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Janna laughed in her own mind and shook her head, hands on hips. While she was as trained as anyone else, so was unfortunately stereotypically lacking in the combat department. She wasn’t the one striking out or defending strikes, she was the one that mopped up the psychological mess left in the aftermath. “Is the siren’s song auditory only or does it pierce the mind itself?”

~Janna Kingston, Bewildered CNS


“Auditory” Kane said, “and if we take it out quickly relatively easy to kill compared to the others.” He pulled out a long knife and tested it’s edge, “How good do you think you’d be with a bow and arrow from a tree Janna?”

“Probably useless, but I’m safer in a tree,” Kingston reasoned. “It’s been years since I did archery as a kid.” Still it gave her something to do and some place to be and that was better than wandering around in the fray trying to not die.

Maui watched as Hammor readied himself, “An honour to fight beside you” he said quietly, “When we are done I hope you will regain us with a few stories of some of those scars”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Hammor looked at Maui and said “I doubt you and your people would find them appealing.” ane he hefted the spear with the chain attached. “But if we defeat this Ares of yours and if your deceit doesn’t get us killed… you and Kane still owe us a vacation on an island paradise. We make it that far, I’ll tell you about them.”

Hammor, Ops

“Done” Maui’s eyes were fierce.

Quietly he led them forward, fanning out in the underbrush, Kane’s daughters moved with quiet grace Laka staying close to Hammor and the others keeping a watchful eye on Viyara and Janna.

Ahead of them through the foliage was the side of the mountain, foliage had been pulled away to show a large metal door with some kind of biometric lock. The Siren and Sphinx were working on the door with the 5 Chimera standing on guard.

Kane whispered, “We need a distraction or we won’t be able to get to the Siren”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

A moment passed and then Laka whispered, “Where is Pele?”

The answer came in the form of a sudden scream as a blurred form dropped from above on the mountain taking a knife across the Siren’s throat blood flying everywhere. The Chimera spun on the intruder as Maui, Poseidon, Kane and his family rushed forward before Pele could be cut down standing over the Siren’s corpse.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Hammor was on their heels and as they burst out of the brush, he drew back the arm holding the worn, round stone and let it fly with all the strength and accuracy he had, aiming for the side of the Chimera’s head.

With the ease of years of practice, Hammor dropped the coiled chain and let fly with the half-spear attached to the end, sending the razor bladed head of the spear straight at the guard closest to him while holding the end of the chain; ready to yank the figure off their feet if the barbed tip found purchase in clothes, armor… or flesh.

Hammor, Ops

The combination of stone and spear finished the first Chimera before it could even react. The remaining four and the Sphinx wheeled into the battle. Poseidon met one blast of flame with a jet of water that threw the thing wet and soaking into the mountainside.

Kane’s daughters moved out of the path of two gouts of flame simply by using spears to vault over the top. The Sphinx grabbed Pele put she wrestled free and joined her father who was laying about him with a stone club.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Despite years of training in martial arts under her belt now, Viyara had never been in an actual fight. Not counting the many instances of physical abuse she had endured growing up. She wanted to help the others. But as her amygdala fired up, she didn’t fight. Instead she froze in place. Going straight back to the stress response she had most of her life. Her gaze became unfocused and she felt like she was disconnecting from her body and her surroundings. All the while a small, barely audible voice somewhere in the very back of her mind whispered that she couldn’t stand there like this. That she had to do something. Even if that something was to hide. But she couldn’t move a muscle in her body …

~Ensign Nazeen, Traumatised Scientist

A Chimera bore down on her fire belching as if huffed its way forward.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

Daggum spun and saw the Chimera… and then Nazeen frozen in place. With four long steps the big Orion gladiator built up speed and launched himself into the air, aiming to land his bulk knees-first on the Chimera’s shoulders, the wicked curved dagger held above his head in both hands and a look of primal fury on his face.

Hammor, Slave Pit Gladiator

In the same moment as Daggum launched himself at the Chimera, Viyara - her eyes wide - covered her head with her arms and dropped to her knees. Bent forward she was trembling and gasping for air. She knew that what she was doing was pretty much the worst possible thing. But she felt as if she had no control over her body whatsoever. Yet she also knew that, if she didn’t manage to snap herself out of this, things would not end well. At least not for her and maybe not for the others either.

~Ensign Nazeen, Traumatised Scientist

It was all about timing, but Janna had scrambled up a tree (a childhood favourite place to read), trying to not worry about the scratches she was gathering. Scratches and small bruises were okay, it was more serious injuries that were her problem. Setting up the bow, she was slow and, as she had mentioned, useless. She Knocked an arrow and let it fly but it wobbled sadly down to the ground. Focus, Woman! Taking a deep breath, Janna channelled her old archery teacher, closing her eyes to feel the right position and grip. Opening her eyes, she pulled back, aimed and let the arrow fly, hoping to hit the chimera in the head.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

The weight of the Orion hit the Chimera making it give an audible grunt of surprise. Its head reared cutting off the flame and as it spun its massive jaw to bite the attacker on its back Janna’s arrow caught it right under the eye. Screaming and throwing out gouts of flame it tried to defend itself.

Maui raced in and scooped up Nazeen out of harms way.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Daggum used the momentum of his landing to add to the force of the dagger-thrust to the Chimera’s neck, trying to drive the blade in and deep into the base of the monster’s throat, just above where the clavicle would be. At the same time, he twisted his arms, using the thrust and torque to try and get every bit of the blade as deep as he could.

Hammor, Orion Gladiator

The thing went down in a heap as Daggum hit its brain stem. One other Chimera was down under a flurry of blows from Kane and his family. Two were left and they were focused on protecting the strange faced humanoid called Sphinx.

For reasons she couldn’t understand herself, Viyara’s first instinct when Maui picked her up was to fight him and get away. Somethings she shouldn’t be doing now but should have done a few moments ago. Luckily, she realised that he was only trying to help her quickly enough and after squirming only a little in his arms. Her breathing and heartbeat were fast and laboured. But she managed to gasp, “I’m sorry … Thank you … for … saving me.”

~Ensign Nazeen, Traumatised Scientist

Maui looked at the scratches and nodded. “Channel that, it’s okay to turn your fear to flames at a time like this, you are stronger than you know”. Suddenly he looked up and leapt upwards as a creature dived out of the sky. A greenstone Mere flashed in his hand as he beheaded the creature.

“Ware the sky, Harpies!”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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