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A grin slowly spread across his features, as though the challenge made by the klingon was a superbly welcome one. He yanked his hand away and stepped closer to the klingon with an almost maniacal grin. “You see the problem is, I’ve got a hard time backing down from a challenge, and this sounds exactly like what I would rather be doing. I’m curious if you’d be a worthy opponent.”

-Dawson, Intel

Meanwhile, Orvos was curious how it would all end. This klingon warrior was adamant, and he was fully aware of Dawson’s desire to fight, no matter the cost. But why was Dawson doing this for Marishka or him?

Orvos sighed. “And how exactly do you want it settled, hmmm?” he inquired aloud.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Marishka had been watching these three men as the whole situation evolved. One of them she knew and trusted, the other one was a mysterious surprise, the third man she did not wish to know at all. They had talked around her and about her, they had talked about their glory and how to handle this particular challenge to their masculinity but, nobody had talked to her. Captain Khain had been trying but her scrap of a cousin seemed to have him thoroughly occupied at the moment. She had finally had enough.

With a silent rageful leap she jumped from her chair to the bar top.

“Doesn’t anybody want to know what I want?” she roared.

  • Marishka

Orvos and Dawson were both slightly surprised and they looked at each other for a brief moment. “Yes, definitely my love,” quickly replied Orvos as he continued playing the part in genuine curiosity.

Dawson was quick to respond as well, right after Orvos. “Please by all means, what do you desire?” There may have been a hint of amusement in his response, but it was genuine nonetheless. After all, he was most concerned with the fact that this brute of a klingon thought he could take Dawson on. Dawson rarely backed down from a challenge.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Orin glared up at Marishka as she stood on the bar. No woman of his would speak to him like that but, there would be time for that later.

Marishka stood looking down at the three men and glanced at the young one standing a bit further off. As she did so, she felt the hilt of a slender blade being pressed into her right hand which she had held purposefully behind her. She knew Cyden wouldn’t let her down.

“I want answers minus the boasting but, first, let me give some information.”

She looked first at Orin, then the young one before her eyes came to rest on Orvos, as they naturally would one’s mate.

“Orvos, my love, these men are obviously here on behalf of that part of me which is Klingon. They are from the house of Kron no doubt. The young one, I believe, is my cousin. He seems to have fallen out of one of Kron’s brothers or sisters but, I don’t recall which one. They are not wearing any house insignia because Kron has decided that whatever happens here deserves no honor therefore, I deserve no honor.”

Marishka was speaking in quiet tones that carried throughout the room due to her expensive oratory skills.

“I suppose I should ask what those actions are going to be but, dearest Orin, you are not the most important person in the room and not even the most interesting.”

Smiling, she turned her gaze to Dawson.

“Why are you here?”

  • Marishka (et al)

Dawson grinned. “I actually came here to relax until my shuttle to the Athena was ready. I was not expecting to meet my good friend and his mate here though!” He then turned to the klingon then. “I’m also always interested in a physical challenge. Quite simply, I’m thoroughly entertained here!” The grin never left his features as he glanced from person to person. He meant no boasting, but was being honest.

-Dawson, Intel

Marishka had a feeling he was only telling one very thin layer of the truth. Maybe they would deal with that later, maybe not.

“Very well. And why had my father sent you and my cousin?” she asked Orin.

Marishka hadn’t addressed her cousin directly or by name and wouldn’t if at all possible.

For his part, Orin did not approve of this type of situation but felt himself outnumbered.

“I’m here to take you back to Q’onoS and marry you in accordance with your father’s wishes. I am an old man with no heirs and after you killed my brother, we have decided it’s the least you can do.”

Orvos stood with an incredulous look on his face. Married or not, no way was he about to allow this oaf to whisk Marishka from the Athena to use as a breeder.

Marishka had intended to listen to him all the way through but couldn’t help jumping in.

“If you want heirs, speak to my mother. That’s her forte, not mine. Whoever told you I could have children is wrong, I’m already married as you can see.”

With that, she stepped off the bar and walked confidently to her groom. She slipped one arm around him while holding the blade in the other.

“When it was obvious to Orvos and I that we were to spend this life together, we decided that the feelings we have for each other transcended a mere Klingon ceremony or that of most other species that surrounded us at the time. So we decided to be wed in the Caitian style. It was an incredibly private and intimate ceremony. I’m certain you’ve never heard of the Church of Nightstalker so don’t go looking for it and don’t ask me about it.”

  • Marishka (et al)

“They’re a very private church. I only know of them because I’m El Aurian.” he said, as though the simple fact of being El Aurian granted him information known to few. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only heirs she’ll be producing are our own if we so choose.” His adrenaline was now pumping, his heart rate increased, though he attempted to conceal that by making no sudden moves. He couldn’t tell if it was due to her extremely close proximity, the kiss they had just shared moments ago, or the thought of doing unmentionable things to her.

Dawson meanwhile observed, but was ready for any sort of action to jump in on.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO
-Dawson, Intel

The young one was used to being ignored. He had grown far past being angry about it. In this case he had decided to use it to his advantage. While the others were wasting time talking, he had taken the time to slip up and get quite close to Dawson. If the fool wanted a challenge, he would be more than happy to give him one. Silently he slipped the d’k tahg from it’s sheath intent on a point in the man’s back. In that moment some would say he’s a warrior without honor but this was no opponent, this was just something in the way.

  • Marishka (et al)

Sneaking up on an El Aurian was difficult enough given their senses. However Dawson was trained beyond it, aware of people and proximity to him all the time. It came about through much of his combat training.

Upon the sudden sensation of a body close by, he made only one assumption. He spun 90 degrees too his rear and swung a strong leg out to strike anyone within that distance.

-Dawson, Intel

The young one had been in the process of unsheathing his d’k tahg with his right hand. Dawson’t kick should not have caught him off guard but it did alter his plan of attack. Instead of aiming between the ribs just below Dawson’s left scapula the young one braced against the kick and tried to stab Dawson in the neck.

  • Marishka (et al)

Orvos was now aware that something was going on. As he stole a quick glance in Dawson’s direction, he allowed his wrist to take aim with his drone, prepared to send it airborne if need be. He still stood with Marishka though, eyes once more locked on the older klingon, ready with his shield device, should the need arise. “Call him off!” he ordered with a certain extent of authority with his voice.

Marishka had only been peripherally aware that her upstart cousin was trying to take on Dawson of all people. She wondered if he fought as well as he danced.

Orin glared from Orvos to the young one.

“He’s not mine, I can’t. We are unhappy travelling companions. He’s only here to witness me bringing Marishka into my family. She would probably have better luck calling him off.” Orin was getting tired of all of this talking as well.

Dawson meanwhile, anticipated the young one’s hope in getting a clean cut on him. As the klingon lunged, Dawson pivoted on his single foot so as to avoid the incoming blow. He attempted to regain most of his balance as he placed his foot back on the ground and assessing the situation.

-Dawson, intel
-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

The young one’s blade passed in front of Dawson’s face. Seeing that his blade would miss, the young one rotated away slashing towards Dawson to open some space and ready himself for the next pass. If Dawson wasn’t careful the space opening slash might open his cheek. The young one had excellent technique but Marishka, Dawson, and anyone else with decades of experience in personal combat would see that he lacked the experience to properly apply his techniques.

  • Marishka (et al)

Dawson grinned mildly. “Well, well, looks like the young pup has thoughts of his own. You would risk your own dishonor by plunging a blade into the back of man not looking? And for what? So this old man over here can have his way with your cousin? You’ve still got much to learn youngling. Since you choose dishonor, I will see to it that I grant you mercy. Fear not, you will live, but not painlessly.”

Orvos sighed in frustration before releasing the drone at top speed hurtling towards the young klingons head.

Just as Dawson sensed Orvos pulling the trigger so to speak, Dawson jumped forward to provide the klingon with a second target, forcing him to choose between himself and the drone now hurtling towards him.

-Dawson, Intel

Dawson connects in a tackle that takes the young one to the ground, winding him and dazing him for a few moments, temporarily at Dawson’s mercy.

Cyden had been watching the whole chain of events from behind the bar. He hoped that after all was said and done, his debt to Marishka would have been paid.

Orin could see this fight dragging on. He didn’t particularly care for the youngling but he did not want to dishonor the task he had been sent to do and felt responsible for at least bringing him back alive.

“We must find a way to end this.” he said to orvos and Marishka.

  • Marishka (et al)

Orvos stepped forward. “I will pay the debt, since she is now mine. But I will pay it in my own time. And it will not be done through revenge and subjugation. I can pay you off if you like. So long as I’m her husband that’s how it will be.” The authority of command was now oozing out of him as he decided that he had enough.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Marishka sat in silence, a part of her thought that she should be standing up, getting between them, and raging at Orin, telling him he had no right to be here and that he should just take her cousin and go back to the family. She had never expected Orvos to take it this far. Her debt to him mounted by the second. Perhaps it was better if she just stayed still.

Orin turned and simply laughed at Orvos.

“You can give me a child? You can give me my brother back? No. Somehow I think not.”

  • Marishka (et al)

Throughout the various back and forth, Khain had sat on his stool and listened. What had started as a quiet night getting to know an interesting woman had, most definitely taken a turn. His men standing around the bar, had equally bemused looks on their faces and it was clear that each one was simply waiting for Khain to give the nod that would lead to each of them to raise the disruptor pistols they had in their hands, and simply end this problem in a shower of particle bolts. The old Klingon, this Orin, may be able to dodge one but he wouldn’t dodge them all. Whatever blood oath the man claimed over Marishka would be swept away, replaced by a blood oath between Orins house and his own, if they cared enough to become entwined with the Klingon House of assassins. Tapping his fingers on the bar, he leaned in towards Marishka.

“Okay, so you’re suddenly married to the stranger that moments ago you didn’t know, the young pup is your Cousin who doesn’t like you, the old guy is the Brother of some other Klingon you killed that now wants you as wife to bare child but that oath clearly isn’t supported by his House and your husband dearest wants to pay him off, and the new guy is an El Aurian like your husband, who clearly fancies you but speaks in distractions and holds himself like he is some kind of Terminator.” Khains summary was spoken quietly and quickly as he looked Marishka in the eyes. “Each one of them considers you a woman worth fighting for, so I won’t judge whatever weird thing you have going on with your husband that he felt the need to hide who he was earlier.” Khain grinned, but sighed and placed a finger on the Klingon Insignia on his arm.

“Khazad’hea, this is the Captain. Lock onto my signal with the transporter and stand by.” No response came through the Comm unit, but Khain knew they had received the order.

Turning back to Marishka, Khain looked at her steadily. “The old one is right, you must find a way to end this other than everybody comparing the size of their manhood over you. You can’t pay of a Klingon debt with money. Simply kill this old man or walk away, he has no power to take you. Nod once and my men will end this, or do what you must. Either way, my ship is ready to leave. You and your husband are welcome to take passage, I feel my time here has become limited.” Khain felt a pang of regret for a moment, the woman was interesting, beautiful and clearly intelligent but married? He had no interest in games or secrets, which was odd considering his profession. His own honor demanded he drop his own interest once the truth of her marital ties became clear but, there was still an issue here that her husband did not seem to understand. Klingon Oaths were not settled with money. Not traditionally, anyway.


Marishka looked into Khain’s eyes and sighed. His summary of the situation was incredibly succinct. It also reminded her just how much time she had spent among other races. Klingon debt could not be paid with money. May Ferengi had tried, it hadn’t worked very well for them, or any other race. She desperately wanted to take him up on his offer. Take Orvos, possibly Dawson, and just leave but she felt that would be seen as some sort of dishonor.

“What you offer is very tempting but I’m not certain it would solve the situation even if it is desperately what I want. I had come here to enjoy myself. I certainly wasn’t expecting all of this.” Marishka replied.

It was at that moment the Cyden mde his presence know from be3hind the bar and leaned between them.

“I believe I have the answer. If Mr. Orin doesn’t believe your marriage is real, give him a real one. I’m certain there’s someone who ca perform a klingon ceremony that would satisfy him. I also know that there is a less complicated version that is more palatable to other races. Unusual? Yes. But it’s an unusual night.” Cyden said quietly.

For his part, Orin had been observing the three as they spoke. He had the strong sense he wouldn’t be brig\nging Marishka back to Qo’noS with him but was determined to return with a good reason.

  • Marishka (et al)

Dawson froze in place both intently watching the younger klingon and listening to Orvos’s reply.

Orvos looked to Marishka practically acknowledging the siutation he accidentally dragged them into. “My word ought to be good enough, but if a ceremony is what you need to believe it…then so be it.” A grin slowly spread across his fetures as he looked into Marishka’s eyes, playing the part as best he could. “I would happily marry you again.”

Deep down, he was also thinking about Janna and what would happen if she ever found out. He tried to push the thoughts away anyway sticking to his guns. Hopefully she understood, though a part of him wasn’t totally sure he understood what was about to happen.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO


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