvenient at the moment,” he replied with a light laugh as tugged on his wet shirt.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“Ah, the weather is part of the charm of it,” Wallace replied with a wide grin. “At least it’s not snowing, right?” She spoke with a wide grin, walking along the path. It wasn’t far before they reached the small cabin. This program on the Holodeck was a copy of the home she’d spent her childhood years in. It was a cozy little building, all logs and stone. Handmade.

Jenn opened the door and held it open long enough for Orvos to enter, then shut it and closed the umbrella. “Here, let me get a fire going, then I’ll see if I remembered to program clothing into the wardrobes,” she spoke, stepping over to a cozy fireplace and grabbing some matches and kindling

  • Wallace, CO

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IC: Orvos stepped out of the rain and into the cabin. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. Rain certainly does have a certain appeal, doesn’t it?” He looked around and soaked in the details. Orvos walked up behind her. “I can start it if you’d like. Done it often enough. Not in the habit of rummaging through someone’s house though, so I’ll leave the clothes hunting to you if you can find any.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“Ah, sure,” Jenn put down the kindling and handed Orvos the matchbox. “I know there are some towels in the closet, so I’ll grab those first.” She pushed herself to her feet and walked briskly to a small pair of doors. The doors were opened and she quickly accessed a few fluffy towels, placing them on the counter for Orvos to grab at his convenience before retreating to the bedroom that would have been her brother’s if this wasn’t a simulation.

Orvos was quick to get the fire going. He had noted the towels and took off his shirt at the very least in order to help get dry. He grabbed a towel and dried off what he could.

“Wonder what caused the malfunction,” she spoke aloud half a minute later as she came out of the bedroom, carrying men’s clothes in her arms. She put it next to the towels. “The loo is just down this hallway,” she gestured, making sure he saw before she clambered up the stairs on her way to her own room.

Wallace, CO

Orvos had turned, towel in his hands now, to see where she had gestured. “Righteo,” he said with a thumbs up. “Sounds good and thank you!”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Had Jennifer been a younger woman, she would have blushed at the sight of Orvos’s bare chest. As it was, she respectfully averted her gaze. She didn’t want her new Chief Engineer to think she was oogling him.

She sat in her old room for a few minutes after changing into clean, dry clothes, staring at the plastic stars hanging from the ceiling. She’d always had an obsession with the stars… That was why she’d gone into Starfleet. She pulled her glasses back on and left the holographic replica of her childhood bedroom, clambering back down the steep stairs.

“So, now that we’re dry, I suppose it’s a good idea to try to diagnose the issue and figure out how to get out of here?”

Wallace, CO

Orvos grinned nervously. “I’m not so sure it will be possible anymore. The computer will no longer respond to my commands. No arch. No doorway. We can only hope that either someone notices the holodecks aren’t responding or that someone in my engineering staff gets the message and gets to work. We are truly stuck at this point I believe.”

He sighed, resigned to his fate. It was like being stuck in a turbolift, but perhaps better given their environment. Orvos took a poker and moved the logs a bit in the fireplace to better get them lit. “Seems to me we have a point of opportunity,” he added, leaving his statement hang in the air. He was curious how she might respond.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

The facts were laid out. They were stuck. Hopefully not for too long. Someone would notice they were missing, or that the Holodeck wasn’t responding. The question was how long it would take for that to happen.

“You still need to get changed into something dry,” Jenn reminded Orvos, stepping up next to him and staring into the fire for a few moments before she moved over to the large sofa that was just within warm-fire range. “I would hope for my Chief Engineer not to get a cold because he got wet in the rain,” she said with a small chuckle.

Captain Wallace

Orvos donned the offered garb and moved to the sofa as well. “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that,” he said with a grin. “Since we seem to have gobs of time, I suppose we can play some 20 questions, eh? What are your thoughts about the Athena and her crew, current situation aside?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“I’m not sure I’ve been on the ship long enough to tell,” Jennifer replied with a sigh, furrowing her brow. She felt at ease around the CE despite barely knowing him. It was likely that El Aurian charm. The listeners. “Well, I’ve been on the ship, but not as Captain. My new XO seems interesting. The whole crew has a lot of secrets that they’re all in-the-know about and I’m left pretty in the dark about. Honestly this whole ship is a conundrum I’ve been assigned to sit over. A puzzle with many missing pieces. And I know those pieces are out there, I’ve seen the mission files. I just can’t open those files and get knowledge on that mystery, which is a rather frustrating place to be in. I’m sure we’ll make new mysteries in the future, this ship has a bit of a reputation for getting into very classified situations, as far as I can tell. Don’t know what you all are doing but the brass must really appreciate your work to send us all on this… R&R, right after a shore leave.”

Orvos was grinning as she mentioned classified missions and secrets abound. So brass hadn’t filled her in on everything? It was beyond Orvos as to why higher ups kept her out of the know, but perhaps they had some good reasoning? He wasn’t positive. Orvos found the idea interesting that she certainly picked up on ‘missing pieces’. he kept quiet for the moment.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, sinking into the couch as she relaxed. “I’m trying not to worry about all the classified mission reports but I’ve got the funny idea that something in those mission files is going to be relevant in the future.”

Wallace, CO

Orvos nodded slowly, a grin still plastered to his face. “Certainly possible. I remember when I first joined this ship. I never intended on building any long lasting relationships to be fair. I’ve seen it a lot in my lifetime…people come and go…but this ship is surprisingly unique. Despite the secrecy, despite the odd happenings, there is quite a high level of trust between everyone. Given time, I’m sure you’ll see that too.” He gave a kind grin this time as his eyes met her own.

“What was your last posting like?” he added after a brief pause, moving things along.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

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