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Now it was all making sense. Yami and Izanami and their strangeness aboard the Athena, to even what was going on now. “So, Ares wants to enslave us all and regain earth along with many others world, eh? And he thinks taking the Athena will help, hmmm?” He moved over to the command chair and sat down in it like he had all those years ago when the Aurora was truly his own.

After sitting down, translucent holographic controls and readings appeared before his eyes. “Let’s see about getting aboard the Athena. We’ll need to get the shields down or transport won’t be possible. We’ve got one of the best impulse drives around.” He transmitted information about the Athena to Marishka’s console. There were markers on the scaled version. “Those points will need to be hit if we’re going to bring down the shields. If we can’t hit those exact points, I do have a backup plan. Let’s just hope we don’t need to resort to it though. Risky really.”

“Helm, let’s pull in quietly behind the Athena. Marishka, get ready for a sweeping run on those shield emitters. Once they’re down, let’s beam in somewhere we know will be safe.”

Orvos then looked about the bridge. “This is a serious situation, but we’ll get through it…one way or another,” he said aloud, the second part a little on the quieter side.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka glanced at Orvos. She knew there was no need for such a thing but, looking his way had become second nature whenever they were in close proximity for some reason. Seeing him in this fashion she was gaining a different type of respect for him. She merely nodded and turned back. This was a job she could do.

The weapons console was becoming second nature to her as well. When the time was right, she would be able to strike the Athena precisely where the markers indicated because that was her job.

  • Marishka

Athena’s shields were not up and for all intents and purposes the ship looked like it was dead in space. As they approached however the sensors showed weapons powering up.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Orvos knew the Athena’s schematics like the back of his own hand. He immediately highlighted a new target on Marishka’s holographic console. “That’s the Athena’s targeting array. Disable that and those weapons will have a much harder time hitting us. Helm, evasive maneuvers and coordinate with Marishka to get a solid lock on that array.”

Orvos then turned to Stark. “How about a courtesy call? Can you patch us through to the Athena? If they’ll even respond I suppose.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka laid in and attack vector and proceeded to hit the targeting array several times with whatever this ships equivalent to phasers were. Somehow it all came very naturally to her.

  • Marishka

Several blasts came out to them and went wide followed by a muted explosion as the array imploded.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark smirked, “Amateur hour on the bridge it seems. Patching you through now Orvos, I’ve opened a line direct to the bridge, should be loud and annoying”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“Hello Orion and Mr. Minotaur! You know if memory serves me right, aren’t you supposed to be supreme hunters? I am curious how a hunter much like yourself, Orion, could so very clearly and obviously miss its target. Well, not to worry. you’ll be handled properly since no lives have been lost as far as I know. Surrender is ultimately your only option. We are prepared to full defend ourselves should you choose to fight back. And I must warn you, if your torpedo skills are any indication, I can safely say that we are markedly more accurate. What say you, oh minions of Ares?”

He paused before then adding, “Oh right! Forgot! Don’t know what you’re doing. So there’s a large blue button on the captain’s chair which ought to allow you the chance to reply when pressed. Go ahead then, let’s hear it.”

Orvos looked to Stark and quietly mouthed the word ‘mute’. Once done, he spoke to the bridge crew. “Do we have contact with the crew on the surface?” He then added looking to Thoth and Yami. “How can we best prepare for an encounter with these two?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Stark muted and looked up from the sensor console. “They’re not replying… but they are moving towards the shuttle bay. I rather think that they might want to talk to you face to face Orvos…” Stark chuckled, “I think you hurt their feelings”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos grinned from ear to ear. “Excellent!”

Yami looked up, “No contact with the planet, the shield is still in place”.

Thoth scratched his chin and looked thoughtful. Orion is quick, fast and an excellent fighter. He favours bow and two short swords and loves a good ambush. Minotaur is ten feet of muscle and horn that’s extremely hard to slow down. However, as you’ve noticed, Ares’ followers are not tech savvy”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Stark are they both leaving via shuttle?”

“Helm, if that shuttle launches, maintain evasive maneuvers.”

Turning to those on the bridge, he addressed them seriously. “We need to retake the Athena. If they both leave, she’s a sitting duck with her shields down. Stark, Marishka, it’ll be up to you to get the ship operating again. Either the bridge or main engineering will help you do that. I’ll stay here and keep their attention on the Aurora.” By all rights, he technically didn’t have the authority to issue orders the way he was, but they seemed to be following them nonetheless. Was it wise for him to do so? Was he allowing himself to much influence once again in his life? Stark and Marishka trusted him from what he could tell, which was a bit discomforting inside for Orvos. Letting people too close wasn’t wise, but someone had to voice the orders.

Turning to Thoth and Yami, he inquired, “What does it take to subdue these two? Physical combat? Perhaps even an explosion? Can they be detained?” He needed to know just how much life and death this situation truly was.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Yami smiled, “Physical combat is the surest, like all of my people they might be able to withstand detention depending on how empowered they are right now. You could try it because it would weaken them busting out. However, neither of them can resist a challenge to arms, especially after putting them in their place the way you did”.

Marishka looked Orvos up and down.

“Naturally I will do as you ask but are you certain you don’t want me around for the physical combat?” she asked.

  • Marishka

Orvos turned to Marishka with a very feint smile at the corners of his lips. “I wasn’t intending on actually fighting them hand to hand.”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark spoke up, “They’re not getting into a shuttle, they’ve moved them all to the sides…physically… getting a message through now, text only. Reads…” Stark looked up and his face was alight with glee, “It says “We shall do battle in the arena we have prepared, say goodbye to your miserable existence”“.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“So, they’re staying on the Athena. Glad I don’t have to blow up the Aurora then.” he stated, not revealing whether that was going to be his intention or not if they decided to board Aurora. “However, that leaves us with having to utilize physical combat now. ”

Orvos turned to everyone. “We need a plan. We need to subdue those two and retake the Athena. The Aurora must also be kept safe. Stark, Marishka and I will likely need to face them. Thoth, Yami, I can’t order you to do anything. I need to know where you stand in this.”

Thoth smiled wearily, “I am no fighter, however I can provide assistance to make sure that our opponents do not cheat, think of me as a dampening field for all things psionic or spiritually harmful”.

Yami stood and cracked her neck to one side. “I will fight”.

Orvos also turned to Stark and Marishka. “Armory is just down the hall. Suit up and grab whatever you like or can find there. I’ll meet you both there in a moment.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka was pleased to see physical combat. Defending her friends, and fighting along side them, was one of the things the made her blood sing. She had also become quite fond of this weapons station.

Turning, she left to find the armory. New weapons could be good friends.

  • Marishka

Stark picked up a bag that he had brought with him and grinned. “I was coming on an adventure with you Orvos, I packed everything I thought I’d need”. There was a metallic clanking as he rummaged through the bag.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Yami bent down next to Stark and looked at the items with a smile. She placed her hand on the back of his head, he flinched a little and then calmed as Yami spoke. “Think of fighting Stark, think of battles”.

Stark’s mind flew through memories of training with T’Pon’s father, K’tan, and then later the training they had had together with S’Raal and T’Pon. It was over in seconds and then she looked at him with a small smile. “I know Kungfu”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark smiled back and his eyes were a mystery, “Show me…”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“Very good,” he said before leaving for the armory.

Orvos had left the bridge and made for the next immediate door where weapons of many kinds were held. He stepped in, and found a classic El Aurian officer’s uniform which provided more protection than his vacationing gear. He donned, not thinking about who was around. Once finished, he ensured that his wrist devices were secure as he grabbed an energy weapon similar in function to a phaser, and a long tube-like device. When activated, the tube extended outwards by several feet, much like a strange sword. The extended portion was lined with electric coils that acted much like an old taser. When struck by one of them, an offender would experience a shock of electricity. Just enough to subdue.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka was at the far end of the room and hadn’t actually noticed who walked in until she turned around and actually noticed who walked in. Standing quietly she let Orvos finish before making her presence known in a more obvious manner than perhaps her pheromones had done for her.

“My apologies. Somehow I’ve always pictured you like this.”

She took a few steps closer but maintained a professional distance. She had managed to find a new wardrobe as well. Sleek black leather down to the boots. Her arms were free. She took physical combat very seriously and sleeves were always a downfall. Over her left shoulder she carried a proper short sword. At her waist was the chain sword. Funny how many cultures seemed to have such a fascinating device. In the opposite shoulder a bandoleer of small throwing daggers began, ending at the hip. On the middle finger of her right hand she wore a personal shield device and, in her left hand, she managed to find some type of phaser that seemed to come with a lot more settings then even a Klingon or Romulan would know what to do with.

“Warrior Princess reporting for duty.”

  • Marishka

Orvos eyed her. Her weapons and garb suited her, perhaps a bit too well. He had to mentally pry his eyes from her in order to focus on the event at hand.

Stark wearing his customary black leather looked them both over from a distance and nodded in satisfaction. His only thought beyond that was whether or not the Minotaur was going to taste like beef when he ripped its throat out.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Once all were ready, Orvos led them to the small yacht located on the Aurora’s underbelly.

“Let’s remember,” he said as they entered. “We are trying to subdue or incapacitate.” He eyed Stark and Marishka in particular as he said it. Though, he was careful not to linger too long on Marishka, concerned that her pheromones could effect the situation they were to find themselves in. “Then we get the crew back and get a handle on the entire situation.”

“Questions or concerns?” He added at the end.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka shook her head and pouted ever so slightly. She couldn’t help but look Orvos in the eye for the merest of seconds. That was, she had come to realize, held his true nature so that was where she wanted to check in every once in a while.

  • Marishka

“Right! Subdue or decapitate” Stark dead panned.

Stark Nightstalker

(Keeping it from falling off the board)


The door opened up as Orvos shook his head. He climbed in and took the helm seat. “Take seats and get ready. We’ll be there within minutes.” said Orvos as he powered up the engines and brought the yacht to life.

Once everyone was seated and situated, Orvos unlocked the docking clamps and allowed the yacht to fall free from the Aurora. Once away, he maneuvered the small ship close to the entrance of the designated Athena shuttle bay. “Prepare for transport you lot,” he said as the prepped the transporters for transport. “I’m going to beam you in discreetly.” Orvos pulled up a map on the main display of the area. “Show me where you want in and that’s where you’ll go.”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

“Slap me right in the middle of their makeshift arena, Boss,” Stark smiled, “all the better to unleash my superpower, the tongue of sarcasm… I’ll draw their ire and then the rest of you can blindside them”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka raised an eyebrow and smiled at Stark. She knew he had more super powers than the tongue of great sarcasm but that would work for now.

“Put me on the balcony my dear. Death from above sounds lovely today.”

Marishka knew she could jump down from that balcony at a second’s notice.

  • Marishka

“Very well,” he simply stated the crew assembled. Once Yami and Thoth gave their intended coordinates, Orvos stood up.

“Computer, transfer auditory command to myself,” said Orvos with the intention of being able to remote pilot/operate the yacht via vocal commands if need be.

“Computer, commence transport of each person to their designated coordinates now,” he said before adding to his comrades. “Be ready!” Orvos already had in mind to transport into one of the shuttles that had been moved aside. It provided him with good cover and was not so likely a place to be easily found.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

Thoth had elected to beam in next to Orvos while Yami was to appear on top of one of the other shuttles. As they all materialised they could see Orion and Minotaur standing back to back in the middle of the “arena”. Minotaur had nothing but horns, eight feet of muscle and a stone hammer-axe. Orion had knives, sword and bow at his disposal. He looked small next to Minotaur but he too was heavily muscled.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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