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“”True,” R’han was forced to agree, but he didn’t think they had enough troops to defend multiple points, nor enough troops or time to do enough damage with harassing tactics to have an impact on the final battle.

A’zna was partoling around securing the area. Trying to figure out the best way to prepare for an attack, now armed with her Naginata and going through the same motions that she had against the Orions not to long ago before she got her promotion.



-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Athena nodded, “Sound thoughts, perhaps a show of force on the south to mislead and stage ambushes at the other points?”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jenn came back from her walkabout, quiet as she stepped back into the crowd, keeping to the back. She, as previously mentioned, wasn’t much of a fighter. She closed her eyes. “They can do this. They can protect us from Ares and his allies. We can do this.”

A sentry appeared at the main entrance. “They move mistress, Ares approaches and wishes to parley”.

Coming up the roadway strode Ares, tall wearing golden armour, behind him Hades and Cerberus lead the combined army he had assembled, soldiers, fantastical creatures from legend. Their weapons flickered with power.

“I will take your surrender Athena, you cannot win this fight.” Taking off his helmet Ares eyes glowed red.

“Generous,” R’han commented with sarcasm dripping.

Athena looked at him, then looked at everyone else, whispering to those nearby she hissed “Remove Ares and Hades from the picture and the rest will fall”.

She didn’t even bother to answer, pointing her spear at Ares she started to run right at him.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Wallace watched as a bunch of NEs and planet people rushed forward as instructed. A small part of her let out a small squeal of joy at seeing the three-headed dog of myth. It’d be adorable, if it wasn’t intending to hurt them.

Wallace, CO

OOC: of course, Hades is the bad guy >:( lol.

OOC I was going to twist that around… but even I didn’t buy it :-)

There was a solid crunch as metal and bone met in melee. Athena was furiously trying to finish Ares off but hideous monsters were just as intent on ending her life. Hades and Cerberus were ignoring as much of the fight as possible and seemed intent on getting to the hotel doors.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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A’zna’s eyes went wide during her time at the academy she had looked into a little of human mythology and seeing the three-headed dog for real was something she had not been expecting she moved into position between the rest of the crew and the hoards that Athena was facing down with her Naginata at the ready Her heart was beating uncontrollably she felt an overwhelming fear take her however they would have to step over her corpse to get to the captain and the others


There was a sudden thunk as a large Chimera leaped in front of A’zna. It drew it’s head back to breathe fire.

Their precious time had run out when a look out arrived, informing them of Ares’ arrival and a parley request. Liam sincerely doubted it was nothing more than arrogance fueling the desire for a conversation. It turned out he was correct as Ares, sided by Hades and Cerberus, demanded Athena’s surrender. Despite myths retelling multiple clashes between the two, Ares’ pride seemed to have clouded his judgement over Athena’s reaction.

Predictably, Athena rushed out to meet him on the field. While she distracted the war god, the other two threads were rushing for the door. They had to be stopped before they reached it.

Liam looked at the remaining officers, their goal much simpler than before. “We’re not much use here if we need to take out Hades and ‘Spot’.”

Pausing long enough to weigh something, he then added. “I think I can handle the dog with one other person, and the rest of you can focus on Hades. I’m hoping it acts like all the other dogs I know and get distracted when its owner is attacked and downed.”

Not waiting very long, he walked past A’zna toward the battlefield and drew his weapon of choice. At least when it came to any fire hazards, he had nothing to fear. Sadly claws and teeth were a completely different set of challenges for him.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Not knowing exactly the plan of Hades, R’han decided that he was going to deny the enemy anything they wanted. It was axiomatic. With a long sword, which was not the length people though it was, three feet long straight and un-tapered. Spears were dangerous in groups and easily defeated in singles. The weapon choice was for the spearmen he would later fight right now he would deal with team attempting to open the door.


R’han raised his eye, spitting acid. That is problematic. He added a flat faced shield to his load out.

Jennifer stayed near the back of the pack, watching quietly and doing her best to assess the state of the fight. She grabbed a med-pack from those available and clutched it in her hands, ready to rush in to help heal her crew.

Wallace, CO

Hades and Cerberus bore down on R’han and Liam. Chimera were clearing a path to the left and right. Cerberus slavered acid spit and Hades lifted his blank black face and spoke in a voice full of scorn.

“Bow before your god”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

A’zna rolled forward between its legs and stabbing upward into the chest of the Chimera keeping its body between her and its nasty tail this disturbing creature needed to be put down not just because it was a threat to the crew but also because it was a disgusting disturbing mess and just needed to be done away with


The blade hit home and the creature roared, fell and spun like a cat kicking A’zna into the side of the building with a crunch. Bleeding profusely it stood and advanced again.

Liam let a soft chuckle emit from his lips. This was completely insane and he knew it on a baseline logical level. However the adrenaline mixed with fear surged through his veins. A far more intense sensation when compared to the Olympics stage and the importance of those moments. In the back of his mind, he wished he had the strength and foresight to take a shield. Too late now, he straightened up with eyes narrowed on the canine’s three heads facing him. He watched a saliva drip down then burn into the ground.

“Of course a hound of hell has acid spit instead of fire.” Disappointment muttered underneath his breath at the development.

The CSO hoped that the beast wasn’t fire resistant or proof due to its acidic nature. If not, he’ll have to rely on the old fashion slice and dice tactic.

“I’m sorry to inform you, I’m an atheist. I prefer science over fairy tales.” With that last quip, Liam rushed forward then extended his blade. The tip sliced out at the canine’s bicep. Not giving the hound time to register what happened, his foot sidestepped to avoid a counter attack and whipped out at the exposed side.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci


Cerebrus tried to dodge and received a nasty slash across its chest, as it spun it knocked Liam right into the path of a Chimera. The Chimera let forth with an intense bast of fire that encompassed Liam from head to toe.

Hades moved in on R’han. No weapons, just black gauntleted fists with spikes on the end.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

She held onto her Naginata through the counter-attack made by the creature However she picked herself up as quickly as she could She had to keep it from attacking the rest of the crew thought she could definitely feel pain in her chest probably at least a cracked rib still she forced herself into position between it and the rest of the crew once more she held her weapon ready “By the Elements i have never laid eyes on such a disgusting creature” she growled looking for an opening to make another attack


Wallace continued to watch, looking for injuries. She saw A’zna being attacked and started forward, but then noticed the gout of flame surrounding her Chief of Science. “LIAM!!” she shouted, beginning to run towards him, a med-pack in hand. The Captain didn’t know what good it would do, but maybe he’d be okay??

Wallace, CO

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