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Posted by Civilian Dawson (Intelligence Operative) in The Parthenon - New Boardee
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Marishka rolled her eyes and shook her head in disappointment.

“An ordinary drink for an ordinary man? Now I know you’re playing games with me. I’ll get you what you want just let me know when you change your mind.”

Marishka left the bar and returned to sit beside him with two cups of black coffee. There was a try of sugar and cream as well.

“Most people come here between shifts or use this place to pass time because they’re tired of their quarters. Now if you’re talking about an off duty drink, that’s an entirely different animal.” she said with a raised eyebrow.

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Dawson grinned ear to ear. “I should have known. What’s the classic around here? Black or with sugar n cream? And yes, I most certainly would love an after hours drink as well.” he stated calmly and curiously, his eyes moving from the hot cup to her own, observing as much as he figured she was observing him.

-Dawson, Intel

Marishka gave him a look. She was used to being observed by men and a good portion of the female population but, every once in a while, someone’s observation of her felt different. Maybe Dawson was one of those people or maybe she was having an off day.

“I’m not really sure what’s more popular. Black, sugar, cream, there are even some races who enjoy putting ghost peppers into their coffee. I don’t keep that close of tabs on it.”

Marishka picked up a small bowl that one might keep sugar in and spooned a bit of chocolate into her cup.

“Now do you want that after hours drink after hours because, when exactly that is, is hard to define.” she said teasingly.

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Dawson took a sip of coffee straight, getting a feel for the flavor. He then added some sugar and a pack of hazelnut cream to his brew. He listened to her as he did all this. Dawson gave a low laugh when she finished. “Well, you are the one pouring the drinks, right? When are your after hours?” he said with a flirty smirk.

-Dawson, Intel

Marishka got the sense that Dawson was trying to learn about her for, perhaps, more than just the obvious reasons.

“Are you implying that I sleep or that I ever really leave here for more than a few hours at a time?”

“I’m certain you get some form of rest. Lots of folks on this ship. Often times they tend to share things with their bartender that they wouldn’t share with their counselor. Certainly you’ve had the taxing person here or there?”

She shook her head and frowned.

“Well I actually do but good luck figuring out when. The timing is irregular to say the least.”

Dawson took a sip of the coffee and raised an eyebrow.

She sat quietly for a few seconds and finished her coffee.

“This evening, around 2200, you’ll probably catch me leaving this place. We can either come back here and have a drink or go somewhere else, if you catch me that is.”

Marishka smiled and locked eyes with Dawson. It was nice to have somebody to flirt with beside Orvos.

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A grin slowly appeared on Dawson’s features. “Oh I do enjoy a challenge. A game of hide and seek eh? On a ship this large? Could be difficult if you know your way around. What happens when I catch you?” A mischievous smile was tugging at his features as he observed her.

-Dawson, Intel

Marishka thought that that was a tricky question.

“And now you’re implying I make those type of plans… You have a bad habit of implication sir. That’s alright. Most people do. Catch me and find out.”

Marishka had many questions for Dawson and she didn’t want to ask them here so, of course, he would have to catch her sooner rather than later.

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Dawson grinned as he took another sip of his coffee. “2200 Hours. Oh, don’t you worry.” he said as he started glancing about, paying attention to eavesdroppers. “I’ll catch you, one way or another.” he added with a low chuckle.

-Dawson, Intel

OOC: It’s up to you, but we could push things forward in this thread to that time roughly and see if he actually does catch her. I’m also up for a game of cat and mouse. ;) hahaha. Whatever takes your fancy I can roll with it. :)


Marishka just sat and smiled at Dawson for a few seconds. She had so many questions for him but was uncertain if she really needed the answers or not.

“Well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to it either way. I find this ship to be very colorful and you’ve just added an interesting new dimension to it.”

Marishka picked up her empty cup and saluted him. One of her staff set something down on the table and walked away.

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OOC: Sounds like fun.

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