Side Sim - The Depths of Time: Seven Swords Sequel

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Stark took in the angles of fire from the archers and the numbers they faced and silently wished that S’Raal, T’Pon and Michail would show up. If he was surprised by the being expecting him he didn’t show it.

“Kahless, I presume?”

The creature chuckled, deep and low. “I have many names but that one will suffice for now”.

Stark strode forward until he was at the base of the dias finding it gratifying that the archers followed his movement, that at least would give them a chance if fighting broke out. Any team of archers with a speck of imagination would have separated their firing angles over the whole group. This lot worked more like a pack of unimaginative robots, much easier to deal with.

“What about the name Adonis, does that ring a bell”. Stark exulted in the split second flinch in those dark eyes towering above him. He had suspected when Kahless had been named demon that he was dealing with the mirror version of his old shapeshifting nemesis. “So you have been waiting for my arrival with a view towards ending me before it begins”.

“Kahless” snarled slightly and pointed to the bat’leth, “I have the one sword but I’m more than happy to take Skotos from your dying hand. We have been aware of your travels to date. This is my universe, you triumphed in your own but you won’t here”.

Stark smiled languidly and circled the dias to his right putting the line of the archers on a direct tangent to Kahless. One moment of hesitation from the archers was all he needed, fear of hitting their leader would play into his paws. His new position also afforded him a corner eye view of what everyone else was doing.

“By all means keep talking Adonis, you’ve already let slip that you are not alone here and have allies. I mean to take that sword off the wall there and place it in the hands of the Chosen, save your self some trouble and hand it over”. Stark’s whole being looked relaxed, flexible, insouciant but in his core he was locking tendons and setting muscles for his next move. What Adonis/Kahless said next would determine whether people would start dying…

Stark Nightstalker CIO
OOC Just to note two things, I’m happy for people to take direct action, this is meant to be fun for you too :-) Also, the symbiotic swords will settle on the type of weapon that suits your fighting style so even though I’ll describe them as we go, feel free to make them in whatever image suits your story style. To fill you in from the last adventure, Adonis is a genetically enhanced shape shifter with Heleen DNA, very tricky, very dangerous, a worthy foe.

Orvos’s adrenaline began pumping. His heart was racing, and it wasn’t necessarily due to Marishka this time. A fight was about to ensue whether he liked it or not. He could feel the tension in the atmosphere. He looked to each of his comrades, noting their positions as he readied strategies in his mind. He could defend with a sword, but his drone would certainly come in handy. He kept his composure though, hands behind his back as he stood straight up. Behind him, his fingers hovered on the activation button of his drone. He would use his shield device when it was absolutely necessary.

He stood there, a broad smug grin plastered across his face, his silent confidence meant to ooze into the surroundings.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka felt rooted to the spot but, in her mind, she was attacking the abomination on the throne that was like no Kahless she had ever imagined. Her father’s court had so many legends told of him that she would have known his image anywhere. Of course this was an alternate universe so, naturally, this had to fit somehow.

  • Marishka

Suddenly from the back of the room a voice spoke out as a golden-haired figure hove into view. The archers swivelled to him as he spoke. “Dishonor! This is not Kahless, this is an imposter!” S’Raal strode forward his eyes intent.

The quiet voice of Michail spoke through Orvos’ drone as S’Raal caused a distraction. “Any chance you can configure this thing to give a burst of good old fashioned electricity. If we’re right it’ll disrupt the shapeshifter long enough for us to even the odds here”.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

Orvos, without putting too much questioning to it, immediately went to work on his wrist device. If the feature still worked, if the drone were to get close enough, a taser like device would be able to shoot out from it’s underbelly. But he hadn’t touched it in years, so there was no telling. He primed it from his wrist as the drone itself moved in closer.

As the archers swung toward S’Raal, Marishka slipped closer the the abomination on the dais, choosing the opposite side she had seen Stark going.

  • Marishka

Stark knew that the time was right, with a scream designed to distract the archers he struck out at “Kahless” hoping to give Marishka time to snatch the sword on the wall behind the abomination. A huge arm swung to smack Stark into the wall and rather than dodging it Stark used it as leverage and momentum to run up the wall and flip over raking his claws along the back and shoulders of his foe as he landed in front of “Kahless” drawing Skotos from within his dark furred body and into his paw.

Above the archers were in confusion and S’Raal took out the first within seconds, below Michail appeared from the shadows and ran at the warriors who were about to swarm over Stark’s unprotected back.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka still felt that this was, somehow, too easy. Perhaps the hard part came later. She seemed drawn to the sword on the wall as if it was her reason for existing at that moment in time. Somehow a part of her knew everything else that was going on around her. She should be with the others, she should be defending Stark, helping S’Raal, anything. But the sword needed her and she needed it. She could feel it calling, singing to her as she reached out to take hold of it.

  • Marishka

As contact was made with the sword it sang throughout her being with a crystalline hum that set her entire body afire with it’s vibration. A blast of air shot out throughout the room as destiny was manifested in a powerful energy release.

Orvos gave the mental order. The drone swung out from behind ‘Kahless’, reared it’s underbelly up and launched two pins, risking being yanked to and fro.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

The blast shot through “Kahless” body and within seconds another being stood in it’s place. A woman with dark raven hair and alabaster skin, beautiful beyond what seemed normal to the eye.

Skotos sang her own song to welcome Iw’bah, sword of blood and fire.

The Klingons looked around in confusion not knowing what was happening until most of them became fixated on the woman holding their sword of power.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka barely registered the change to the being that was Kahless. She was concentrating on the song in her soul and in the sword in her hands. She pulled it from it’s place on the wall and held it. If this one was truly hers, Stark had made it very clear what should happen next but, was there time for Marishka to pierce her own heart amidst the battle imminent around her. She listened more closely to the sword seeking an answer.

  • Marishka

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