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Faye nodded. So far they felt on the same page and she was comfortable with him. They needed more disclosure about a couple things but she was even considering that it might need to be more secure than she suspected his ready room to be. Right now the room was still secure. “Actually, there is one thing we should discuss while things are secure and we are alone.” Faye took a seat next to him.

Orvos nodded thoughtfully. “Go right ahead.”

“I’m sure if you haven’t read the more classified parts of my file you have access to, you will later, and I encourage it. But in full disclosure, after my experience with the Tal Shiar, I’ve been left with some side effects. The most important being that they implant they put in was removed, I began having memory flashes. I call them a mind dump because they treated my brain like a computer hard drive. At certain times it just hits my brain in a flurry of images I can’t make sense of. It’s all too fast most of the time. And if it’s a particular bad one, it can knock me to the ground. I’ve heard people say it looks like I’m having a seizure. I tell you this so you know if it ever happens, it will pass. It won’t be comfortable and sometimes it’s hard to breath, but aside from a headache or migraine and some fatigue. I’m fine. With a bit of rest, I recover quickly.” She shrugged, not sure what else there was to say. Sure there was more, but that was not something for right now.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Orvos leaned forward, his fingers interlaced upon the table as he spoke. “And what would be the protocol for such an event occurring? Transport to sickbay I assume?” he asked, paying attention to her every detail.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

Faye drew in a steadying breath. “If it is necessary, yes. I will talk to the CMO and we’ll come up with a plan. I… dislike medical spaces, for perhaps obvious reasons so in general though I’m better off just resting in my quarters and getting a quick once over with a tricorder.” She wasn’t looking forward to the conversation with the CMO but like most things related to her health they were necessary and the discussion about how to handle any particular events was important.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Orvos nodded thoughtfully. “Well keep me apprised of that information as you see it become more concrete.” Orvos than paused, his expression as though his mind had been focused on something else. “It would appear that our meeting may soon commence.” he then looked to the door expectantly.

Suddenly, the doors opened, and out came Lieutenant Shock, the Vulcan chief of security.

“Captain, colleagues,” he greeted them, and attempted to look at each person in the room. Most of the faces were new, he only knew them by name from the crew roster. It has been only a while since Shock arrived to the Athena. Had he not been Vulcan, he would have been extremely unhappy of being late to his first meeting in briefing room. Though, as a Vulcan, his mind was serene.”Forgive my lateness, I was engaged with a security incident in cargo bay I was unable to leave until five minutes ago. It’ll be in my report. Now, please, where are we on the agenda?”

It was logical he was late, it was outside what he could have influenced. The situation in cargo bay required his supervision as chief of security, and it made him a little late to the meeting. He decided to include an apology, as it was often customary among the other species on board, and difused some tension of tardiness or being late, and as such, it was logical to invoke it. He wasn’t sorry though. A white lie was logical.

Orvos offered a grin. “Not to worry Lieutenant. We haven’t quite started yet. Please, feel free to take a seat and we will begin shortly.”

(OOC: I’m struggling to understand where we’re at, as it’s hard reading a thread the wrong way (bottom up), so if any one would like to IC give me a short summary of where we are so far, this newbie would owe you his gratitude ;) )

– Lt Shock (COS)

((I started reading the thread from the top down. It’s my understanding that this was a private meeting between CIO and Orvos that started on one of the turbolifts and ended up in… the ready room?

Linds or Tony feel free to correct any of that.

Sam H ))

(Ooops – thanks – I must have misinterpreted the “check out the project bastion thread” command! if that is the case, can we please ignore my post…! – Ric)

OOC: A bunch of people will be in this meeting shortly, so we can just bring everyone in and Tony and I can insert needed convo before that point. Faye would have sent out a meeting request for the CO,XO, COS, CE, COO and Dawson. Please all do jump in. ~Linds


Serena almost bumped into the security officer but looked up from the PaDD in one hand just in time and slipped in next to him. “Uh, I don’t think I’m late,” she said. “Are we interrupting?”

Moving around Lieutenant Shock, she made her way to sit at the table, setting down the large mug and the PaDD she’d brought. Lacing her fingers together and resting her hands in her lap she waited for the rest to be seated and for things to get started.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Orvos gave his new XO a nod before she sat down.

The new Lieutenant Commander with the Intelligence Division colour on her uniform watched people arrive. her dark brown hair tied back in a tidy french braid. her stormy grey-green coloured eyes took in each person rather intently, her mind moving along multiple tangents at a time. “Nope, your timing is great. We have a few more people arriving, so get comfy and I’ll try to get through my debriefing quickly and make it as painless as possible.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

“Where is the fun in that?” the smooth, casual voice of a man sounded as a Bajoran wearing the colours of Engineering stepped through the door behind the group and with a practiced eye noted everyone in the room without moving his head. The mans normally deep green eyes seemed to have transformed into a more hazel hue, lighter than usual but no less intense. A quick, sharp look and nod to the Captain, and then they settled on the other three who were unfamiliar to him. Mostly unfamiliar. Calloway wore the Intel division colours so despite never having been introduced, Ros already felt familiar despite his retirement from that division of Starfleet.

Orvos also gave a nod to the man who replaced him as chief engineer not that long ago.

“Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros,” the Bajoran introduced himself to the three with a slight bow. “I’d be your Chief Engineer. Commander, Commander, Lieutenant,” he acknowledged each of them in turn, being fairly new still and busy enough that he had not had the pleasure yet of meeting the new XO, CIO or the COS.

Lt Cmdr Akirel, CE

It was at that point that Dawson entered the room in civilian clothes. They were rather plain looking as he hoped to not attract too much attention to himself with anything out of the norm. His garb was dark and leather looking in nature. Dawson nodded to the CIO. “Ms. Calloway, a pleasure.”

He then looked to the captain with a nod. “Captain.”

Dawson kept the grin from surfacing to his face as he sat down. He offered a cordial grin for all, but deep down, he enjoyed watching Orvos internally squirm.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO
-Dawson, Intel

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