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Janna inhaled deeply and then blew out the breath with calm purpose. “And that is a completely normal reaction to have. We want to protect our loved ones, and when we know they are already struggling, to then add to that can seem cruel. And without Faye’s mother here to explain her decision to share the additional news we can only speculate on her motives. But what do you think her motives were fro telling Faye about her sister?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Daggum took a deep breath and breathed out slowly, mimicking Janna’s technique. “Honestly, I don’t think she’d do anything to hurt Faye. I think Shara was finally coming to terms with her life… and clearing up some outstanding issues to make sure she and Faye would be okay. Secrets suck, Doc. And the two of them live in a reality of secrecy and lies. Makes for awkward family dinners, that’s for sure.”

Hammor, Ops

Kingston chuckled. “Of that I have no doubt. But that can put you in an awkward position. Do I help keep the peace? Do I protect or defend Faye? When you think about what is expected of you, Daggum, as a fiancé and future son-in-law, what comes to mind?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Daggum chuckled and looked out the window a moment. “Faye is my job. The rest comes with her, but she is the priority. I’m Faye’s fiancé, and then I’ll be her husband. Duty and responsibility to her mom and family and such comes with that, but it’s a far lower second place. And I know its going to take A LOT of talking and managing expectations… setting boundaries and such… but Faye and I both are pretty good at that, so I’m not too worried. Otherwise, it’s going to be up to us as a unit to decide where those boundaries lie, and how we enforce them. It’ll be easier if w manage to get to a place where we both are. And if we don’t, we will just have to do like both of us have always done… make do with what we have.”

Hammor, Ops

Janna smiled softly at him as she nodded. Well, at least he wasn’t expecting to be everything to her, but sometimes people didn’t realize the hidden expectations they had of themselves until it was pointed out. She would see where this all went. “I’m going to ask a question and I want you to take your time thinking it over. If you don’t have an answer right now, that’s okay. But… what is it that makes you the most frustrated right now? What need or expectation do you have that isn’t being realized and creating the disconnect for you? Because there is a disconnect, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed right now.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS


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