Presim - Arriving With Shuttle In Shuttlebay 1

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Jordy is in his shuttle and he is about to dock, he got permision to dock so he docks the shuttle in the shuttlebay. When landed he turns the shuttle off and he went to pick up his bag and walked out of the shuttle.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

(OOC: Hello Jordy, and welcome to the Athena. I’m Ric, and I play Shock, the Vulcan chief of security on board. I am rather new on this ship myself as well, and I hope we’ll be able to have a fruitful collaboration in our security team. We’re a small handful now, so it should be fun! I’ll soon start a staff meeting thread. Feel free to contact me on discord, andelarion#3265, at any time to discuss your role in the team and how we can collaborate on security-related and other matters on this ship. With your permission, I’d also like to message you once in a while to check in with you to see how you’re getting on in security.)

Greeting Jordy Kleine on his arrival on the Athena, Shock was there as Jordy’s intended chief of security. He looked at the young officer – a human of only nineteen years old, and already a commissioned officer. Shock sensed that Jordy would have potential. The left-parted brown hair made Jordy appear looking smart and appropriate for his position. It gave Shock some satisfaction. New “underlings” would always be an unknown – it was difficult for Shock to mentally and adequately prepare for the intake of someone he did not already know.

“Mr Kleine, I assume?,” Shock said as Jordy left the shuttle. “I am Shock, lieutenant and chief of security on board this ship.”

– Lieutenant Shock (chief of security)

OOC: You have my permission.

OOC: Cheers :) – Ric

‘Yes sir Ensign Jordy Kleine Reporting For Duty,it is nice meeting you sir.’ Jordy said he is very excited for his new assignment.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

Shock could tell Mr Kleine was excited for his duty here. It was an agreeable sign.

“And you,” replied Shock. “Welcome on board.” Shock’s voice was without emotion, as was usual for Vulcans. That being so, Shock had looked forward to this placement. Mr Kleine had seemed promising.

Jordy heard that Lt Shock did not use emotion but he was used to it because of his friend Javal that he met on the challenger.

“I look forward to our collaboration. Please follow me to my office, where we can go over some formalities. After that, I will need you to visit Sickbay for a physical examination, counselling for a psychological examination.”

Shock began walking. As he was walking, he said, “In my office, you will be issued with a PaDD, it will have all pertinent information as for your quarters, ship-wide information, as well as your schedule and roster for the next week. In your first week, you will shadow a more senior engineer. Any questions, Mr Kleine?”

‘I have no questions sir.’ Jordy said

Was it out of politeness, shyness or simply that Jordy was well-informed enough that he didn’t ask any questions? Shock thought.

“I should also like to know more about you. You’re nineteen Earth years old. With regard to your young age, you have an impressive record. Please tell me more about your background,” Shock added, still walking, on his way to his office.

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)

‘Well i am the first of my family to ever join starfleet i knew that i wanted to join starfleet since i was young i picked security because i am not into science,no good at engineering and not interested in being a doctor but it is also because i like to do the things a security officer does. In my senior year on the academy i was on the challenger and after i graduated i joined the crew of the ark angel and now i am here.’ Jordy said

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

There was a candidness to Kleine’s reply, it seemed honest, genuine and truthful.

“Ah,” replied Shock. “You’ve been on the Challenger during Academy, and then you served on the Arkangel. Tell me more about your time on the Arkangel. What kind of security experience did you get from there?”

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)

‘One time we found a ship from the past it was from earth i was on the away team that went to the ship we found out a few blobs were on the ship together with another officer i founded one when everyone was in the room it jumped on the chief science officer’s head and did not want to get off.’

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

Shock tried to unpack that anecdote. There was an Earth ship from the past – had it been a ghost ship for a long time, or a ship that had travelled in time? What were there blobs? The blobs seemed to be animate, as one jumped on the chief science officer’s head.

“Fascinating,” replied Shock, with genuine interest. “What were these blobs? How did you resolve the situation? What happened to the chief science officer? I am intrigued, please tell me more about it.”

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)

‘The chief science officer got the blob of her but i don’t know much about what these blobs were, some personal tried to communicate with the blob but it did not work we beamed back to the Ark Angel the transporter buffer could not get it of because then the chief science officer’s face would go with it but on the ship they were able to remove the blob without permanent damage to the chief science officer.’ Jordy said

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

“An interesting scenario, indeed,” validated Shock. “How did this situation affect you afterwards?”

They had now reached the turbo lifts.

“Deck 8,” he ordered, while keeping the door open for Mr Kleine to enter.

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)

Jordy entered the turbolift. ‘It did not affect me much but i did learn from it.’

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

“Please, give an example of what you have learnt,” Shock said.

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)

‘It was my first away mision yeah i had training for it but i did learn a lot about what you do on it.’ Jordy said.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

“I see,” replied Shock, not experiencing much enlightenment from his newest junior officer’s reply. He decided not to dwell on it. The turbolift had now reached Deck 8.

“We will now walk to your quarters. From this turbolift, it’s down this corridor, by passing two interchanging corridors, then we will turn left, and it will be the third door on your right. With these instructions, please lead the way.”

A security officer needed to take oral instructions well and follow them to the letter. People’s lives depended on this skill. As such, Shock decided to test Kleine’s ability to follow them. He planned no punishment for Kleine if he failed, but, rather, Shock wanted to assess to what degree Kleine could follow them. If there were troubles in following them, Shock could add some extra training for Mr Kleine to learn memory techniques that will be helpful for him should a situation occur.

– Lt Shock (Chief of Security)


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