Boarding Psychological Exam - Presim - Dawson

Posted Aug. 8, 2022, 1:51 a.m. by Civilian Dawson (Intelligence Operative) (Tony Findora)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) in Boarding Psychological Exam - Presim - Dawson

Posted by Civilian Dawson (Intelligence Operative) in Boarding Psychological Exam - Presim - Dawson

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) in Boarding Psychological Exam - Presim - Dawson
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She considered him. “I don’t believe in therapists being a blank to the people they work with, so by all means ask away. I just can’t guarantee I can answer. Context is everything and I take my promise of discretion very seriously.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“I can appreciate that,” he said with a gentler smile understanding. “Orvos…he’s an old friend of mine.” He paused for the slightest second to take in her mental state as he mentioned him yet again.

Janna nodded, but there was more to it. She already knew this and was not surprised.

“We go back many years. And being that we are both El Aurian, we are fairly open towards each other. We share our feelings. You see, after he had gone through a rather tumultuous incident, I had noticed this strange flicker in his mind whenever his wife had been mentioned. They had a rather strong connection, but the flicker was almost unnoticeable. It had gone away though when he lost them to the borg invasion of our homeworld.” He paused, observing her reactions.

“I know about those events,” she said softly.

“It would appear to me, that every time I mention his name…Orvos…I am once again greeted by a similar flicker in the mind from you.” He then let it sink in, curious how she would respond to his somewhat forward thinking. Would she grow hostile? Would she pretend he was imagining things? Would she provide a half-hearted explanation?

-Dawson, Intel

Janna smiled widely. “Unlike people with psi abilities, who learn to manage and shield themselves from others, I cannot do that. So… I guess given you are El Aurian and have been in the Nexus too, that you are responding to the part of me that has also been in the Nexus and has wielded an object from there. As for my… flicker. Orvos and I are… close. Very close.” A distinct understatement. And she suspected she had been far more open than he was expecting but more than that she was equally open to him and equally curious about how he’d respond to her referencing the Nexus. He was Intelligence and in her mind there was little reason to hide this development from him. He’d figure it out eventually.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Dawson raised an eyebrow with a very curious grin. He leaned back in thought as he eyed Janna. She had been more open than he anticipated and by all rights, he could not sense her lying about it.

He folded his hands in front of him as he held her gaze. “Why don’t we unpack that then? Firstly, I have been in the Nexus. You would be correct. But it is not a place I seek to return to. I’ve tried very hard to forget about that place. Given the right situations, it can be an addiction for some if not controlled. The Nexus did not have quite the same hold on me as it does Orvos. I, for my part, was willing to leave.”

“Wasn’t my cup of tea, either,” Janna said seriously.

Dawson mentally noted that and tucked it away for referencing later.

“Now, wielding an object from the Nexus is not something I’ve done. What happened?” he asked in concern.

A tiny smirk appeared on her face, her eyes lit up. “Hmm, I do believe that is a story for a later time.”

It was now Dawson’s time to share his sadness through the classic ‘puppy dog eyes’ look. He knew deep down it wouldn’t work, but it was worth a shot, right?

“And I believe lastly…close to Orvos? Are we talking good friends, playful fling, best friend, boyfriend? The list can go on. How close have you gotten?” he asked curiously.

-Dawson, Intel

Despite the fact that this discussion was supposed to be about him, Janna also knew that with some people, the best path forward was with reciprocity. But his question was also complicated because her and Orvos hadn’t exactly defined them, though after all this time waiting for him to realize the thing she had years ago, they could skip some of the early stuff. “I think that’s between me and Orvos and given the circumstances, while I’m okay with others knowing, I feel it only fair to give him a say in the matter, don’t you?” She hadn’t even fully admitted the depth of her feelings to Orvos, though she suspected he had had a glimpse of them. But they were still feeling their way through this and it seemed wrong to just blurt out to a client those feelings, no matter their connection to her romantic partner.

Dawson gave a simple shrug. “On an official capacity sure. But I didn’t ask how close he thought you were. I asked how close you think you are.”

“Now, my personal stuff aside, tell me how you see yourself fitting in here on the Athena.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

He grinned broadly. “I see myself fitting in quite well! So many people to know. I’m told this ship is full of ‘intriguing’ people?”

-Dawson, Intel

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