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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Serena Stone (Executive Officer) in Business As Usual - CNS Office - Tag Kingston
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“I do. The Athena excels in being unpredictable. This is pretty much status quo for us,” Janna said with a smirk as she replicated their drinks. Moving over she set the tea down in front of Serena and took a seat in the arm chair closest to the couch, turned to face the new XO. She took a moment to sip the hot liquid as serenity moved through her. This was starting to become normal but still the strange feeling of being aware and unknowingly reaching out washed over her.

“Since this is all new and we’re doing this spur of the moment, why don’t you tell me how you’re feeling about the whole change?” Janna said, her grass green eyes gazing intently but with friendly warmth.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Serena nodded and took a deep breath, puffing out her cheeks in the process. “Well, I’d gotten settled in on the U.S.S. Valkyrie for the last three cruises. I guess working on my Bridge Officer Training and all paid off. This is pretty sudden, and not at all how I would have chosen for things to happen. But I plan to make the best of it, whether it’s temporary or a permanent assignment. It’s another trial-by-fire, but I’d like to think I’ve done pretty well through those. Anything to keep the anxiety from taking hold.” She shrugged, then picked up the tea, letting the warmth seep into her hands.

Hands wrapped around her mug, Janna nodded and crossed one leg over a knee.

“Truth be told, what little I know about the current operations, looking for the Montezuma is kind of welcoming. I tend to like search and rescue kinds of operations. This is just a different experience where I can leverage past experience to help now.”

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

“They can be a different kind of pace, for sure. The Athena has been in some intense high-stakes situations, so I agree that this feels a bit… calmer for everyone. Tell me about the anxiety,” Kingston said.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

She nodded as if expecting the question. There was a momentary flicker of anxiety, a flutter deep in her gut. She pushed it away as she took a slow, deep breath. The corners of her lips drew down into the faintest of frowns for a split-second. “Well, I feel like it’s at a manageable, fairly normal level. There’s a lot of great medical care out there, combined with the appropriate therapies.” Her gaze turned distant for a moment, her eyes dropping, shifting back and forth as though looking back into the past. “The Dominion War broke out when I was nine. My colony saw more fighting than I cared to admit. Rebuilding was … ” She paused to consider her words carefully. “Well, it was rebuilding. Parts of it were fun. Parts were sad. Hard lessons learned. If it happened again, we would be far better prepared. The thing is, living through a war as a kid leaves its mark.”

She shrugged. “We still had to deal with a lot of our own defense. And we had to fight off raiders years later, too. It was during then that I guess it put me on this path.” She paused just long enough to bring her blue-gray gaze back up to Janna. “Imagine you’re nine years old again, and you tend to spend your days exploring the forests, hills and mountains all around your home town. Then one day the sky begins raining fire down on your world. At first you think it might be meteors. But then there are ships overhead, and there are rock people on the ground shooting at people you know. Tends to shatter your world view a bit. And then spending years wondering when the next attack is coming, going days without food, never knowing if the trail you used to play on is going to kill you with a leftover mine or improvised explosive. Is the ship overhead that just dropped out of warp come to help, or to drop ordinance on you.” The redhead shrugged again, but laced her fingers tight, stuffed between her knees. For the briefest of moments her features seemed drawn, pained. It wasn’t physical, but the echoes of the past.

Taking a shaky breath, she pushed the ghosts away. “I got good at planning. Which I suppose is an attempt to control the variables of a situation, so it goes my way. Always thinking ahead, living in the future, looking for the darkest timeline. If you expect the worst, hope for the best, you’re never surprised or caught off guard, right? Took a long time to stop trying to look around every corner before I get to it. Figuratively speaking. It’s a waste of energy after a certain point. Tactically, it makes sense. Even for a lot of normal operations it helps to look ahead, though. I do like routines and procedures as they feel ‘safe’. But generally I’m pretty flexible too. And I suppose being prepared for the worst, and even expecting it, does make me good in a crisis.” She smiled then just a small one. “It’s not all bad. And it allows me to intercept some trouble before it ever snowballs from nothing into something.”

“A lot of the trauma and damage from those years was undone, and regular checks and scans have kept it to a healthy level. Speaking of, you should have a scan from my boarding physical, filed a couple of hours ago,” she added.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

((If you’re interested in the science behind that, there’s a lovely 15 minute TedTalk about it, which Janna would know. You can find it here..))

Sam H

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