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The flight had been comfortable enough for Cherp’Eng, even if he had been forced to sit half crunched over during the shuttlecraft flight on this final part of the journey from Avi II to the Athena to fit his massive frame into the space the shuttlecraft afforded him. He assured the pilot that he would be fine despite the cramped space on offer and proceeded to rest his eyes as they flew.

The Greyfeathers who had died would now be flying, Cherp’Eng believed and he hoped when the time came for him, he too would become a Greyfeather and join them in their flights of fancy.

“Lieutenant,” Cherp’Eng opened an eye, and looked at the pilot, “we have arrived and will shortly be in transporter range.”

Cherp’Eng nodded and picked up his bags and the tricorder that had been modified and designed for his use. Forced to slouch slightly, Cherp’Eng made his way to the shuttle’s transporter padd. As that had more headspace than the rest of the shuttle, Cherp’Eng was able to stand at his full height.

“Ready to be transported,” he told the pilot who was now at the controls. Cherp’Eng was still nervous when he used transporters, as they weren’t used by the Avisarite people and as per normal, he closed his eyes. He heard the transporter sounds and he opened them when he heard, “welcome to the Athena, Lt JG Cherp’Eng.”

He opened his eyes and smiled at the transporter operator, “thank you,” he said politely, after mentally checking all the parts of his body were in their correct place.

He stepped down off of the platform and was pleased he wouldn’t have to stoop on the Athena.

Having his orders scanned, the computer told him that he was assigned quarters on Deck 5. He headed out into the corridor and down to the turbolift to go to Deck 5 to drop off his personal belongings.

  • Lt JG Cherp’Eng, Sci

Liam’s finger tapped the PADD’s screen, scrolling upward. His attention shifted through the list of information over recent boarded officers. Cherp’Eng immediately caught his attention. The avian features stared back in the screen like a curious bird. His attention lingered for a moment before the CSO turned off his PADD and put it away.

His eyes brushed the clock face. According to the schedule, he was due for a run within the warp core soon. The parasite twitched in excitement as it sensed his intentions.

“Hush, you’ll get fed soon enough.” Liam chided his passenger out loud.

Lifting from his seat, he exited his office and briskly walked down the corridor. His attention shifted to Cherp’Eng. A decision surfaced in his thoughts as he stopped the lift at Deck 5, exiting the turbo lift. It wasn’t hard to find Cherp’Eng before he ducked into the Junior quarters. The gray blue Avisarite towered over his fellow officers, even in a crowd.

“Lt JG Cherp’Eng?”” Liam spoke loud enough to draw attention. Currently dressed in his uniform, the man drew near as he waited for the officer to notice him.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Cherp’Eng heard his name, and with his body still facing the door, twisted his neck around to see who called out to him. His mind raced. Was a colleague from a previous ship here? Was it a Cadet he did his cadet cruise with? Did he drop something?

Cherp’Eng realised there was an officer drawing closer to him, and lowered his neck to give the officer his full attention. It was a man with the pips of lt commander and a science uniform. Cherp’Eng realised he had seen his picture before in his orders and he said, “Sir, Lt Commander Marsh? I am pleased to meet you. Please excuse me. I have just arrived. Did you want to come into my quarters to talk? I am ready fi you need me for anything.”

The quarters didn’t have the usual bed or chairs inside, instead a pile of what could have been pillows mixed in wooden planks were in one quarter of the room. the workstation didn’t have a chair in front of it, but there was a chair inside, probably for a guest, and a door that would have led into the bathroom part of the quarters.

“Please, take a seat, Sir,” Cherp’Eng said, “unless this was just a social call, or you need me somewhere else, of course. Sorry, you must think me muddle headed or … bird brained, isn’t that the term?”

  • Cherp’eng, Science

“Madison, not Marsh,” Liam promptly corrected out of habit, not dwelling on the mistake.

In some languages, he was lucky if they even had the correct syllables or vowels to sound right. His mind moved on as he nodded, accepting the invitation. The parasite tensed, but made no additional protests. It knew it had enough reserves to keep it alive and more to come when the man finished socializing.

Liam stepped in. A mixture of curiosity and politeness stirred within him, his eyes promptly taking in the scene.

“Scattered brain’‘ is the term I prefer, and no. To be truthful, I don’t intention to stay long. I thought I would drop by to see how you were settling in before I head to the warp core.” Liam’s attention turned to his Junior officer.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“My apologies, Sir,” Cherp’Eng said, “you remind me of an academy officer by the name of Marsh.” He looked away from Liam to his quarters and then back to Liam.

“I am settling in nicely,” the Avisarite added, a smile touching his face, “logistics have set up my quarters perfectly for my needs. We don’t use beds or chairs. Our bone structure would make lying down or sitting quite difficult. Oh and my scientific tricorder and padd modified for my needs are in my bag, I will get them paired into the Athena systems tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to hold you up from your mission to the warpcore, sir,” Cherp’Eng said politely.

  • Cherp’Eng, Science

Liam noticed the subtle changed in the avian officer. He took it was a human equivalent of a smile as Cherp’Eng went on. There was an air of politeness and calm in the exchange. Something that Liam wondered was if it was cultural or trained.

Letting the thought slip away his attention turned back to the last statement.

“It is less of a mission and more of a routine.” Liam clarified as he continued.

“I believe you’re scheduled for the interview tomorrow. Though if your PADD said otherwise, it wouldn’t surprise me. Engineering has been trying to fix certain bugs that keep popping up.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“Yes, that is correct, Sir,” Cherp’Eng replied, “tomorrow during alpha shift, I believe.” He then paused and asked curiously, “Do you require all science officers to visit the warp core, Sir, or is it a personal routine?”

Cherp’Eng paused and then added, “I am still learning boundaries, sir. My people are open. We have no secrets between us and no … what I am told is privacy. I am not prying in the slightest. A tellarite at the academy took offence at me asking how they reproduce and more offence when I asked if I could watch. I apparently ‘crossed boundaries’ when I did so. Me inviting the tellarite to my home planet to watch our nesting practices was also … inappropriate.”

Cherp’Eng, Science

Listening to the confirmation, Liam’s form tensed at Cherp’Eng question. Resigned to the truth’s reveal, the CSO passed a soft breath through his lips and filled in details.

“It’s a personal route. During one of my missions, I obtained a symbiotic parasite. It thrives on radiation and I’ve discovered letting it have its fill once a week gives me some peace.”

He allowed Cherp’Eng to absorb the information before addressing the next thing.

“I can understand why. A lot of cultures have boundaries between public and private behaviors.” Liam paused for a thought.

“Odd as this sounds, I suggest reading parenting books. They might give you a little insight over what a culture deems acceptable and what isn’t. It is at least a starting point.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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