Security - Staff meeting (ATTN: Ducante, Kleine)

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Posted by Lieutenant Shock (Chief of Security) in Security - Staff meeting (ATTN: Ducante, Kleine)

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On his second day on duty on the Athena, Shock called for a staff meeting for all officers working in Security. He would, after this meeting, also have a meeting with the enlisted staff and non-commissioned officers, but for now, he wanted to get to know his officers.

He set up the conference room, with one chair per security officer. In five minutes or so, the officers would arrive. It would be his first formal meeting with them – except for Kleine, who he had met briefly in shuttle bay on the day of Kleine’s arrival. Like Shock himself, Kleine was new to this ship. Perhaps they would find solidarity there with one another.

Ducante was an officer that Shock had looked forward to meeting. The man was similar to Shock in age, was nicknamed “the Hunter”, and had previously served as a chief of security. Shock thought that Ducante’s expertise and experience would definitely some in handy, but was Ducante out for Shock’s position? Why had Ducante not become chief of security, and Shock had, being called in from his previous posting? Was there department politics that Shock had to be aware of?

The door chimed, and the first officer arrived. Who would it be?

– Lt Shock (chief of security)

Lt. Ducante walked in with a cup of coffee. “Good Morning, Sir.” He said toward Lt. Shock “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Lt. Owen Ducante.” He continued introducing himself.
Lt. Ducante, security

Ah! It was Lt Ducante! thought Shock.

“Good morning Mr Ducante. It is agreeable to meet you. Please have a seat.”

Shock, inspired by seeing Ducante’s cup of coffee, walked to the replicator, and ordered a small pot of peppermint tea. Instantaneously, he received the pot with a tiny little cup to it. That should be enough to last me throughout this meeting, he thought.

Shock sat down, and poured himself some tea.

“Mr Ducante, I understand you have considerable experience in security. I should like to get to know you better. It would be logical for us to develop a constructive working relationship.” said Shock.

– Lt Shock (chief of security)

Jordy just was done with his medical check in when he was running to the meeting hoping he would not be late.

Jordy entered the room ‘Sir i hope i am not late, i just came from my medical check in.’ Jordy said.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

Shock stood up as Mr Kleine entered the room. “Good morning, Mr Kleine. Please sit down. You are not late, you are right on time.”

Some other officers in the security department joined them at the conference table. “Welcome, colleagues. Please sit down,” he said.

Once everyone had taken their seats, Shock, still standing, spoke.

“I have called this meeting to introduce myself. My name is Shock. I understand it is a punny name in Federation Standard. If your enjoyment in my name helps building rapport, you have my permission to find it funny. I am the chief of security since yesterday. I am new in this position and on this ship. I look forward to our collaboration. Perhaps you have been accustomed to a different type of leadership than the one I will bring, I hope you will find it not too disturbing adjusting to my leadership. I will work to maintain your respect.”

– Lt Shock (chief of security).

Shock then turned specifically to the two newest of his officers – Messrs Ducante and Kleine. Ducante had considerable experience in security, and himself served as chief of security on an earlier ship. Kleine was rather new – young and inexperienced – but had an unusual aptitude for learning as well as enthusiasm for his position. He believed that if the two partnered up, they would find good use of one another. Ducante would be forced to learn the routines of the ship in order to explain them to Kleine. Teaching someone is a good way to learn. Moreover, Kleine would have a mentor in which he could discuss security-related issues with an experienced colleague.

“For the next few weeks,” Shock said, switching his eye contact between Mr Ducante and Mr Kleine., “I would like Messrs Ducante and Kleine to work together in the ship-security introduction programme. You will fulfil the programme together. Mr Kleine will defer to the experience of Mr Ducante, and I expect Mr Ducante to be a paedagogical and patient mentor. While you will observe the respect of rank and experience, I expect you to work as partners, discussing the situations among yourself.”

“The programme will go over weapons training and familiarity, self-defence training in the gym and in the holodeck, familiarity with the ship’s layout – I’d like you to be so familiar with the ship’s layout that you can reach any quarters or Jeffries tube without looking at a map – as well as managing crewmen in patrol and in brig duties. I will supervise you during the introduction.”

“In what field would you like to begin your introduction? Mr Ducante, Mr Kleine?”

–– Lt Shock (chief of security).

Lt. Ducante was about to answer the question when more officers arrived, so he stopped himself and made a mental note to respond after the meeting. After everyone seated, the CoS spoke. he nodded in agreement at the opportunity to train the newest ensign to the ship. “We should start with familiarizing ourselves with the ship, as you said, and I agree, every officer should know how to get to any part of the ship at any given moment for any given security reason and taking the time to pull up and read a map layout will take precious seconds away from the issue and in most cases make things a whole lot worse. So, that is what I would like to focus on first.” Lt. Ducante said.
Lt. Ducante, security

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