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A stillness had fallen between Cerberus and Liam, their postures on guard and frozen in place. It was an unnatural sight to witness for two individuals earlier engaged in combat. Even when the scenery about had been engulfed in violence and chaos earlier. The CSO calmly listened to the exchange between the CO and Ares, the later pleading his case. Desperation was a common driving force, but it didn’t excuse one from some consequence.

His voice interrupted the fallen God with his own words.

“Our ventures into the stars and to new planets have often led us into life or death situations. Some stranger than others, but in the end we managed to ensure our survival and only result to violence when forced to. I’m a firm believer that knowledge has more power than physical force.” He decided to take a risk.

Liam lowered his blade and sheathed it. After a deep breath, he turned his back on Cerberus. The parasite that had replaced his trapezoid muscle was exposed and with one strike, the damage dealt to it could end his life. It was a risk, but he believed actions spoke louder than words in this situation. He didn’t stop as he continued to speak his mind.

“The biggest question I have: If surviving meant changing your nature, would you be willing do that? Your myths don’t paint you in an appealing light and your assault on the hotel doesn’t give evidence against it. Athena’s very existence is proof that by adapting, you can survive.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

R’han allowed the others to debate, he just looked at Hades, his razor claws and his defensive position…


Jennifer didn’t speak, gesturing towards her Officers as they spoke. She was not the only voice that mattered in this discussion.

Wallace, CO

It was obvious that Ares leadership was tenuous and that some of his followers wanted to continue the fight. Cerberus twitched slightly as the temptation to attack Liam became almost unbearable.

Getting up slowly, Athena’s spear still millimetres from his throat, Ares addressed Liam. “I would be willing to change.”

Athena interjected, “This is just a ploy, your direct attack failed, now you plan to lull us into a false sense of security and take the EDOC for yourself.”

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han actually nodded. That was not only what he thought, but what he would do… he like to think he would have done it better but he never had a spear at his throat, so that could affect his acting.

There was a humming sound and a slight pop as Maui and Hammor appeared on the steps leading up to the hotel. The whole place and everyone in it flinched at their sudden appearance.

Maui took it in at a glance and the look of disappointment on his face was plain to see. He turned to Athena, “Nemornia Station is secure Highness”. He looked at Hammor and steadied his grip on his Mere. “We stand ready to help”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist


The Ops Chief was dressed in some kind of gladiatorial armor and held a wicked looking spear and chain in one hand a large, round, black stone in the other. The equipment seemed oddly natural to the giant Orion. Viridescent eyes looked appraisingly at the scene before them, and then his eyes fixed on Ares. Without taking his eyes off the ‘god’, Hammor said to Maui “That the son of a b!+<# that ruined my vacation?” and he hefted the rock menacingly.

Hammor, Ops

Maui’s knuckles were white as he gripped the Mere. “It is Hammor, it appears we’ve arrived a little late to seek vengeance, disappointing”.

“Disappointing indeed…” the big Orion Ops Chief replied.

Jennifer looked at her Ops chief with a raised eyebrow. “Calm down, Hammor,” she cautioned, then looked over at Athena. “Is there not a way to lessen his power without killing him or banishing him? Humans have many tales of powerful beings reduced to mortal levels to teach them lessons. Perhaps something like that could be done. Release him from the requirement of worship, and also from the power gained through it.”

Wallace, CO

[[Sorry I was gone, first week back at school knocked me out a little]]

“I’d love to be calm, Captain. But this guy’s lackeys just tried to kill myself and few others after he carved his name in a mountain. Things like that tend to get me a bit on edge, Ma’am.” Hammor replied. He still hadn’t taken his eyes off Ares, but the rock rested slightly lighter in his hand.

Hammor, Ops

“I’m afraid the ability to create power from belief is endemic to our species. To date we have not been able to find a way to limit the transfer. However it is possible that your people might help us find the way”. Athena’s eyes were dark as she led Ares by spear point over to where Hades and Cerberus were standing. The three of them were now standing encircled by Athena, Maui and the Athena staff. Ares looked thoughtful, Hades looked defiant, Cerberus just looked hungry.

Hammor stood by Maui and glared at Ares. “Huh… he looks smaller in person.” he said flatly to Maui.

“Sorry to change the subject, but Captain, did you find my radiation injections? LB refuses to calm down thanks to the present situation.” Liam was already glancing over his shoulder at Cerberus, fully aware of the canine’s earlier hostility. It was almost as if the creature wanted a blast of radiation to the eyes and spend his years as a blind monster.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Jennifer held up a case in one hand, and held her finger up to Athena with the other. “Just a moment, I need to take care of my Science Chief,” she explained, and went over to Liam, opening up the case and pulling out one of the injections. “Alright, ready?” she asked. Former CMO, she knew how to do stuff like this.

Wallace, CO

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Ready,” Liam stated, bracing himself for the injection. While he could’ve done it himself, it wasn’t easy to do multiple tasks when LB was being defensive and he appreciated the aid.

“I was almost worried ‘Spot’ was going to attack. As vicious as the creature appears, I’m not fond of being forced to burn out its eyes.” Liam’s eyes slid to witness the individuals being herded into a group.

Once his CO finished up, he aired his gratitude,” Thank you.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci


Captain Wallace nodded to Liam, patting him on the shoulder silently before returning to her important conversation. She glanced at Hammor, frowning slightly with thought for a moment before looking at Athena and scratching her nose quietly. “I’m honestly not sure, but I’m sure it’s possible to figure it out. Could you explain how it all works again?” she glanced around at the gathered crowd. Athena’s people. Her crew. So many people. “Perhaps we could talk more privately instead of in front of this large crowd?”

Wallace, CO

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