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Posted by Commander Stark Nightstalker (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Main Sim - Welcome to Fantasy Planet - Orvos’ Fantasy
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Now it was all making sense. Yami and Izanami and their strangeness aboard the Athena, to even what was going on now. “So, Ares wants to enslave us all and regain earth along with many others world, eh? And he thinks taking the Athena will help, hmmm?” He moved over to the command chair and sat down in it like he had all those years ago when the Aurora was truly his own.

After sitting down, translucent holographic controls and readings appeared before his eyes. “Let’s see about getting aboard the Athena. We’ll need to get the shields down or transport won’t be possible. We’ve got one of the best impulse drives around.” He transmitted information about the Athena to Marishka’s console. There were markers on the scaled version. “Those points will need to be hit if we’re going to bring down the shields. If we can’t hit those exact points, I do have a backup plan. Let’s just hope we don’t need to resort to it though. Risky really.”

“Helm, let’s pull in quietly behind the Athena. Marishka, get ready for a sweeping run on those shield emitters. Once they’re down, let’s beam in somewhere we know will be safe.”

Orvos then looked about the bridge. “This is a serious situation, but we’ll get through it…one way or another,” he said aloud, the second part a little on the quieter side.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka glanced at Orvos. She knew there was no need for such a thing but, looking his way had become second nature whenever they were in close proximity for some reason. Seeing him in this fashion she was gaining a different type of respect for him. She merely nodded and turned back. This was a job she could do.

The weapons console was becoming second nature to her as well. When the time was right, she would be able to strike the Athena precisely where the markers indicated because that was her job.

  • Marishka

Athena’s shields were not up and for all intents and purposes the ship looked like it was dead in space. As they approached however the sensors showed weapons powering up.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Orvos knew the Athena’s schematics like the back of his own hand. He immediately highlighted a new target on Marishka’s holographic console. “That’s the Athena’s targeting array. Disable that and those weapons will have a much harder time hitting us. Helm, evasive maneuvers and coordinate with Marishka to get a solid lock on that array.”

Orvos then turned to Stark. “How about a courtesy call? Can you patch us through to the Athena? If they’ll even respond I suppose.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka laid in and attack vector and proceeded to hit the targeting array several times with whatever this ships equivalent to phasers were. Somehow it all came very naturally to her.

  • Marishka

Several blasts came out to them and went wide followed by a muted explosion as the array imploded.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark smirked, “Amateur hour on the bridge it seems. Patching you through now Orvos, I’ve opened a line direct to the bridge, should be loud and annoying”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“Hello Orion and Mr. Minotaur! You know if memory serves me right, aren’t you supposed to be supreme hunters? I am curious how a hunter much like yourself, Orion, could so very clearly and obviously miss its target. Well, not to worry. you’ll be handled properly since no lives have been lost as far as I know. Surrender is ultimately your only option. We are prepared to full defend ourselves should you choose to fight back. And I must warn you, if your torpedo skills are any indication, I can safely say that we are markedly more accurate. What say you, oh minions of Ares?”

He paused before then adding, “Oh right! Forgot! Don’t know what you’re doing. So there’s a large blue button on the captain’s chair which ought to allow you the chance to reply when pressed. Go ahead then, let’s hear it.”

Orvos looked to Stark and quietly mouthed the word ‘mute’. Once done, he spoke to the bridge crew. “Do we have contact with the crew on the surface?” He then added looking to Thoth and Yami. “How can we best prepare for an encounter with these two?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Stark muted and looked up from the sensor console. “They’re not replying… but they are moving towards the shuttle bay. I rather think that they might want to talk to you face to face Orvos…” Stark chuckled, “I think you hurt their feelings”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Yami looked up, “No contact with the planet, the shield is still in place”.

Thoth scratched his chin and looked thoughtful. Orion is quick, fast and an excellent fighter. He favours bow and two short swords and loves a good ambush. Minotaur is ten feet of muscle and horn that’s extremely hard to slow down. However, as you’ve noticed, Ares’ followers are not tech savvy”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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