Security - Staff meeting (ATTN: Ducante, Kleine)

Posted July 18, 2022, 10:08 a.m. by Lieutenant Owen "The Hunter" Ducante (Security Officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Lieutenant Shock (Chief of Security) in Security - Staff meeting (ATTN: Ducante, Kleine)
On his second day on duty on the Athena, Shock called for a staff meeting for all officers working in Security. He would, after this meeting, also have a meeting with the enlisted staff and non-commissioned officers, but for now, he wanted to get to know his officers.

He set up the conference room, with one chair per security officer. In five minutes or so, the officers would arrive. It would be his first formal meeting with them – except for Kleine, who he had met briefly in shuttle bay on the day of Kleine’s arrival. Like Shock himself, Kleine was new to this ship. Perhaps they would find solidarity there with one another.

Ducante was an officer that Shock had looked forward to meeting. The man was similar to Shock in age, was nicknamed “the Hunter”, and had previously served as a chief of security. Shock thought that Ducante’s expertise and experience would definitely some in handy, but was Ducante out for Shock’s position? Why had Ducante not become chief of security, and Shock had, being called in from his previous posting? Was there department politics that Shock had to be aware of?

The door chimed, and the first officer arrived. Who would it be?

– Lt Shock (chief of security)

Lt. Ducante walked in with a cup of coffee. “Good Morning, Sir.” He said toward Lt. Shock “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Lt. Owen Ducante.” He continued introducing himself.
Lt. Ducante, security

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