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Janna looked at Benjamin just as he covered an amused smile although he wasn’t looking at the two of them, the additional hand-holding wasn’t strictly necessary but the extra information would be useful. He turned to look at Janna, his expression a little too neutral “Well Neurologically speaking this might be some of the most interesting data I’ve ever gathered on a Human brain” He paused and looked at the two of them “Uhm you can stop touching now” He said looking back down at his PaDD “It doesn’t look like any telepathy or empathic abilities I’ve observed, I wouldn’t be surprised that if managed carefully your brain will simply adjust to it, creating new neural pathways to adjust to your abilities.”

Orvos slowly let go. Though there was a part of him that felt slightly frustrated at it. There was a part of him that wanted more, but he knew he shouldn’t.

“What do you mean by carefully managed?” Janna said, her curiosity piquing.

Benjamin put on a pensive expression “Well it’s hard to say, the brain can adjust to just about anything and will create new neural pathways to adjust, if you go slowly with your new abilities I theorise that your brain will simply adapt to it, like creating a new sense.” He smiled “I should show you my neurological scans sometimes, I have several different pathways to adjust for my sense of smell”

He tapped a few times, finishing his notes “Besides increasing dopamine and oxytocin levels between the two of you I don’t see any negative effects, but I’d prefer to do some more testing, have more data before making my conclusions.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Relief flooded her body, and while these weren’t conclusive results, it was at least a small worry Janna could let go of. “What other tests did you want to do and when?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos was carefully listening, curious as to what stipulations the good doctor might put on them. He wasn’t confident he could resist her. However if it meant keeping her safe, he would do the best he could.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

“Well ideally I’d like for you to wear one of those during times you feel your abilities kick in, during sessions, on and off duty. Whenever you have” There was the slightest hesitation as he glanced at Legen, slight amusement in his eyes “a greater chance of physical contact… like a sparring session” He gave his best doctor smile “Provided you don’t have any incidents this next week we’ll do another full work up, I’ll put it down as a long term sleep study or some such for privacy.” He clasped his hands before him “Take it slow for the next days, To be safe I’d like you to limit physical contact with others, you’ve already had physical contact with the Commander here so in theory, he shouldn’t provide too much stress but outside him and myself I’d like you to avoid it when possible. Keep careful note of any that you do come into contact with.”

Sparring? While that could be fun, he tried avoiding the very thought of having a rough and tumble with the counselor at the moment. They had already shared a kiss earlier. Getting rough could lead to very…intense…activities? He blinked a couple time, trying his best to bury the thoughts before he started acting on them.

She gazed at Orvos for a moment and managed to keep a neutral expression. Though a part of her was trying hard to stifle a laugh. Sparring session. Funny man. Though, hmmm. Mmmm. “I’ll try to be mindful and observant,” Kingston said finally.

Benjamin paused again as he had decided on an idea he’d had “I would like to do some experiments later on if you are willing, mostly to see if there is a change in how much physical contact is required if the duration is an issue. How much information can be gathered and the like, we need to get a clear understanding of your capabilities, limitations and learn control. Also if there’s a difference in how it treats telepathic versus non-telepathic beings”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Kingston nodded. “I’m admittedly curious too. And not just on a personal basis but also to understand how it will affect how I go about my duties and what people can expect of me. Perhaps I can be useful in ways we’re not aware of yet.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos was aware and agreed that they needed to know the extent of these new ‘abilities’ of hers. There was a part of him, however, that simply didn’t care to push anyone to find that out just yet. He wanted more to explore their own connections first.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Benjamin nodded then bent down and reached into one of the cabinets, he picked out a small case and opened it, removing the device from Janna and placing it in and closing the case. He then placed the case on a table and indicated to it “Take this with you, I’ll monitor it remotely every now and then reviewing the results until I have a complete picture of how you are adjusting, soon enough we’ll have as good a picture of what effect your abilities will have on your brain and then we can see what the next steps are.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

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