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Posted by Commander Stark Nightstalker (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Ens. Taban Brook - Check In - TAG CSO
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Taban stepped out of the shuttle and stretched his legs. Several days in a shuttlecraft was not exactly the most pleasant experience, and he was glad to be on the significantly more spacious Mythology-class cruiser. He asked one of the crew members in the shuttlebay for directions to the chief science officer’s office, then made his way there relatively briskly. He gathered his thoughts and fought back the mixture of excitement and anxiety, then pressed the chime. “Sir? Ensign Brook, reporting for duty.”

Ens. Taban Brook

A shadowy figure appeared at his elbow coalescing into a dark Caitian figure with a white scar above one eye. “Greetings Ensign Brook, welcome to the Athena”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Liam cursed underneath his breath. He had just gotten done with his meal and it took longer than expected to change back into his uniform. Radiation was difficult to remove so it was easier to simply shift to a jogging uniform. With LB’s excessive appetite finally satisfied, it left the CSO speeding back to his office. His shoes thumping warned the officers of his urgency causing them to part ways and let him through. Liam muttered a brief thank-you in his wake. When his shoes clicked on the familiar lab tiling, he slowed his pace. His fingers reached up to adjust his collar only for the CSO to completely stop in place. His eyebrow arched while he held numerous questions on his tongue.

In the doorway leading into his office were two figures. One he recognized while he suspected the other was his new Junior officer.

With a subtle breath, the man decided to interrupt the exchange. He couldn’t fathom what brought Stark to visit, but likely was something more than a simple greeting.

“Nightstalker, I believe it was? I prefer an appointment if you require something of me.” He immediately turned to the junior officer.

“Mr. Brook, would you kindly take a seat. I apologize for being late, my meal took longer than I estimated.” Liam gestured for Brook to take a seat at the desk.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Stark gave a small nod of recognition of what was most likely a dismissal and turned and left quietly with a small smile.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“I understand, sir,” Taban said, taking a seat as asked. “I’m glad to be here nevertheless,” he continued with a nervous smile.

Ens. Brook

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